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If a book doesn’t make me want to stay up too late to read it, I don’t want it. If a podcast doesn’t make me want to get in my car and drive for hours so I can listen to it, not interested. If a movie or show doesn’t make me think about it for hours after I’ve watched it, no thanks. I want books and movies and podcasts that dig deep into my soul and make me think about life and death and everything in between.


***It has quite a few triggers in it (abuse, mental illness, etc), so approach with caution.*** Ihave never read through a book in 2 days, but I did with this one. The plot twist is jaw-dropping, imo. I felt pleased with the ending, whereas sometimes I finish a book and feel icky because it didn’t feel concluded, or I was sad because it was over. With this book I was both happy to have read it, and sad b/c the story was over. But I would call this a must-read for sure. 10/10

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The Silent Patient

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