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An archivist takes a job restoring damaged videotapes and gets pulled into the vortex of a mystery involving the missing director and a demonic cult.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2022-01-14

Last Air Date 2022-01-14

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.3


christina_paz shared a tip "Just binged watched season one and it was very peculiar and also really good can’t wait until the next season"

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kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Great show full of suspense and mystery. I hope they make a 2nd season."

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Looking foward to season 2 because it definitely can’t end like that"

Vi✨ 's profile image

VixLe shared a tip "Mind blowingly good. I was hooked and could not stop watching. One of my favs!"

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alannah_rodriquez shared a tip "Captivating from beginning to end ! Need season 2 😮😍"

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heavymetalunicorn shared a tip "Such a trip!"

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wine_bar shared a tip "Binge fest. Can’t stop….. won’t stop. #hooked"

iva_earl shared a tip "Kinda liked it…well some of it….but really weird. Not a good ending."

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moniquesp shared a tip "Hey guys! Has anyone watched this one? Is it good? Is it super scary?"

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fawn_mokulis shared a tip "I didn't hate it, but it felt so already done, stranger things esque, still good acting and not terrible"

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dustin_gail shared a tip "Actually scary and well put together!"

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charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "I couldn't stop watching !"

kira_g_9790 shared a tip "Only watched 1st episode and I’m already hooked into it and need more!"

kira_g_9790 shared a tip "Yes I was hooked episode 1!"

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miyoshi shared a tip "Demons coming out of computer screens is when I start to check out…"

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david_merritt_4244 shared a tip "This had me perplexed with the first three episodes and then I was like wow! This is amazing!"

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mac.xo716 shared a tip "10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ BINGE dont wait"

kristina_sudds shared a tip "Poor adaption of one of the best narrative horror podcasts. Also some major lgbtqa erasure."

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zaira_acosta shared a tip "This show creeped me out to the highest degree. I loved it, just wished it was longer."

Melinda Paine-Dupont's profile image

melinda_paine-dupont shared a tip "Great drama, sci-fi / supernatural. Great effects and acting. Suspenseful"

liz_4338 shared a tip "This is like an extra long black mirror episode"

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asmr_barbie shared a tip "Episode 4 (Spirit Receivers) is so freaking good! WOW this is the best part so far 🙌🏻 #creepy #edgeofyourseat"

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taylor_langel shared a tip "SO SO SO SO GOOD! I was hesitant at first and majorly confused but everything circles back around and makes sense in the end!"

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no_one_you_know shared a tip "Great binge material!"

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brooklyn_killen shared a tip "Very interesting and I couldn’t stop watching it once I started"

monica_c_6872 shared a tip "Good show, wondering what the 2nd season will be like"

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malina_morning shared a tip "Feel like a creepy, occulty, paranormal show? Check this out."

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tycann shared a tip "I thought the ending sucked 😖 and after reading other comments it appears I’m not alone"

jesse_kendall_8438 shared a tip "Completely kept me on my toes Every. Single. Episode. Well written and a great cast!"

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cassandra_reza shared a tip "Produced by the James Wan, a must see if you love horror."

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sapphirestone shared a tip "This really picks up and the visuals help a great deal compared to the podcast."

Aaron Niebuhr's profile image

aaron_niebuhr shared a tip "If you like shows where you keep asking yourself wtf is going'll like this one!"

Tate08 's profile image

tate08 shared a tip "There needs to be a season 2"

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donia shared a tip "AH-MAZING. If you like trippy horror / thrillers. Has some aspects that remind me of twin peaks"

larry_5261 shared a tip "Can't wait for season 2"

daniel_hamilton_7383 shared a tip "Watched the whole series and felt it was really scary but the ending took a dive"

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motherofmacaroni shared a tip "Give me a storyline centered around a creepy VHS tape and I'm sold. This was great."

Lisa Renee Harelson's profile image

lisa_renee_harelson shared a tip "Intriguing"

Dylan Hodges's profile image

dyllhodg shared a tip "This one kind of messed with me. It’s very creepy."

Lindsay Kimbell's profile image

lindsay_kimbell shared a tip "I wish I could have kept watching. I feel like there just wasn't enough episodes it was that good!!"

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FL0.REN.CE88 shared a tip "Very mysterious and it will stress you , but a freaking good series really!"

Jolyon Hughes's profile image

jolyon_hughes shared a tip "It is odd and a bit different in its delivery, compared to other found-footage shows, with a decent twist at the end."

Elise Harris's profile image

elise_harris_754 shared a tip "This was amazing! I hate that it’s over."

Violet Haddix's profile image

violet_haddix shared a tip "Amazing"

roberta_fleming shared a tip "Fantastic!! Great mind bender!! Twists at almost every turn!!"

roxy_7104 shared a tip "Started out a bit slow for me. Sorry it ended like it did though. I'm really intrigued as to what happened next."

Necrohobgoblin 's profile image

necrohobgoblin shared a tip "Oh there are so many twists and turns it keeps you thinking."

lea_6122 shared a tip "Really good!!!"

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sapphicserpent shared a tip "with every episode, i felt incredibly uneasy. i physically felt the suspence. THIS is horror!"

alicen_spencer shared a tip "Was amazingggg"

Tom Keowen's profile image

tom_keowen shared a tip "It takes a episode or two to get going but when it does it's pretty good."

scot_fulks shared a tip "Just started but episode one is really interesting."

caprice_winger shared a tip "A wonderful mind bender/suspense show that leaves you wanting more and looking for more answers. Highly recommended."

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davia_morrell shared a tip "Currently watching and it’s so worth investing your time in!"

melina_1591 shared a tip "Interesting because it was different then what I’ve watched previously."

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loan_le shared a tip "New favorite show!"

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Will-i-Recommend shared a tip "Great show. Leaves you on the edge of your seat every episode. If you’re into thrillers this is the one!"

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mark_hardin shared a tip "Wow what a great mystery thriller. Must see!"

Simon Yu's profile image

simon_yu shared a tip "Excellent storytelling. On the edge of my seat. Binged almost all of it till early in the morning."

bobbi_3285 shared a tip "The best I’ve seen in a long time. Done well! Couldn’t stop watching it."

gisselle p. lozano's profile image

gisselle_p._lozano shared a tip "Intriguing. It gets really weird if you start watching it out of context. Cool overall."

Mandy Edwards's profile image

mandy_edwards shared a tip "Suspenseful and never knew what was coming next. Ready for season 2!"

Tim Popovich's profile image

tim_popovich shared a tip "Slow but mysterious"

Joseph Bonucci's profile image

joseph_bonucci shared a tip "This show is totally binge worthy and haunting."

michael_sloan_5965 shared a tip "Slow burn with it’s own lore. Channels the tension of Wickerman (the original)."

Lauren Kraig's profile image

lauren_kraig shared a tip "Loved the type of horror and the storytelling format"

Isabell Coria's profile image

isabell_coria shared a tip "Super interesting and unsettling. I have been hooked since the first episode!"

elizabeth_scheirer shared a tip "Suspenseful, scary with minimal violence/gore, interesting plot"

grace clark's profile image

grace_clark_5353 shared a tip "I recommend this to everyone"

Aj Dorsey's profile image

aj_dorsey shared a tip "This mf crazy then a bitch 😂😂😂"

Lindsey Painter's profile image

lindsey_painter shared a tip "Woah! Just woah!"

mari_6875 shared a tip "Creepy AF I gotta say"

Vicky H's profile image

vicky_h_8156 shared a tip "Truly unique story line. Very suspenseful and goes in an unexpected direction."

Shoshanna Lansberg's profile image

shoshanna_lansberg shared a tip "A mind- bending trip of a series! Cults, time-travel, witches, this one ticks so many boxes. Can't wait to see what's next."

onenonly Blackwood's profile image

onenonly_blackwood shared a tip "Good series really enjoyed it up until the end. Felt like they kinda gave up a bit."

Renee Hochanadel's profile image

renee_hochanadel shared a tip "Psychological thriller with sci for and supernatural. Not too gory or sexualized."

Nurislombek Ibragimov's profile image

nurislombek_ibragim shared a tip "Wow oh wow really enjoyed"

Cecilia Pena's profile image

cecilia_pena_7358 shared a tip "Creeped me out the whole time in the best way"

sarah smith's profile image

sarah_smith_8950 shared a tip "It was creepy but not scary or gross. Interesting / unique storyline. Acting was good."

Cooper Willingham's profile image

cooper_willingham_1627 shared a tip "Loved the general aesthetic and cult mystery themes. creepy, suspenseful and full of twists"

Lee Anne 's profile image

lee_anne_6739 shared a tip "This is one of the most excellent horror shows to come out in a long time. If you like horror this is a must see!!!"

jolie_kapahua shared a tip "This show is amazing. Lots of mystery and thrill. So hard not to binge."

Tamyra Yancey's profile image

tamyra_yancey shared a tip "Psychological thriller"

Grace Bryant's profile image

grace_bryant_1427 shared a tip "Excellent series in the weird/high strange genre that always kept me guessing!"

Lauren Bouchard's profile image

lauren_bouchard shared a tip "Still need to see the show, THE PODCAST is amazing I can’t wait!!"

Sean Johansen's profile image

sean_johansen shared a tip "A little creepy but kept me on the edge of my seat, just what I like in a good mystery show!"

karen_cleaver shared a tip "Excellent watch! Leaves you guessing. Twists and turns all the way through"

Julia Matheson's profile image

julia_matheson shared a tip "The podcast was the OG and I stand by season 1 being the reason my interest in fictionalized podcasts took off."

Francy Duncan's profile image

francy_duncan shared a tip "Eerie and realistically expressed for quite an “out there” phenomena."

Frank Geier's profile image

frank_geier shared a tip "Silent Hill vibes in a modern setting. Tightly written and intriguing."

Valencia Gibson's profile image

valencia_gibson shared a tip "It was good."

Dean R-Gray's profile image

deandabean shared a tip "Really great and has you on your toes the whole show!"

Keegan Crase's profile image

WraithGaming shared a tip "Best Show of the Early 2022"

Ashlee Sherree's profile image

ashlee_sherree shared a tip "Sooo good. The whole series your wondering if what you believe is true!"

Jocelyne Finnigan's profile image

jocelyne_finnigan shared a tip "Very thrilling and had a lot of scary bits! Very well produced, you can't go wrong with James Wan!!"

Keith Blais's profile image

keith_blais shared a tip "I pushes the boundaries of sci-fi, and opens up for a much larger series."

Miryam B.'s profile image

mebai383 shared a tip "I WANT MORE! I’m so bummed the second season got canned 😭 This was so good!!!"

Tori Frisk's profile image

tori_frisk shared a tip "Loved this, binged the whole thing in a weekend!"

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