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Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, presents a gripping courtroom thriller, offering a rare and revealing inside look at a high-profile murder trial. In 2001, author Michael Peterson was arraigned for the murder of his wife Kathleen, whose body was discovered lying

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2004-10-07

Last Air Date 2018-06-08

Seasons 1

Episodes 13


TMDB 7.5


Lexy Writes's profile image

lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this was good"

Kayliekreads 's profile image

kaylie_knox shared a tip "It was good in the beginning but the last few episodes was dragging on"

Ghostie Gal's profile image

ghostie_gal shared a tip "This was very entertaining but am I the only one who feels like there were more episodes than there needed to be? 🤔"

Arnela Salkic's profile image

oharnela shared a tip "I have a hard time with this one, what really happened?? He definitely had something to do with it!!"

James Dunphy's profile image

james_dunphy shared a tip "I like this, but felt unsatisfied at the end."

Mindy Harman's profile image

mindy_harman shared a tip "This was a suggestion from my boss (who is an attorney) and it was such an interesting look at oir legal system"

Ivana 's profile image

Go0mba shared a tip "At first I was like “ok wtf?” but the more I watched, the more angry I got so I didn’t finish the last 3 episodes. 🤯"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "We know you did it!"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Total creep vibes"

Michelle Davison's profile image

michelle_davison_7921 shared a tip "I believe the guy is guilty. I found this documentary to be well done and had me hanging on until the very end."

Hannah Hoopingarner's profile image

hannah_hoopingarner shared a tip "Depends. True crime fan?"

Cory Mellinger's profile image

cory_mellinger shared a tip "Brilliantly done."

Rebecca S. Tuttle's profile image

rebecca_s._tuttle shared a tip "Sooo good!"

crystal_keba shared a tip "True crime"

Tamira P. 's profile image

tamira_powe shared a tip "THIS was amazing. I’m gonna watch the HBO series as well, I love long form documentary. Super captivating."

jennifer_mosychuk shared a tip "This was fascinating!!!"

Trina Knighten's profile image

trina_knighten shared a tip "Great crime doc"

dani_miller_2592 shared a tip "Very interesting series."

Krysten Ervin's profile image

krysten_ervin shared a tip "Dude is so innocent, respectfully."

Nora Spaulding's profile image

nora_spaulding shared a tip "Such an intense ride- I didn’t know who to believe or which side to be on. Honestly a sad but good all around crime doc."

Andrea Vann's profile image

Vanndrea shared a tip "This was thrilling to watch, but very long"

Stefi Jovanova's profile image

stefii.j shared a tip "Yup"

Rachel Finkelstein's profile image

rachel_finkelstein shared a tip "I live in Durham NC and it’s infuriating to see this asshole walking around town. I always give him the stink eye"

alexia_clark_3283 shared a tip "Well done and engaging."

christin_kaminski shared a tip "It was good. Infuriating but in a good way."

Lisa Loo's profile image

lisa_loo shared a tip "Very well presented."

Toni Clary's profile image

toni_clary shared a tip "I would have to say.... all of them 🤣"

Grayson Savage's profile image

grayson_savage shared a tip "A must see for true crime lovers!"

Rick Harry's profile image

rick_harry shared a tip "Guys its a must watch , if you like true story, and investigation ."

Ashley McElroy's profile image

ashley_mcelroy shared a tip "Really good!"

Missy Geric's profile image

missy_geric shared a tip "A good binge"

Mallory Holdbrooks's profile image

mallory_holdbrooks shared a tip "Rewatching now! Last time hubby fell asleep so I stopped can’t wait to watch the whole thing"

laura_hartman shared a tip "I loved that it felt like you were watching it in real time."

Francy Duncan's profile image

francy_duncan shared a tip "Had me guessing the entire time"

marissa_jodway shared a tip "I really enjoyed this one!! Thought it was very interesting!"

John Brewer's profile image

john_brewer_9086 shared a tip "Loved it. It's really addictive. Had me thinking the whole time."

Greg Snprone's profile image

greg_snprone shared a tip "It was pretty good. I had seen some prior true crime shows about the case as well."

Cara Cadman's profile image

mrsjoannfabrics shared a tip "Bisexual icon Michael Peterson"

baylee_harty shared a tip "There is so much footage in this documentary it’s really immersive. I couldn’t get enough."

Megan Marsh's profile image

megan_marsh_4427 shared a tip "Yea it was pretty good!!!"

Kate Horvat's profile image

kate_horvat shared a tip "Absolutely! Great docu-series. The Jinx on HBO was another one similar to this that was great, too!"

Liz Cole's profile image

liz_cole_309 shared a tip "Gripping"

Andy Martin's profile image

andy_martin_2970 shared a tip "i definitely think he did it so its sad how the case against him was mishandled and rushed instead of thought out."

Meghan Speight's profile image

meghan_speight shared a tip "yesss! the keepers is amazing. so is the pharmacist and how to fix a drug scandal!"

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