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The off-kilter, unscripted comic vision of Larry David, who plays himself in a parallel universe in which he can't seem to do anything right, and, by his standards, neither can anyone else.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2000-10-15

Last Air Date 2021-12-26

Seasons 11

Episodes 110


TMDB 8.1


Jenna Hayden's profile image

jenna shared a tip "May be the best show ever. I love Larry David. New season was even more ridiculous than I could have ever imagined."

Ian Morris's profile image

ian shared a tip "October 1st it's back!! Counting the days..."

Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good show 😍"

claire_freeman_8903 shared a tip "There is no funnier more relatable show on tv. Larry David is GOLD!"

Brian Draggoo's profile image

brian_draggoo shared a tip "Love the always awkward Larry David"

Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "Cringeworthy comedy"

alben_santana_ii shared a tip "10/10"

Sharon Meade's profile image

sharon_meade_3129 shared a tip "Great humor."

Eric Crawford's profile image

ecraw76 shared a tip "My favorite series all-time!"

Keelan Wedeking's profile image

keelan_wedeking shared a tip "A unique comedy that will make you laugh every episode"

joanna_chavez_9174 shared a tip "Smart comedy. Funny. Very relatable. Love love love this show."

Eva Porkat Vacek's profile image

eva_porkat_vacek shared a tip "I can see it over and over. LOL"

Michelle Davison's profile image

michelle_davison_7921 shared a tip "Larry David is the best. I cannot get enough of his blunders and quirks. I can't watch an episode without laughing."

Isabel Becerra's profile image

isabel_becerra shared a tip "Larry is awful cuz he’s so selfish n upsets the others around him"

Mike Scarpiello's profile image

mike_scarpiello shared a tip "Season 11 episode 1 was hilarious!"

Serena  T.'s profile image

serena_telleria shared a tip "So hilarious!"

Massimo Soriano's profile image

massimo_soriano shared a tip "One of my favourite funny go to shows"

Marty 's profile image

marty__7520 shared a tip "Larry David is also in TV movie Clear history (2013) where he plays himself in a different career and situation."

Helina Fox's profile image

helina_fox shared a tip "How could you not like Larry?!"

Joe Attar's profile image

joe_attar shared a tip "This show is insanely funny it gets even crazier as seasons progress I highly recommend this."

Ken Ausmus's profile image

ken_ausmus shared a tip "3/22/20 episode is epic!"

jack_straw shared a tip "Best show on HBO..."

myles_woof shared a tip "If you like the office and are over the age of 16 PLEASE watch it is AMAZING"

Elizabeth Dalton's profile image

elizabeth_dalton shared a tip "Too much foul language"

Karen  Walcott's profile image

karen_walcott shared a tip "So silly and ridiculous but so funny"

Ariana Goswick's profile image

ariana_goswick shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Michelle 's profile image

michelle_7616 shared a tip "One of the funniest shows EVER!"

Layne Hagenbuch's profile image

layne_hagenbuch shared a tip "Why can I ask you questions?"

EN hackerott's profile image

en_hackerott shared a tip "Larry David is larry David imo I like this 10× more than Seinfeld. It's more crude and modernized but hes still incredibly funny."

avice_maughan shared a tip "Yellowjackets, righteous gemstones, Seinfeld and Nathan for you"

Selena Gomez's profile image

SelenaGomez shared a tip "[Source:]"

James Hackbarth's profile image

james_hackbarth shared a tip "Funnier than you think."

Nancy Alfred's profile image

nancy_alfred shared a tip "Love Larry David. This series could mirror my life 🤗"

Cube Stevens's profile image

cube_stevens shared a tip "Funny to the 9s"

Arla Gonzalez's profile image

arla_gonzalez shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic"

ted_sin shared a tip "Larry David is my hero."

Kevin Bondurant's profile image

kevin_bondurant shared a tip "Curb is hilarious."

Zach David's profile image

zach_david shared a tip "If you wanna laugh about nothing and smile about it, check out curb"

carmela_doctor shared a tip "Gotta love Larry."

helen_davis_8043 shared a tip "Totally L.A. - the irksome Larry David is all at once lovable and detestable. This is must-watch comedy."

Liz Go's profile image

liz_go shared a tip "It's hilarious."

chris_and_aidan_nevarez shared a tip "Season 5 Meet The Blacks"

Malabika Mishra's profile image

malabika_mishra_7243 shared a tip "I can't watch a lot of it at once but it's a great watch for when I know I need a good laugh"

496jas 's profile image

496jas shared a tip "Humor. Sarcasm. Awkward"

e.w. shared a tip "Sarcasm & Dry Wit At Its Finest Since Season 1!"

leann_monteiro shared a tip "Larry David is hilarious"

angela_clarke_5093 shared a tip "Definitely! Especially If you liked Seinfeld."

silviu_tulbya shared a tip "Observational comedy"

susie_3085 shared a tip "Hilarious and very clever how the plot weaves around in a complete circle"

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