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The super-charged comedy-horror series is a modern take on the classic whodunit with a killer cast. 

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2015-09-22

Last Air Date 2016-12-20

Seasons 2

Episodes 23


TMDB 7.92


madeline_rodgers shared a tip "So good! Just the right amount of scary and leaves you guessing! #scream_queens #scary"

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "I love this show! It has horror with comedy in one! #scream_queens"

nikki_phillips_3313 shared a tip "Season 1, great. Season 2 is a little lacking. Good back and forth in season 1 of "who did it""

Malia Lambert's profile image

malia_lambert shared a tip "good thing to watch when you need some comedy in your life."

Crystal Allison 's profile image

crysallis shared a tip "The first season was groundbreaking brilliance but it lost its sparkle the second season."

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "Terrible."

Brick 's profile image

brooke_hamblin_9536 shared a tip "Lol"

Allison Shu's profile image

allison_shu shared a tip "Emma roberts"

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jankyB13 shared a tip "The first season is amazing"

cassidy_chandanais shared a tip "I liked season 1 pretty well."

ambar estevez's profile image

ambar_estevez shared a tip "Let’s be honest session 1 was good and session 2 was trash"

Amy Bee's profile image

amy_burgess shared a tip "I found it hilarious. Season 2 not so great, but season 1 is fantastic. Definitely give it a whirl."

Destiny C. Horne's profile image

destiny_c._horne shared a tip "Hilarious"

skyler_s_5278 shared a tip "I love all Emma Roberts characters"

fred_flint shared a tip "Ugh, ok, I watched for the bad acting and ridiculous plot"

leanna Torres's profile image

leanna_torres shared a tip "These movie the best"

cordelia 's profile image

cordelias shared a tip "this show is so funny and its meant to be dumb"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

stephanie rosborough's profile image

stephanie_rosborough shared a tip "Freaking loved Chanel and her minions, this show was great, 1st season topped the second"

Angel 's profile image

angel33 shared a tip "🏠🍿😇👍🐰📽"

Desiya Pace's profile image

desiya_pace shared a tip "Very funny"

Zoe Catherine's profile image

zoe_catherine shared a tip "Love this so much. I’m upset it didn’t have more seasons. But a great watch if you love Ryan Murphy."

Luxxury Mess 's profile image

Luxxury_mess shared a tip "Campy as all hell"

Tori Hysell's profile image

tori_hysell shared a tip "Basically its so bad that that its good"

Emma Hines's profile image

emma_hines shared a tip "Wonderful"

christian_brown_2062 shared a tip "Show was amazing even without Grace"

christian_brown_2062 shared a tip "Good show to watch"

Teddi James Jr.'s profile image

teddi_james_jr. shared a tip "It will be sracky you it kill people with Brain and body"

terrill_peterson shared a tip

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savanna_sternberg shared a tip "I don't know if I have a favorite there all pretty good. Wbu?"

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tiana_jimenez shared a tip "Great series to binge"

awesome_user_189907 shared a tip "Y"

Isabel Malfoy's profile image

Isabel_Malfoy shared a tip "#arianagrande #yay"

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rosey_acri shared a tip "The first season was pure gold. The second was just bad. They should have gone in a different direction."

meagan_smallwood shared a tip "I was so skeptical to start."

bella <3's profile image

beeza shared a tip "it was just a twist of comedy and horror"

Madie 's profile image

madie_1887 shared a tip "I loved the first season, but the second one just wasn't as good"

Eddwardo Chesterfield's profile image

eddwardo_chesterfie shared a tip "Enjoyed every minute."

Alison P's profile image

alison_p_6875 shared a tip "But only the first season"

Elaine Lebeau's profile image

elaine_lebeau shared a tip "Loved it!!"

Amber Rachal's profile image

amber_rachal shared a tip "Season one is hilarious, season 2 is trash. I loved it , its got a ridiculous humor which i feel is unique to the show."

genesis kellerman's profile image

genesis_kellerman shared a tip "If you really enjoy satirical takes on horror and absolute ridiculousness, then you should enjoy this."

Elisa 's profile image

infinatedawn shared a tip "The first season is great but it goes downhill after that."

Bluhbie 's profile image

loveisjuicy shared a tip "This shooowww is very girl boss"

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