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Satoru Fujinuma is a struggling manga artist who has the ability to turn back time and prevent deaths. When his mother is killed he turns back time to solve the mystery, but ends up back in elementary school, just before the disappearance of his classmate Kayo.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-01-08

Last Air Date 2016-03-25

Seasons 1

Episodes 12


TMDB 8.8


Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "This show has so many twists! You fully don’t understand everything until the end! #anime #erased"

Isabella Danforth's profile image

isabella_danforth shared a tip "Great for a good cry. Absolute mindfuck"

Juanita 's profile image

just_juana shared a tip "One of my favorite animes. Could finish it in a day! It has an interesting concept and a great story. #cliffhangers #friendship"

Rebekah Antis's profile image

rebekah_antis shared a tip "Suspenseful. Bingeworthy. Masterpiece."

Kat J's profile image

katsofabulous shared a tip "I’m not even a person that likes anime, but my bf had me try this show and it’s amazing! Only ten episodes to!"

Eryn Barnes's profile image

e_bar shared a tip "So good! This anime had me on the edge of my seat and in tears; both happy and sad. It’s such a heartwarming show!"

Hannah Scavezze's profile image

ROUSSSE shared a tip "Such an interesting story. I loved trying to solve the mystery. It did get pretty obvious after a bit though."

talitha torres's profile image

talitha_torres shared a tip "10/10 recommend"

Mackenzie Baier's profile image

mackenzie_baier shared a tip "This anime was so amazing it’s my new favorite!"

Kaden Perkins's profile image

kaden_perkins_4716 shared a tip "Not like this but I'll keep an eye out for you"

Libruh 's profile image

libruh shared a tip "Wonderfully done. Tugs on the heartstrings"

FH 1's profile image

fh_1 shared a tip "I literally just binge watched that yesterday it was so good I wish there was more"

connor_george_hopson shared a tip "F*cking great writing and character build-up"

ellie_roy shared a tip "Super sad but incredible"

happy little buffalo's profile image

happy_little_buffalo shared a tip "@ellaanderson yes!! I binged the whole thing. It was so good."

Figsandart creative Outlet's profile image

figsandart_creative shared a tip "It was very compelling story telling and you felt like you were living in the story. 100% recommend! (:"

Tauhera Mahtab's profile image

tauhera_mahtab shared a tip "I've watched this. It was rlly good !"

kelli_lewis_2324 shared a tip "The ending could have been better but overall it was a really good story!"

Stacy Silver's profile image

stacy_silver shared a tip "Legit shook me to my core, I stayed up super late because I just could not put it down! Amazing 10/10"

Trudy Proud's profile image

trudy_proud shared a tip "Thanks!😁"

Trudy Proud's profile image

trudy_proud shared a tip "What's your favorite show?"

Glenn 's profile image

poppylov3r_3_36 shared a tip "It's one that will hit your feels and tug at your heartstrings"

Jacea Shadle's profile image

jacea_shadle shared a tip "It was such a good anime with a wholesome ending. Perfect to binge."

Syrjieo Flowers's profile image

syrjieo_flowers shared a tip "I’ll check it out thanks"

Sofia Vazquez's profile image

sofia.02 shared a tip "good"

Zach 's profile image

your_daily_lazy_person shared a tip "One of the best anime’s I’ve seen .I would recommend to every person that likes anime"

Cheese 's profile image

Th3_G0at shared a tip "This has to be my favourite anime, I finished it in 1 day"

haley_yarham shared a tip "I LOVE LOVE LOVED this anime. I binge watched it all at once. I highly recommend this for anyone."

tonkarex boy's profile image

tonkarex_boy shared a tip "Yed"

Harper Halley's profile image

harper_halley shared a tip "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show its such a amazing story. I just want to punch the girl in it though"

Alex Newlin's profile image

alex_newlin shared a tip "If you haven't watched it, make time. You won't be disappointed. 👌"

jaycee_drew shared a tip "Great storyline"

Carlos Nassar's profile image

carlos_nassar shared a tip "A 12 episodes anime that twist your mind until the end. A really interesting and different story. Recommend 10/10."

Alyssa Nicole's profile image

shruko shared a tip "It's best to go into this blind, that's all I'm gonna say"

Liv-ing Normally's profile image

liv-ing_normally shared a tip "Cool plot. Not head over heels for the romance, but I like the mystery and suspense."

Cutie Cat's profile image

cutie_cat_6483 shared a tip "Really good short anime that is so satisfying and horrifying at the same time. Definitely a good watch!!!!"

Priscilla Bukungu's profile image

priscilla_bukungu shared a tip "It was amazing I couldn’t look away especially at the twist ending."

brendan_8644 shared a tip "No doubt the best thriller anime I've ever seen. You're bound to get something from this amazing show"

Tati 's profile image

Tati_Latte shared a tip "The mystery is epic! Keeps you guessing at the edge of your seat!"

Eve K's profile image

eve_k_9124 shared a tip "SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE ABOUT HOPE"

iCr 's profile image

iCrxckd-bh shared a tip "First u wanna grab some snacks and some beverages maybe a friend and turn off the lights at 8:00 to 4:08"

delilah_santiago shared a tip "I highly recommend it! It’s a great mystery/thriller and leaves on the edge of your seats!"

Thomas Beckler's profile image

thomas_beckler shared a tip "My favorite anime in a long time."

Adrianna Schroeder's profile image

adrianna_schroeder shared a tip "Im literally in love with this show. Its the first anime show ive watched amd its so good"

Charlie Parsons's profile image

charlie_parsons shared a tip "Well written, good payoff, highly recommended."

Hannah Markle's profile image

hannah_markle shared a tip "It was interesting and had an enjoyable plot#mystery"

Mia Thompson's profile image

mia_thompson_3624 shared a tip "Binge watched it. loved it."

Mer Martin's profile image

mer_martin shared a tip "I was in tears"

anjelina shared a tip "It's honestly a perfect show for people who really like startegic naol hiting shows. I recommend it for lids 13 +"

Colby Jayden's profile image

colby_jayden shared a tip "It was awesome and enjoyable show even though short. 10/10"

Edwin Delgado's profile image

edwin_delgado_2052 shared a tip "This show was very intresting and heart warming"

morgan_4402 shared a tip "It was amazing, mysterious, and so many plot twists. It was so deep and entertaining. I definitely recommend!🥰🙈"

Elysia Hernandez's profile image

elysia_hernandez shared a tip "Good story:)"

bunny 's profile image

shoyaishida shared a tip "this had a beautiful story line to it..."

alexandria_sanders_3936 shared a tip "Love and the real life version movie is also on Netflix"

bille_2502 shared a tip "(': obsessed"

Maria 's profile image

alanna_mar shared a tip "💕‼️"

Kendall Peery's profile image

kendall_peery shared a tip "Amazing!"

charity_roland shared a tip "It was sad but at the same time a thrill"

Jordyn Elizabeth's profile image

jordyn_elizabeth_3362 shared a tip "It was a really great mystery! I also love time travel stuff, so it was a really cool idea!"

sahana_ravichandran shared a tip "7/10. Got a little confusing at the end. But is a decent romance anime."

Jc Wnnr's profile image

jc_wnnr shared a tip "I liked this anime as much as you can given the content. Great story!"

Deseray Yarborough's profile image

deseray_yarborough shared a tip "Bruuh just watch this show its so crazyy an interesting and I knew it was the principal the whole time"

Kiah S.'s profile image

kiah_s. shared a tip "the twist is so well done ahhh"

eli_bazan shared a tip "Good"

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