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Terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and dark comedy converge in this NSFW anthology of animated stories presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-03-15

Last Air Date 2022-05-20

Seasons 3

Episodes 35


TMDB 8.3


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Likewise shared a tip "Volume 2 Streaming 5/14"

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ian shared a tip "@ParisHilton you were asking for a show line #blackmirror so I thought you might want to see this"

christina_paz shared a tip "I finish volume one volume two and volume three in my opinion I thought they were a little too short but great animation"

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mco shared a tip "This season is so good."

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mco shared a tip "Season 3 is too short. 🥺"

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latinaliveblogging shared a tip "My fav episode is zima blue and jibaro. Wow. This show is incredible."

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hanmeblvck shared a tip "Perfect animation doesnt exist :"

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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️and a half"

jonathan_david_whit shared a tip "Some of the most creative animated short films of all time reside in these volumes. You have to watch."

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Yolken shared a tip "A bit too zombie heavy, but great stuff, really creative."

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TheEternalMovieWatcher467 shared a tip "I liked the episodes I watched but it just got boring watching random scenarios episodes with no continuous story"

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wolfinspace3d shared a tip "Yessur. It's pretty clean. Animated short stories keep you hooked. 1st season the better one!"

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KittehLoaf shared a tip "So fun! I love the different story telling elements and animation styles. <3"

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thegalwithpluck shared a tip "Brilliant! Hilarious!"

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marisa_w. shared a tip "I loved it in everything, especially in the visuals department."

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wikkedlilgrrl shared a tip "Odd, but VERY entertaining! Love the short episodes!"

gavin_brooks_2493 shared a tip "The greatest collection of stories, animation, and humor ever assembled."

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Tante143 shared a tip "I had to make a folder on my phone to keep these secret series/movies. I thought I had actually FINISHED NETFLIX 🤣🤣"

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leah_henderson_5956 shared a tip "Stunning! The art is inspiring."

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leon_scott_kennedy shared a tip "I love the different animation styles, great story, engaging. Same feel as black mirror just a different genre"

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teddbear shared a tip "season 1 was good. season 2 is not the best. season 3 is a masterpiece"

danielle_power_2268 shared a tip "A very interesting dystopic series."

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nathan_omotayo shared a tip "A **** amazing series"

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kimberly_wyatt shared a tip "This is weird, but very creative. I love that the episodes are short and all unrelated. 10/10"

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alison_nichols shared a tip "So cool. Love the hidden messages."

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urmamas shared a tip "Definitely"

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non_wor shared a tip "Shorted version of Black Mirror"

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whitney_renee_5966 shared a tip "It’s different but very interesting and engaging"

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silverbackelf shared a tip "If you like shorts this one is for you."

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drel.dhen shared a tip "100 percent. Not all episodes are gonna be up your alley but some of them will definitely stick with you"

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um_ shared a tip "Volume 3 streaming begins 5/20 🎉"

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regina1026 shared a tip "A unique show, each episode is mind altering. Very short but great experience."

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tina_skeen shared a tip "Such an underrated show! Each story is so unique and has a different animation style. I HIIIIGHLY recommend"

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kayla_hines_5850 shared a tip "Love it!!!!"

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gb_rogo shared a tip "Anthology series, very hit or miss. A lot of creativity"

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carlitosnice shared a tip "Innovative and sort of never seen before. We need to see more of this"

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zo_edwards shared a tip "This show is trippy, emotional, and beautiful. So good."

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shane_C130 shared a tip "Amazing short films! I wish majority of them had full series."

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bwch13 shared a tip "love love love"

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emery_sieczko shared a tip "Season 3 is ******* amazing."

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navi_cha shared a tip "For those people who are interested in hidden, dark meanings"

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mitchell_gold shared a tip "Lots of short episodes, some good, some just ok, but worth it."

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kalem_weva shared a tip "Yes Black Mirror and Maniac on Netflix too !@serenabaker"

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len_del_barrio shared a tip "Awesome"

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stevie_johnson_3822 shared a tip "It's fun"

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SilentThunder shared a tip "Every episode introduced a creative and new story with amazing visual art that you never seen before."

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tokyo_righte shared a tip "not only is it an engaging anthology but its completely aniamted by extremely talented animators ITS GREAT"

donte_jones_6678 shared a tip "We need more stuff like this for adults!!"

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nathan_petersen shared a tip "Dark and not for children. But beautifully and fantastically curated high end short stories that will make you yearn for more."

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helpmeouthere shared a tip "all episodes set in different worlds, very realistic animation (i didn’t even realize it was at first)"

lea_6122 shared a tip "Loved this show!! There is nothing else like it on tv."

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kevin_ellis_3137 shared a tip "Love these shorts"

chris_walter_7869 shared a tip "Great show. Love the different styles of animation."

ceasar_asmat shared a tip "Can’t wait for volume 3 to come out been waiting a while"

desiree_suh shared a tip "Unique storyline, very realistic cgi"

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lemon_chocolate shared a tip "I just love it. Not much I describe because it's so abstract causing it to beautifully tie you in."

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witch_marie shared a tip "My favorite was Jibaro"

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claire_uzelman_figl shared a tip "Haven’t watched but looks like it would be good"

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CodyOde shared a tip "Very similar to The Animatrix..."

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Cole321654 shared a tip "Better to watch with friends"

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n_sorensen shared a tip "Amazing! Don't miss it."

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annie_langworthy shared a tip "There is something for everyone in this show. Some of the shorts are down right creepy."

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Zathereth shared a tip "#dark_atmosphere"

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kayla_richard_3252 shared a tip "Love this show"