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Terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and dark comedy converge in this NSFW anthology of animated stories presented by Tim Miller and David Fincher.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-03-15

Last Air Date 2021-05-14

Seasons 2

Episodes 26


TMDB 8.2


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Likewise shared a tip "Volume 2 Streaming 5/14"

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ian shared a tip "@ParisHilton you were asking for a show line #blackmirror so I thought you might want to see this"

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mco shared a tip "This season is so good."

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thegalwithpluck shared a tip "Brilliant! Hilarious!"

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non_wor shared a tip "Shorted version of Black Mirror"

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Tante143 shared a tip "I had to make a folder on my phone to keep these secret series/movies. I thought I had actually FINISHED NETFLIX 🤣🤣"

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wolfinspace3d shared a tip "Yessur. It's pretty clean. Animated short stories keep you hooked. 1st season the better one!"

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regina1026 shared a tip "A unique show, each episode is mind altering. Very short but great experience."

Tina Skeen's profile image

tina_skeen shared a tip "Such an underrated show! Each story is so unique and has a different animation style. I HIIIIGHLY recommend"

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carlitosnice shared a tip "Innovative and sort of never seen before. We need to see more of this"

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shane_C130 shared a tip "Amazing short films! I wish majority of them had full series."

cynthia cernas's profile image

cynthia_cernas shared a tip "Crazy good. Each episode is different just wish each story was longer. Loved it"

Annie Langworthy's profile image

annie_langworthy shared a tip "There is something for everyone in this show. Some of the shorts are down right creepy."

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navi_cha shared a tip "For those people who are interested in hidden, dark meanings"

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nathan_petersen shared a tip "Dark and not for children. But beautifully and fantastically curated high end short stories that will make you yearn for more."

Francesca Fronczak's profile image

helpmeouthere shared a tip "all episodes set in different worlds, very realistic animation (i didn’t even realize it was at first)"

lea_6122 shared a tip "Loved this show!! There is nothing else like it on tv."

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gay_mike shared a tip "It’s sooo good, 100% binge worthy"

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mitchell_gold shared a tip "Lots of short episodes, some good, some just ok, but worth it."

Kerestel Leonard's profile image

kerestel_leonard shared a tip "I know right! I’ve actually really been enjoying Invincible on Amazon Prime lately. Yourself?"

jerrod_pettway shared a tip "One of the greatest Shows of creativity I’ve ever seen"

Pooliumm shared a tip "There’s so many animation styles and stories. If you don’t like one artstyle move on to another episode."

Aestinoct 's profile image

aestinoct shared a tip "Yes"

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slake_berrens shared a tip "quality between episodes varies a lot but theres something for everyone, just watch around until you get one you really like"

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bwch13 shared a tip "love love love"

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CodyOde shared a tip "Very similar to The Animatrix..."

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Cole321654 shared a tip "Better to watch with friends"

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n_sorensen shared a tip "Amazing! Don't miss it."

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naively_brilliant shared a tip "Love this series!!!!"

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neutral_cha0tic shared a tip "Some were better than others, but if will definitely have something for everyone's tastes 10/10"

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lauren_gunderson shared a tip "This season was INSANE! I wish there was more content like this being picked up. Beautifully done."

malyka_valentine shared a tip "Loooove it"

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matthew_adams_5074 shared a tip "Short snackable stories in #sciencefiction. Delicious. #robots #space #action #short_films"

melinda_2255 shared a tip "I love science fiction anthologies and enjoy the variety of styles in animation in this series."

kelly_delaney_6194 shared a tip "Such thought provoking and mind blowing stories!!"

tamerlane shared a tip "The movie Redline."

daniel_wilcox shared a tip "Visuals like no other show, each episode is it’s own story and the animation/cgi is amazing"

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david_wortham shared a tip "If you like Black Mirror, "Love, Death, and Robots" offers a similar feel in smaller doses."

guadalupe_fernandez shared a tip "Amazing!!"

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k_hayes_2629 shared a tip "If you have ADHD and love animation, watchi this!!"

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ali_martin_8274 shared a tip "It was really good it does use strong langue and has some nudity but over all it's really good"

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kemi_foreal shared a tip "Great concept, and captivating stories for each episode."

motherofmusic 2's profile image

motherofmusic_2 shared a tip "So weird but in a good way! Very entertaining"

Perry McAlister's profile image

perry_mcalister shared a tip "It’s like a futuristic Twilight Zone - love it!"

 Toxin/ Nich Toxin/ Nich's profile image

toxinthemonster shared a tip "So amazing every episode it so different and the animation is so beautiful. It’s a must watch!"

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sarah_crown shared a tip "The visuals are mind-blowing crazy good original different stories in each episode"

luke_powell shared a tip "Dark and romance also gore#romance #gore #robots"

karatekidd 11's profile image

karatekidd_11 shared a tip "Creative unique and absolutely hilarious and can sometimes be really deep"

EnergizaJempy Frank's profile image

energizajempy_frank shared a tip "A really good collection of short stories if you're a sci fi lover"

Marlique Hicks's profile image

marlique_hicks shared a tip "all the different and creative episodes"

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Creative sci fi"

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doris_boris shared a tip "Binge watched this. It is has shocking, beautiful, filthy artists and stories. Great work."

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craig_robertson shared a tip "I cannot recommend this enough. Not for kids. Mature audiences only. But excellent stories"

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lloyd_hanninen shared a tip "A must-see for sci-fi fans!!"

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alicia_melichar shared a tip "So unique!"

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noelle_6240 shared a tip "Cool animation and dystopian feel, kinda like the og twilight zone but darker"

jenna_5439 shared a tip "If you like black mirror..."

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kara_demetropoulos shared a tip "So good! I can't wait for Season 2"

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kelly_cameron_9051 shared a tip "The show is incredible! It’s kind of like #BlackMirror. I Absolutely Love The ShowAndCannotWaitUntilTheNextSeason"

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aaron_jackson shared a tip "I just love this ****"

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kahri_lynn shared a tip "Loved this series so much. Almost all the stories are great, some are phenomenal. Binged it all in one day."

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yang_zhang shared a tip "Love it! Original ideas, shocking scenes, and twisted plots. Music, image, diversity...anyways, don't miss it!"

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