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During the reign of the Galactic Empire, former Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, embarks on a crucial mission to confront allies turned enemies and face the wrath of the Empire.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2022-05-26

Last Air Date 2022-06-22

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 7.637


Brian DeWeese's profile image

briandeweese shared a tip "Excited to see the rest!"

ashy slashy's profile image

scarecrane shared a tip "dave filoni won’t let obi-wan be happy and it makes me think he has something against my poor man"

Em&Ems 's profile image

emily98 shared a tip "Love it. So glad there’s more Star war franchise coming out"

Sandy Lopez's profile image

sandy_lopez shared a tip "I enjoyed watching this series!"

jonathan_david_whit shared a tip "An emotional reunion. If you are a Star Wars fan, then it’s a must watch!"

Sara Jane Whyte's profile image

sara_jane_whyte shared a tip "So glad they made this. Ewan McGregor was awesome and the young girl cast as 10 year old Leia was perfect. "

Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "Sad to have been let down by this 🥲 points for great effects and nostalgia."

Mike Parrone's profile image

dinomike shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic"

Savannah 's profile image

savannah_567890 shared a tip "Star Wars series is one of the best series EVER! 10/10 would recommend!"

ashley_3433 shared a tip "I love this story of Ben!! ❤️❤️"

Abbey 's profile image

nymos shared a tip "This show is way better than I honestly thought it would be"

Matt Graham's profile image

matt_graham_2482 shared a tip "Disney is garbage now and has ruined Star Wars somehow. But these series (Mando, Obi) are a saving grace."

Jeffrey Thompson's profile image

jeffrey_thompson_8353 shared a tip "It was a muddled mess and unnecessary show. So much was wrong with it. The story was all over the place"

Jenn Wood's profile image

jenn_wood_8494 shared a tip "Think it's been the best of all the star wars series so far!"

Tim Rhodes's profile image

tim_rhodes shared a tip "This has the potential to be epic"

Cathy Godfrey's profile image

cathy_godfrey shared a tip "So disappointed with this series. They have ruined the beloved character of Obi Wan."

Kelli Johnson's profile image

kelli_johnson_5462 shared a tip "Loved It!"

Tyler King's profile image

warriorelyon shared a tip "Writing was really really bad"

Tania NV's profile image

tania_nv shared a tip "The acting sort of damns the story which itself seems forced. Not my favorite."

Isaac Soler's profile image

dailyvibez shared a tip "The ultimate Star Wars hero is back!!!"

Stephanie Lewis's profile image

stephanie_lewis_8467 shared a tip "Has been a great show so far. Recommended if you haven't watched them yet Boba Fett and mandalorian."

Ethan Black's profile image

ethan_black_508 shared a tip "easily the best star wars tv/movie. perfectly fills in the gaps and it was just so awesome"

Lisa Bryant's profile image

lisa_bryant_1613 shared a tip "Love it! A masterpiece."

Mary Freeman's profile image

mary_freeman_9060 shared a tip "Love it so much!"

jules_5523 shared a tip "Lots of action so far, fast paced."

Collin Thomas's profile image

collin_thomas shared a tip "Too excited, hope the don't muck it up."

Jazzy Whissell's profile image

jazzy_whissell shared a tip "Love it"

Amber Gillmore's profile image

amber_gillmore_7265 shared a tip "Vivian Lyra Blair is ASTOUNDING as young Leia!"

Sasha 's profile image

CaptainRex7567 shared a tip "Hello there"

Nova McKenzie's profile image

nova_mckenzie_2855 shared a tip "It is by far one of my favorite shows."

Naomi Carter's profile image

naomi_carter_7322 shared a tip "same ! it took me forever to start it but once i did i loved it !"

jamie_gil shared a tip "So good!!"

vishal_b shared a tip "Much excite! So far sooooo good!"

anthony_white_9681 shared a tip "Fantastic show the show gets better with each episode . 👀🔥"

Kristine Elizabeth's profile image

kristine_elizabeth shared a tip "Finally!"

Darrin Carlson's profile image

darrin_carlson shared a tip "Off to a good start.."

chris_4372 shared a tip "Good insight into obi ways life"

Brian DuBose's profile image

brian_dubose shared a tip "Obi-Wan Kenobi was a good show I've ever seen."

jac_mateja shared a tip "LOVE Star Wars but Disney really dropped the ball with this show. Was so excited but it is really just not good…"

DoctorTale 's profile image

doctortale shared a tip "I enjoyed it there were some moments I didn’t like from it but all in all I really enjoyed it"

Jacob Elwood's profile image

jacob_elwood shared a tip "Put the original trilogy in a new light"

Shahriar Kariman's profile image

shahriar_kariman shared a tip "Perfection"

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