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"Vanessa Mazur knows she's doing the right thing. She shouldn't feel bad for quitting. Being an assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be temporary. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwe

Author Mariana Zapata

Pages 672

Publisher Amazon Digital Services LLC - KDP Print US

Published Date 2016-03

ISBN 0990429245 9780990429241

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sabrina_3871 shared a tip "Good book, but took to long to get to the good part. I do wis me there was a second book though!"

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nharper09 shared a tip "Excellent slooooow burn!!!"

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zulema_guzman shared a tip "It was a really cute story, might seem a little slow at the beginning but I like it!!"

elaina_5806 shared a tip "I loved this book, 5/5 stars. Everything about it was amazing. It was a slow burn and it was incredible!!"

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jackie_shindman shared a tip "Best slow burn book I’ve ever read ❤️‍🔥"

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brooklyn_swarey shared a tip "is this book spicy? is it okay for a 15 year old to read?"

aminah_khan_6436 shared a tip "a slow burn romance that just *chefs kiss* hits different #slowburnromance"

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mak_s shared a tip "Enemies to Lovers, marriage of convenience, sports romance, former boss/employee, slow burn"

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hali_shepherd shared a tip "Read this book over the weekend, and I really loved it!"

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kennedynk shared a tip "this book is my guilty pleasure dont judge lol"

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emalizakds shared a tip "I love “It Ends With Us” but you’ve probably heard raving reviews of that already lol - I also love “The Score” by Elle Kennedy"

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tonyam shared a tip "Aiden is a hot athlete who goes feom being a shallow ass to a caring, lovable (pretend) husband."

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taylor_hill_4007 shared a tip "At first I wasn’t a fan, definitely a slow slow burn. But the ending was great, I wanted more."

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sarah_gellatly shared a tip "Fake dating with a side of ennemies to lovers for a professional athlete romance story!"

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carly_singer shared a tip "It is an amazing book that is a slow burn but also is a bunch of miscommunication. It is a great read. I could put it down."

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kaelen_burdsall shared a tip "I'm usually not into slow burns but this book and the writing had me finishing in 2 days. Loved it!!"

macy_taylor shared a tip "We love a sports romance 😍😍 This one was so good!!"

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shelby_prescott_2045 shared a tip "8/10 literally the slowest slow burn/enemies to lovers I’ve ever read and I loved it"

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katherine_klein_1329 shared a tip "Great book!!!!"

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averi_haraguchi shared a tip "It’s by far one of my favorite books, I could read it over and over again everyday."

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alex_mckenzie_9819 shared a tip "Just finished this one last night and I absolutely love it!"

destinie_rodriguez- shared a tip "Like it very much- slow read very complex main characters 5/5"

lauren_greiner_7915 shared a tip "Loved this book, Zapata spins a great love story that pulls at my heart strings"

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megan__3484 shared a tip "loved this book!"

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vhackerr.supremacy shared a tip "READ IT."

zoemona_ngene shared a tip "I love this book honestly it’s my best book ever the writing is so good I highly recommend"

jadeshea shared a tip "I love the slow burn, and the plot line is funny and entertaining."

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jordyn_sage_toon shared a tip "SO ******* GOOD"

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deborah_bowles shared a tip "My first and possibly my most favorite of all her books. But she is always on my automatic read list."

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ecstasy shared a tip "slow burn but a good read"

lulubellisima5 shared a tip "Both leads are fantastic and the steaminess is *chef’s kiss*"

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angela_thomas_7139 shared a tip "Definitely a true slow burn but seriously one of my favorites!"

haley_smith_4156 shared a tip "All time favorite re-read"

kate_lawrence_4493 shared a tip "Love all of Mariana m’s books. Great depth in the main characters, and the slow burns are REAL."

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erin_reads_romance shared a tip "I was just thinking of rereading it because of the Convention scene popped in my head."

ranpreet_ball shared a tip "Just - omg - this is my new comfort book. The amount of times I just couldn’t stop smiling…too many"

camille_strier shared a tip "such a good read! slow burn but written to where it’s easy to stay hooked i didn’t wanna out it down"

danielle_8604 shared a tip "It is a good slow burn book"

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katherine_nina shared a tip "Slow burn but NEVER BORING perfect pacing"

lucy_theuri shared a tip "#slowburnromance #slowburn"

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baylee_6523 shared a tip "One of my top favorite sports books! If I could have any life, it would be this one."

reagan_lockwood shared a tip "The chemistry"

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karensmiles shared a tip "First book I read and and I’m hooked!!!! *Chefs kisses*"

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meganw shared a tip "first mz book ever and really enjoyed. beginning was a little slow but picked up & in the end I couldn’t put it down !!"

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megan_coleman_8797 shared a tip "I don’t even like football but I liked this"

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b95 shared a tip "This book is the definition of slow burn. I loved it so much!!"

clara_beth_souter shared a tip "wonderful character development and such a cute story!"

alicia_phillips_211 shared a tip "Read it in 2 days! So good"

jen_5836 shared a tip "My go-to comfort read!"

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michaela_murphy_6939 shared a tip "I think so. It’s a very slow progression though so just be aware of that. I really liked it"

yesenia_solis_3304 shared a tip "Just everything was perfect⭐️"

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sam_bennett_1409 shared a tip "I loved this book enough to read it again and again!"

sierra_fontaine shared a tip "one of my favorites. it’s a really slow burn, but i love the characters… i’ve read it four times haha"

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jennifer_bolen shared a tip "Sweet story but a little slow."

erika_yavorsky shared a tip "Currently reading all ove colleen hoovers books!!!"

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jasmine_leatherwood shared a tip "Absolutely a sucker for a man who admires in silence."

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cassbowen57 shared a tip "Slow burn"

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