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A New Translation From The French By Marion WieselNight is Elie Wiesel's masterpiece, a candid, horrific, and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps. This new translation by Marion Wiesel, Elie's wife and frequent translator, presents this semi

Author Elie Wiesel

Pages 144

Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Published Date 2012-02-07

ISBN 1466805366 9781466805361

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Addy Jane's profile image

addy_jane_9186 shared a tip "I’m reading this book rn for school and I really enjoy it"

Amanda Reed-Collett's profile image

amanda_reed-collett shared a tip "It is a hard read, but worth it."

Amanda Reed-Collett's profile image

amanda_reed-collett shared a tip "It is worth it, but it is a hard read to get through."

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barrett_bussie shared a tip "Not sure if you were asking for Biography/Autobiography or nonfiction or books about the Holocaust though"

Jocelyn De Avila's profile image

jocelyn_de_avila shared a tip "All of it! I couldn’t put it down!"

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cathy_menarchek shared a tip "Excellent!"

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ireto_ringo shared a tip "This book is heartbreaking but a necessary read. It is a testament to what the human spirit can endure."

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maggie_may_3622 shared a tip "This is a hard read, but oh so worth it."

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roberta_beskow shared a tip "Oh gosh. I have many! I love books. This was one of my favorites."

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roberta_beskow shared a tip "And you?"

michele_cooper_5775 shared a tip "Everyone should read this"

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bryn_burnham shared a tip "the history is amazing and this book maybe me really sit and reflect"

allisongibson2025 shared a tip "had to read this for english class, it is quite sad but definitely worth a read"

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amy_fendley shared a tip "It is a very powerful book. So compelling, I read it cover to cover in less than two hours."

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becky_haxton shared a tip "My favorite book"

rachelle_farnan shared a tip "Yes, I would recommend the next two books in this trilogy. They are Dawn and Day."

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jin_erso shared a tip "He’s one of the most prolific writers I have ever read"

amy_pop shared a tip "Yes. Really great. Very sad. But very important to read what happened to him."

storie_cherry shared a tip "This book captures the horrific crimes of the holocaust from the perspective of someone who lived through it."

chels. shared a tip "It’s a heartbreakingly good book."

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kelly_bible shared a tip "This book showed a very detailed side to the holocaust that I had never learned about."

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karen_clark_5297 shared a tip "Eli Wiesel’s biographical story is so engaging. The book is simply too short. #NeverAgain"

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yahira_toledo shared a tip "Amazing Book!"

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patricia_sourjohn shared a tip "Keep tissues w/you for when you start crying"

Reena Dhaliwal-Mann's profile image

reena_dhaliwal-mann shared a tip "Good read"

brooke_wier shared a tip "Very good! Unfortunate times of course, but a descriptive memoir nonetheless."

witchyreader13 shared a tip "A harrowing account of a time none of us should forget, lest we repeat it."

Charisse Mitchell's profile image

charisse_mitchell shared a tip "Loved it"

grace_w_9764 shared a tip "absolutely heart wrenching. such a good eye opening read. please, pick this book up because i guarantee you won’t put it down!"

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ryan_gamba shared a tip "This book was so good, but also it was sad at the same time"

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emily_simmons_6699 shared a tip "I’ve said for years that my favorite books are _Three Junes_ and _The Corrections_ and that still holds true."

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arielle_fox_22 shared a tip "I think right now it's the Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. You?"

elise_coury_8658 shared a tip "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan; Cutting For Stone; Everything Is Illuminated. Impossible to choose!"

elise_coury_8658 shared a tip "Cutting For Stone"

elise_coury_8658 shared a tip "Cutting For Stone"

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talin_lopez shared a tip "I just finished “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” it’s a really great book!"

Carrie Piechowski's profile image

carrie_piechowski shared a tip "It is very good! A must read for sure. In my opinion."

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laura_pauline shared a tip "very worth it. very hard to read, but extremely powerful."

Jessica Murphy's profile image

jessica_murphy_8155 shared a tip "Oh gosh, it's been since high school since I read it. I just always loves it."

peyton_brode shared a tip "An amazing true story."

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grace_1425 shared a tip "We read it for school, and I really enjoyed it! I recently read some good WW2 books by Alan Gratz."

grace_awbrey shared a tip "Thank you!! I don’t think I have a real favorite book This Voice in My Heart by Gilbert Tuhabonye is a special one for me"

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rhiannon_begnell shared a tip "It's good worth the read"

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noah_schneider shared a tip "Good read important part of history"

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savannah_w17 shared a tip "An amazingly told and haunted tale that is an absolute essential read."

amanda_6648 shared a tip "Very moving"

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andrea_matal shared a tip "I have many, what are you looking for in specific? :)"

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lil-farrah shared a tip "9/10"

madyson benschneider's profile image

madyson_benschneider shared a tip "sobbed my heart out"

Aurora Wessel's profile image

aurora_anastasia shared a tip "Sparked emotions in me I didn’t know existed. The authors choice and style combined with the story was incredibly powerful."

Shannon McMahon's profile image

shannon_mcmahon_4394 shared a tip "Yes"

Shannon McMahon's profile image

shannon_mcmahon_4394 shared a tip "Yes"

micheallika shared a tip "Yes it's really good if you really into history"

alli_wagner_7444 shared a tip "This book made me fall in love with historical fiction. A truly touching story."

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