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I'm Annabel. I'm the girl who has it all. Model looks, intelligence, a great social life. I'm one of the lucky ones. Aren't I?My 'best friend' Sophie is spreading rumours about me. My family is slowly falling apart. It's turning into a long, lonely summer, full of secrets and silence.But I've met th

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Author Sarah Dessen

Pages 400

Publisher Penguin Random House Children's UK

Published Date 2007-07-05

ISBN 0141929138 9780141929132


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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "It was a little slow to start but I ended up really liking it! My first Sarah Dessen book and I will be trying more!"

Abby 's profile image

budsnbooks shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Katie Hassler's profile image

katie_hassler shared a tip "It’s been a long time since I read it. (Maybe 10 years) But I remember enjoying it!"

Marleen Gonzalez's profile image

marleen_gonzalez shared a tip "Good book!"

Jayla Weiss's profile image

jayla_weiss shared a tip "The truth about forever by Sarah Dessen. I have an obsession"

Alyssa Gordon's profile image

alyssa_gordon_3391 shared a tip "I love this!!"

nicole_cheek_9314 shared a tip "My absolute favorite book. One I’ve read many, many times."

sophia lee's profile image

sophia_lee_209 shared a tip "such a good book. love the flashbacks throughout the book & absolutely love love love owen. such a good pair!"

je_z shared a tip "It's about music and finally getting justice for being sexually harassed!"

alex__2496 shared a tip "It's a pretty awesome novel. It's tells how important it is to accept our true self and many more."

Mariah McGregor's profile image

miaem shared a tip "Deals with some really heavy and real topics and just feels so authentic. I read it every year, since I was a teen."

jessica_smith_2143 shared a tip "I am thinking of re-reading The Emerald Valley by Janet Tanner. One of my all time favourite books"

riptide 's profile image

bex_549 shared a tip "I loved this book! I wouldn’t say there was too much romance in it though- I think the two characters were more like friends"

Craftygirl 's profile image

tanya_g_2817 shared a tip "Have read this book so many times I have lost count!!!!! Definitely recommend :)"

angela_mills_5833 shared a tip "One of my ask time favorite books. Heavy topics dealt with in a smooth, appropriate way that’s very realistic"

Kendall Ryan's profile image

kendall_ryan shared a tip "I've read most if not all of her stuff written prior to 2010"

Avery Sanchez's profile image

avery_sanchez shared a tip "loved this book! it will stay with you long after you finish reading it."

Erin Anthony's profile image

erin_anthony shared a tip "I loved this book. Sarah Dessen just has a way of crawling in my heart. Definite reread."

bri_patel shared a tip "@tristen_fw Yes, I’ve read almost all of her books."

Kaitlyn Singer Greer's profile image

kaitlyn_singer_greer shared a tip "Lock and key is a really good one too"

Shannon 's profile image

kaleidoscopereads shared a tip "She is amazing! I love Sarah Dessen through and through. She hasn’t wrote one book I haven’t liked :)"

Angela Aguirre's profile image

angi3 shared a tip "Absolutely! One of my all time favorites"

Candis Arsenault's profile image

candis_arsenault shared a tip "This book is my favorite from her, but she has many good ones!"

Amy Guzman's profile image

amyy.juditha shared a tip "@Domenic_R_Will Can't say which is my favorite chapter, I just loved it all."

Rachel may's profile image

rachel_may_5796 shared a tip "Completely worth it. I love all of Sarah Dessen's books but this one is my favorite by far. I've read it many times."

Tammy Schaffranek Rhoades's profile image

tammy_schaffranek_r shared a tip "Not really"

Courtney DePottey's profile image

starfish3 shared a tip "Mine is Pride and Prejudice! You?"

Aven Forest's profile image

aven_forest shared a tip "You are most welcome!!! This was an amazing book!"

Bethany White's profile image

bethany_white_8083 shared a tip "Any book by Sarah Frssen is really good in my opinion. My all time favorite by her is Someone Like You"

Kacy Ripy's profile image

kacy_ripy shared a tip "I think the car wash scene is one of my favourites!"

amanda_grigsby_9447 shared a tip "I love this one I also love The Truth About Forever, Along for the Ride, and Saint Anything"

mollyrose_barbare shared a tip "It’s so good"

Shelby Louis's profile image

shelby_louis_8035 shared a tip "The kkeatynn chronicles currently!"

lauren_murray_625 shared a tip "Anything Colleen Hoover"

Sapphire 's profile image

saph_962 shared a tip "Right now I'm reading a book called lucky."

Carolyn Nix's profile image

carolyn_nix shared a tip "Unexpectedly dark at points, definitely don’t judge this book by the cover 😂"

erin_mcgrath_4167 shared a tip "Yeah"

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