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The debut novel of an astonishing voice in psychological suspenseAs dusk approaches a small Dublin suburb in the summer of 1984, mothers begin to call their children home. But on this warm evening, three children do not return from the dark and silent woods. When the police arrive, they find only on

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Author Tana French

Pages 464

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2007-05-17

ISBN 1101147156 9781101147153


Google 3.5


erin_wires shared a tip "Highly recommend for mystery suspense ♥️"

Emily Calleja's profile image

embeckini shared a tip "Almost nothing happened in this book. Zero resolution."

barbara_jenkins_5060 shared a tip "I’ve read all of her books. A great writer."

leora_mills shared a tip "Per recommendations I found here I just started Verity, how about you?"

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posiong1rlfriend shared a tip "I have a long tbr but I’m looking forward to reading the 2nd book of the crave series."

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amanda_davis_8344 shared a tip "Slow paced, predictable ending."

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gladys_isidro shared a tip "The mystery in it was very interesting, although to some it may be disappointing that the cold case was never solved."

alyhope232 's profile image

alyhope232 shared a tip "Great read!"

maureen_382 shared a tip "Great writing, good characters lots of twists"

nan_w shared a tip "Very talented writer. Will continue to purchase and read her novels."

sagal_kabb shared a tip "The Other Black Girl....great so far"

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myndi_topolinski shared a tip "I'm not usually a thriller type reader, but this one had me hooked!"

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emily_white_1376 shared a tip "Great twist at the end!"

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michelle_vasquez_1230 shared a tip "Read this super quick! Great book"

kimberly_walsh_1869 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read. So well written and such a page turner"

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kristina_valdez_2900 shared a tip "Authors, on the other hand, I find to cherish a select few. 🙃"

Ann McCage's profile image

ann_mccage shared a tip "She uses beautiful words that ignite your mind."

Brooke McGuire's profile image

brooke_mcguire shared a tip "Took a bit to get into the characters, but picked up at the end."

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heather_voight shared a tip "Great characters and realistic"

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jessica_penner_2507 shared a tip "Good mystery novel"

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kaylee_canady shared a tip "It was such a suspensful mystery that kept me on my toes the entire time!"

jacqueline_jacobs_2220 shared a tip "So far. I have only read two of her books. She can be a bit wordy but she writes a good mystery."

heidi_tjaden shared a tip "I have liked the 3 Tana French books I’ve read."

jennifer_gray_1702 shared a tip "I love all of Tana French novels. The Dublin series is great!!"

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mellolvr shared a tip "Seriously loved this book"

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livlively shared a tip "Might have to give this one another chance. It was good but it got slightly confusing for me."

rebecca_brummett shared a tip "This book starts a little slow but the twist at the end made it worth it."

rona_m_kory shared a tip "Loved it and I love all her books. She used same detectives in a few of her mysteries so it felt like coming back to friends."

mary_ann_3783 shared a tip "Liked the whole series"

shannon_smith_9985 shared a tip "Love this"

maria_horlacher shared a tip "Oh jeez it’s been so long I can’t remember 😂"

sara_luesse shared a tip "Yes! Iove all her books!"

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lynda_mueggenborg shared a tip "Oh good!! 👏"

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