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*INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER**INSTANT USA TODAY BESTSELLER**INSTANT #1 INDIE BESTSELLER*From the New York Times bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue comes a new romantic comedy that will stop readers in their tracks...For cynical twenty-three-year-old August, moving to New York City i

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Author Casey McQuiston

Pages 432

Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group

Published Date 2021-06-01

ISBN 1250244498 9781250244499


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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Really enjoyed this book! Took a minute to get into but so glad I stuck with it. Different than I thought but loved it!"

Jaedyn Mcgalin's profile image

jaedyn_mcgalin shared a tip "I loved the story and the characters! It’s a romance obviously, but it’s got a nice sci-fi plot in there as well."

Tera B.'s profile image

teralby shared a tip "Loved this book so much!"

Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "A must-read for fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue! I loved the unique premise and genuinely hilarious writing."

Courtney W's profile image

cw_5986 shared a tip "It was cute! I liked the characters. I felt like it could have been a tad shorter…"

Madisyn Conley's profile image

madisyn_conley shared a tip "I am not big on any sort of time loop or time travel or anything like that so this book didn’t suit me."

Lana 's profile image

doodles1028 shared a tip "august is disaster bi rep we deserve"

June 's profile image

the_sapphic_bookworm_9707 shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book!!! One of the best sapphic romcoms ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🏳️‍🌈❤️"

K T's profile image

kattan shared a tip "Solid LGBTQ story 👍🏻"

Anna Flowing's profile image

anna_flowing shared a tip "Be ready to cry on the 16th chapter! And then be super happy on the last one!"

Anna Flowing's profile image

anna_flowing shared a tip "Love is so much I cried harder then I have in 5 years."

Faye (they/them)'s profile image

literarylesbian shared a tip "Are fans of Red, White & Royal Blue ready? ☺️ #lgbt #lgbtq #queer"

Charlatte 's profile image

i_need_enimes_to_lovers shared a tip "I currently i am reading another book by casey McQuiston red white and royal blue"

Sage Schaumburg's profile image

sage_schaumburg shared a tip "my heart hurts so good after this book"

Emma Pimer's profile image

emma_pimer shared a tip "Found family, queerness, AWESOME characters, love, character development"

melanie_massey shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites. Clever, funny, steamy, and creative. A must."

Kelsey Troller's profile image

kelsey_troller_3986 shared a tip "I enjoyed this book but it dragged on a bit."

lilli_baker shared a tip "Goof"

Riley Grossgloss's profile image

riley_grossgloss shared a tip "August and Jane feel so life like. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS. 💕💕"

RainaCsus 's profile image

rainacsus shared a tip "Drawn out idk"

Julia Patterson's profile image

julia_patterson_3792 shared a tip "It was like reading a Netflix show! The imagery is amazing. Kinda a syfy story mixed with lesbians 🙌🏼 totally recommend!"

Liv Ling's profile image

liv_ling shared a tip "The cutest novel of the year, I loved all the adventure and how diverse it was!"

Ophé 's profile image

emophelie shared a tip "Super good book! I was able to guess most of the things, but it was really good. Chapters are long tho."

Julia Bea's profile image

julia_bea shared a tip "Loved, amazing story"

Julia Bea's profile image

julia_bea shared a tip "#queer #lgbtq #lgbt"

Gray Berres's profile image

gray_berres shared a tip "I just finished the book After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid… super good book!!"

Sarah Skoniecki's profile image

sarah_skoniecki shared a tip "Incredible love story, lovable characters, pitch perfect writing!"

Whitney (she/her) 's profile image

whitneynicole shared a tip "FF romance set in NYC"

Angela <3's profile image

axxela.aa shared a tip "Hands down one of my favorite books! The representation the story line?? Too good!"

ruby 's profile image

ruby_skye shared a tip "sweet, but i mean not rwarb 🥺🥺"

Erin Olson's profile image

erin_olson_7758 shared a tip "I absolutely loved John Grishams A time To Kill . How about you."

Sage Windsor's profile image

grey.clouds shared a tip "I really liked the love story part but all of the electrical science additions I didn’t like."

Madeline Dike's profile image

madeline_dike shared a tip "I cannot recommend this book enough!"

Nick Carpenter's profile image

_holland_1945 shared a tip "Cried"

Jaime Garno's profile image

jaime_garno shared a tip "In the middle of reading, good so far"

Mackenzie Davis's profile image

mackenzie_davis_2780 shared a tip "has become a favorite."

Brandi Aguillon's profile image

brandi shared a tip "It was super cute and really tied everything together in the end. I enjoyed it."

elly 's profile image

elasebmore shared a tip "Writing style is amazing, funny, and captivating and I cared so much about all of the characters"

cydonia 's profile image

corvicore shared a tip "cute !!"

Alex Duenas Neeley's profile image

alex_duenas_neeley shared a tip "The love, the heartbreak, the heartmend, the friendship, the romance, the fantasy. This truly is an amazing book."

Emerson Sprinkel's profile image

emerson_sprinkel shared a tip "Burn It All Down by Nicolas DiDomizio!!"

💕 's profile image

raelee. shared a tip "4/5"

Ava 's profile image

avana shared a tip "I couldn’t even finish it. It was so fanfic like. I cringed so hard at one part that I had to put the book down"

mars 's profile image

spcmars shared a tip "read this for pride month..i loved it!"

Courtney T.'s profile image

courtney_taylor_4754 shared a tip "Everything💖"

Brittany Levesque's profile image

brittany_levesque shared a tip "Well written, good story line.."

Semi 🥺's profile image

castiel_ransom shared a tip "Oh my gosh! Yes gowrl it’s worth it!"

Rae <3's profile image

sunflowerraindrop shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book!!! It was such a rollercoaster and I can barely put my thoughts into words ahdhajdh"

Ryder 's profile image

ryder.surfs shared a tip "Hmmm that’s a hard question, depends on what genre you want!"

Melody Gacha's profile image

melody_gacha shared a tip "This Book is amazing definitely one of my favourites"

Nora Fritsch's profile image

nora_fritsch shared a tip "Cute sapphic romance with a hint of magic"

Paige Gould's profile image

paige_gould shared a tip "10/10"

Em Sanning's profile image

em_sanning shared a tip "Gay, emotional, characters are great and develop,"

Alice Wlodarczyk's profile image

alice_wlodarczyk shared a tip "Yes Conventionally Yours was also a big favorite of mine."

kat_dubrow shared a tip "LOVED this book! Totally recommend for anyone looking for an incredibly lgbtq+ mystery book. Absolutely love it."

Buzzzzzzz Buzzzzzz's profile image

wylans_left_kidney shared a tip "this book ducking slaps"

Sofia Bedolla's profile image

sofia_bedolla_7497 shared a tip "I really enjoyed the representation, and loved when they were reunited!"

Sav 's profile image

tobesosavvy shared a tip "oh my god i need a sequel. i seriously could not put it down!!!"

Angel 's profile image shared a tip "sooo cute!!!!"

kate_pittman shared a tip "Yes overdrive"

briy_bowgewn shared a tip "Lgbt+ romance/ mystery 💜😍"

light_halo shared a tip "Adorable, and full of quirky characters that are just as endearing as the main characters."

Brianna Johnson's profile image

brianna_johnson_1140 shared a tip "Finished this today and loved it! Couldn't put it down"

Alia Sponheimer's profile image

alia_sponheimer shared a tip "So good"

robin_b._3449 shared a tip "I finished it in four days 💛"

zaley shared a tip "It's an actually good not oversexulizd lesbian book #lgbt #lesbian #fantasy @casy miquinston"

Olivia Hartmann's profile image

olivia_hartmann shared a tip "AMAZING"

Em S's profile image

em_s_5037 shared a tip "#lgbtq #lesbian #scifi"

Bree Rice's profile image

bree_rice shared a tip "It was an absolute emotional rollercoaster but I loved every moment of it!"

Elizabeth T's profile image

elizabeth_t_1419 shared a tip "I cannot put into words my adoration for this book."

gaby 's profile image

gabriella_tarpey shared a tip "September 2021 Pick @sophia_lopez46 #tbr_booksclub"

gaby 's profile image

gabriella_tarpey shared a tip "Here’s our September and 1/2 October Pick! @sophia_lopez46 #tbr_booksclub"

ashley_kurihara shared a tip "Love this boooook"

Mileigh Rasmussen's profile image

mileigh shared a tip "i absolutely loved this book! i think i’m in love with jane :/"

Megan Olsen's profile image

megan_olsen_1502 shared a tip "Amazing book, adds flair to the normal romance!"

Karla Abreu's profile image

karla_abreu shared a tip "I laughed, I cried, I did the weird cry/sob disaster sound. This book - it gets it."

Miranda Everhart's profile image

miranda_everhart shared a tip "Great story I adored each character"

Rochell C's profile image

rochell_c shared a tip "Everything"

Allison Dzoh's profile image

allison_dzoh shared a tip "i loved it i really recommend it!"

leah_8498 shared a tip "It’s a great book #romance"

reese_holohan shared a tip "Lot like syfy. Surprised me for how good the story is and not very predictable."

Annie Lineberry's profile image

annie_lineberry shared a tip "Literally the best book ever. I was so surprised and pleased and heartbroken the whole time."

This is not my real name:)'s profile image

imaddmspfan...POG shared a tip "thats what mom said in the car... Its now been 1year 😂😂"

Art_fannatic 's profile image

art_fannatic shared a tip "AAAAH SO GOOD"

tianaa shared a tip "Don't know how I can move on to another book after this one."

Yasmin Yacoby's profile image

yasmin_yacoby shared a tip "This was a great read! Adorable, with a hint of fantasy embedded, and queer all the way."

towy kenz's profile image

tow shared a tip "such a cute wlw story"

Sarah Cox's profile image

sarah_cox_1996 shared a tip "So good! A queer uplifting romance with a little bit of Sci-fi spin"

sneezing_frog shared a tip "really really good!! not the absolute best book i’ve ever read but definitely up there!!"

Dana Giannini's profile image

dana_giannini shared a tip "Lighthearted, lgbt story about mystery, love and friendship in NYC"

Janelle Brookes's profile image

janelle_brookes shared a tip "This book is just gay panic and i absolutely loved it"

Audrey-Anne Cantin's profile image

audrey-anne_cantin shared a tip "so sweet, and it has a happy ending, which is rare for a WLW romance book"

kaitlyn_stambaugh shared a tip "The story line was incredible and it made me feel so many emotions. I need a part two asap"

Drew 's profile image shared a tip "It was sooo good I love it and will definitely reread it over and over <3 x"

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