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Instant New York Times Bestselling SeriesAn Amazon “Best YA Book of 2020”Glitter Magazine’s #1 Pick for “Best YA of 2020"Optioned for Film by UniversalMy whole world changed when I stepped inside the academy. Nothing is right about this place or the other students in it. Here I am, a mere mortal amo

Author Tracy Wolff

Pages 592

Publisher Entangled Publishing, LLC

Published Date 2020-04-07

ISBN 1640638962 9781640638969

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Lexy Writes's profile image

lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good it reminds me of the twilight series"

Syd:) 's profile image

sydney_wheeler shared a tip "SO GOOD!"

Zara Lancaster's profile image

zara_lancaster_4871 shared a tip "FANTASTIC!!"

Ariana Albrecht's profile image

ariana_albrecht shared a tip "My new favorite series. I really can't recommend it enough."

Tiffany Felix's profile image

tiffany_felix shared a tip "Your average ya vampire romance novel. Has plenty of angst."

debra_ortega shared a tip "Loved the story. Can't wait for her new books."

Olivia Cimino's profile image

olivia_cimino shared a tip "I read this also in a day. Jaxon Vega is the loml. Also, I loved the comedy in this book. Started the next book!"

Jordan Blomquist's profile image

jordan_blomquist shared a tip "It really surprised me but it is so good! I love all the twilight references!"

erin_king_5917 shared a tip "It ****** me off… in a good way! It did give me a twilight feel to it!"

amanda_lanphear_228 shared a tip "Tracy’s writing style really sucks you in. I absolutely loved this series!"

Grace Herbek's profile image

grace_herbek shared a tip "I love this book i have to had read it about 3 times already"

Tanner A Dooley's profile image

tanner_a_dooley shared a tip "Y’all have too read this book, every single book in this series is just soooo goodddd!!!!!"

Jillian Vollbrecht's profile image

jillian_vollbrecht shared a tip "Quick read. Pretty good."

Magically Weird Person's profile image

magically_weird_per shared a tip "It was such a good read I couldn’t put it down it was romantic abs dark it was just awesome"

Adilene German's profile image

adilene_german shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book Love the storyline"

avery_flanagan shared a tip "#paranormal"

daisy_v shared a tip "Currently my new fiction boyfriend JAXON! Highly recommend this book; cannot wait for book 2!"

sydney_mueller shared a tip "I did enjoy this book even though it’s cheesey."

erin_darling_2543 shared a tip "Good book."

tara_mohr shared a tip "I really enjoyed the whole book! I ended up reading the next two in the series and am anxious for the last one to be released."

brooke_parkinson shared a tip "it is so so good!!"

Meghan Ross-Liles's profile image

meghan_ross-liles shared a tip "One word, woah. Book was absolutely perfect!!"

Joelis 's profile image

joelis. shared a tip "Right now, I think “House of Salt and Sorrows”. It’s the perfect fantasy story with a huge plot twist."

grace_9657 shared a tip "vampires :)"

Erika Murawski's profile image

erika_murawski shared a tip "Actually just finished this one, and I loved it!"

Embee 's profile image

mb_roche shared a tip "one of the best books i’ve read. it was my first book to ever read twice. read it ASAP!"

chena shared a tip "Couldn’t put this down kind of a twilight vibe I’m so stoked for the next book!"

Lisa De Voe's profile image

lisa_de_voe shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book"

Mackenzie Blake's profile image

mackenzie_blake shared a tip "This book is so good!!!"

Paris Steele's profile image

paris_steele shared a tip "if you are into mythology i’ve heard ‘Lore’ is a good one!!"

Annie Esparza's profile image

annie_esparza shared a tip "If twilight, legacy and teen wolf had a baby… this would be it with intense back and forth that is interesting but hot."

cassandra cartwright's profile image

cassandra_cartwright shared a tip "One of the best books I've ever read! Romance, action, amazing beyond all reason!!!!"

megan_lafontaine shared a tip "Such a good story leaves you wanting more!"

brittney_peak shared a tip "From Blood and Ash series"

trinity_7826 shared a tip "I loved it, a little predictable for most of it but with a major twist at the end."

kaitlyn_107 shared a tip "So amazing."

Jaime Dickinson's profile image

jaime_dickinson shared a tip "Loved this book - a great escape and the characters are well developed"

Katie O's profile image

katie_o_2833 shared a tip "it literally had everything a good book has— it’s a must read, words can’t convey how good it really was."

Myranda 's profile image

myranda_ shared a tip "Best vampire book ever!"

Brandie Zierler's profile image

brandie_zierler_2227 shared a tip "Oh yes it's such a good read"

noya_dimbort_8630 shared a tip "Slight Swearing"

Heather Schneider's profile image

heather_schneider shared a tip "*Swoon* Couldn't put it down!"

Lena Smith's profile image

lena_smith_9540 shared a tip "I loved it. It’s so good. Read it. I finished it in 3 days. Mwa 😘"

Christy James's profile image

christy_james shared a tip "Its really good book and funny too"

Ally Santose's profile image

ally_santose shared a tip "Thrilling book to read!"

Ayalnesh Antokhin's profile image

ayalnesh_antokhin shared a tip "Team Hudson from the start. 🙃😂"

Hayden Moore!!'s profile image

hayden_moore_4005 shared a tip "This book was so good! I loved it! Plot twist on every page, fast paced, great romance! Loved this book!"

Emily Skebos's profile image

emily_skebos shared a tip "Just finished it! 10/10"

Amber Golden's profile image

amber_golden shared a tip "Can’t put the book down! So good!"

madisan_hendrickson shared a tip "Loved this book i was so mad when i had to wait for the next one to come out 10/10"

breaunna_gage shared a tip "If say the last chapter because I did not see it coming at all!"

Martha G. Hernandez Romero's profile image

martha_g._hernandez shared a tip "I loved it! Is everything you want, love, feminism, witty and totally original."

Dearest Lyssa's profile image

dearest_lyssa shared a tip "It always kept you on your toes, it was never boring!"

Angel Salvador's profile image

angel_salvador shared a tip "I honestly couldn’t put this book down !"

Yacine Diop's profile image

yacine_diop shared a tip "Loved the romance and the plot"

Kiera Nave's profile image

kiera_nave shared a tip "ITS SO AMAZING"

mackenzie_shearin shared a tip "Great story, along with having some interesting creatures that we don’t get to ready a lot about!!"

Brinlee Woodall's profile image

brinlee_woodall shared a tip "Great series, can't wait for the next books to come out"

Taylor 's profile image

iamaddictedtofictionalmen shared a tip "This book was absolutely amazing! I've read it 3 times in 3 weeks and I'm gonna read the rest of rhe series"

arzu_ibragimov shared a tip "literally fell in love with this bookk, cant wait to read the restt!"

cyrene_march shared a tip "this book made me want to go Katmere Academy myself. i loved it!!!"

jessica_ruiz_8983 shared a tip "Loved it! One of my favs"

julie_t_9671 shared a tip "AHH ROMANCE"

sophia_3240 shared a tip "favorite series ever"

Zoe Deckard's profile image

zoe_deckard shared a tip "It was a super fun light read. Brought me back to my swooning teenage years. I liked the fantasy aspect."

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