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After 300 years of slumber, three sister witches are accidentally resurrected in Salem on Halloween night, and it is up to three kids and their newfound feline friend to put an end to the witches' reign of terror once and for all.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1993-07-16

Runtime 96 minutes

Budget $28m

Revenue $40m


TMDB 7.0


Meredith Lavergne's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "Is it even Halloween if you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus?"

Marta Malik's profile image

marta_burger shared a tip "Favorite Halloween movie!"

Meghan Young's profile image

missmeghanyoung shared a tip "The perfect flashback for Halloween prep!"

Jesse Gauntt's profile image

legauntt shared a tip "It's time."

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "Fun and silly Halloween watch"

Kristin Draggoo's profile image

kristin_draggoo shared a tip "A Halloween holiday family classic. I watch it every year!"

Moriah Deatley's profile image

moriah_deatley shared a tip "I just love Bette Midler"

Laurie Faidley-Harrell's profile image

laurie_faidley-harrell shared a tip "Been watching this movie every Halloween season since it debuted! Love it!"

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "Its a classic"

Nick Tassone's profile image

ntassoni shared a tip "Good Halloween movie."

Caroline Lucas's profile image

caroline_lucas_2043 shared a tip "A good funny Halloween family movie."

Laine Erin's profile image

JennyRen shared a tip "it has mary sarah bette and binx what’s no to love ❤️"

Charmion Schroeder's profile image

charmion_schroeder shared a tip "We watch this every Halloween🥰"

Michelle Evans's profile image

michelle_evans shared a tip "fun Halloween flick 🎃"

Elmar Aliev's profile image

infin8abundance shared a tip "Classic Halloween time film. Childhood throwbacks!"

Kimberly Simmons's profile image

kimberly_simmons shared a tip "Just funny"

Leah Wood's profile image

leah_wood_3623 shared a tip "Who doesn't watch this every Halloween?"

tako_ shared a tip "I don’t know"

KaNay Elizabeth's profile image

kanay_elizabeth shared a tip "Always a Halloween must"

KATIE BORREGO's profile image

katie_borrego shared a tip "You guys should watch this it’s one of my fav movies!!!"

Kathy Lovingshimer's profile image

kathy_lovingshimer shared a tip "It is a great movie to watch with family."

Olivia Lullie's profile image

OliviaL shared a tip "Favorite Halloween Movie"

Kim Meisenheimer's profile image

kim_meisenheimer shared a tip "A holiday favorite and always on my countdown to Halloween movie list! 🎃"

Donna Dailey Martin's profile image

donna_dailey_martin shared a tip "This movie was funny and heart warming. The actors are just great."

Raymond Nunez's profile image

raygin694 shared a tip "Love friendlier versions of halloween and I love to laugh"

Linda Miller's profile image

linda_miller shared a tip "Good movie"

Michael Brown's profile image

michael_brown_7305 shared a tip "It's my 2nd favorite after the worst witch."

Wee 's profile image

wee shared a tip "Every part with the cat in it haha"

Alonzo Gomez's profile image

alonzo_gomez shared a tip "All time best movie ever. My favorite to watch for Halloween."

Brooke Johnson's profile image

brooke_johnson_9648 shared a tip "Kid friendly and the best Halloween movie to watch with the family!"

eden_klapman shared a tip "It is an amazing family movie"

alyna_reagan shared a tip "Classic witch film from my childhood"

Danica Fain's profile image

danica_fain shared a tip "I used to watch this every Halloween with my family, brings back memories.❤️"

Jalyse 's profile image

jalyseh shared a tip "Best holiday movie!"

timbra 's profile image

asaltysoul shared a tip "the best!"


jeffrey_cramer shared a tip "Make sure to watch this with children. It increases the fun factor tenfold."

Claire Shields's profile image

claire_shields shared a tip "My go to movie to watch around Halloween, its got it all, action, romance, bit of horror, comedy"

Vickie Joseph's profile image

vickie_joseph shared a tip "Love bosco pocus"

shawnnaeward shared a tip "Use your own car"

Claire Patrell's profile image

claire_patrell shared a tip "I was afraid to watch this movie when I was little, big mistake!"

Jordan Dudgeon's profile image

jordan_dudgeon shared a tip "Classic!!"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "My favorite Halloween movie"

Annylu Castro's profile image

annylu_castro shared a tip "A classic in my book. It’s on all the time during Halloween at my house."

Library Lost's profile image

library_lost shared a tip "A must watch for Halloween."

kristen_behrens shared a tip "This is my go to Halloween movie every year!"

Matthew Vicchiullo's profile image

dominick_matthew_vi shared a tip "A little overrated but still a good cult classic."

Casey Michelle's profile image

caseymtaft shared a tip "Favorite movie to watch in October for Halloween!"

Yaadgal81 's profile image

yaadgal81 shared a tip "One of the best Halloween movies. My kids and I watch it every Halloween. My kids are 20 and 15 and they still love it.🙂🙂"

kaylan_russell shared a tip "Most classic of all time"

Hannah Gillies-Lafrance's profile image

hannah_gillies-lafrance shared a tip "One of the best halloween movies ever. Try and tell me otherwise."

Shari Crane's profile image

shari_crane shared a tip "Cute family movie"

Josh Mclain's profile image

josh_mclain shared a tip "A must watch Halloween movie"

Amie Villegas's profile image

amie_villegas shared a tip "Perfect for a late night movie"

Alexandria Natsis's profile image

alexandria_natsis shared a tip "Halloweentown"

megan_coates_7016 shared a tip "A classic. I watch this every year around Halloween"

Nicole Bissell's profile image

nicole_bissell shared a tip "I actually watched it with my sister, her youngest, and my wife. We made it a movie with lots of snacks"

Rachel Ange's profile image

rachel_ange shared a tip "Love this movie!"

ava_13 shared a tip "Its funny and great acting"

Lance Nuckolls's profile image

lance_nuckolls shared a tip "Classic."

Kory Honey's profile image

kory_honey shared a tip "I enjoy this movie."

Larissa Diaz's profile image

larissa_diaz shared a tip "Perfect for a Halloween movie marathon"

Anne Marie Benoit's profile image

anne_marie_benoit shared a tip "So cheesy and so perfect. Great fun."

Leah Rose's profile image

leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "Love this movie watch it every halloween."

Michelle 's profile image

michelle_7616 shared a tip "One of my childhood favorites!"

Chad E Concepcion's profile image

chad_e_concepcion shared a tip "Just yes. Iconic."

Manfred White's profile image

manfred_white shared a tip "the 3sisters"

Dana Young's profile image

dana_young shared a tip "Because it involves Halloween, but it is comedic."

cheryl_reyes shared a tip "Fun film"

Terri Bettis's profile image

terri_bettis shared a tip "Good story"

Linda Nyberg Taylor's profile image

linda_nyberg_taylor shared a tip "Love the ladies"

Tremaine Fuqua's profile image

tremaine_fuqua shared a tip "Love this movie"

Sharon Legree's profile image

sharon_legree shared a tip "Good movie"

regina_nickel shared a tip "Good"

Alex Strickbine's profile image

alex_strickbine shared a tip "I like this show"

Daniel Lantz's profile image

daniel_lantz shared a tip "Hggggg"

Angie Chavez's profile image

angie_chavez shared a tip "Just do"

Rachel Shifflett's profile image

rachel_shifflett shared a tip "Loved it."

Jessie Cameron's profile image

jessie_cameron shared a tip "Childhood memory"

E Graves's profile image

e_graves shared a tip "Watch this every October!"

Toni Clary's profile image

toni_clary shared a tip "Oh man i don't think i could narrow it down to one."

Jenni Chance's profile image

jenni_chance shared a tip "Great movie."

Will Chetelat's profile image

will_chetelat shared a tip "25th of 44442(2 z"

Madison Bryant's profile image

madison_bryant_356 shared a tip "Yes this is my favorite Halloween movie"

Yaretzi Gonzalez's profile image

yaretzi_gonzalez_9638 shared a tip "I love this movie for hollowen 🎃"

jennifer_s_68 shared a tip "A Halloween favourite."

Avery Ditch's profile image

avery_ditch shared a tip "A really good Halloween non scary movie."

Phillis Keaton's profile image

phillis_keaton shared a tip "Its the perfect movie to watch the night before halloween!!!"

Alina Cantella's profile image

alina_cantella shared a tip "its a fun family movie for everyone and has comedy high request"

Anna Bryan's profile image

anna_bryan_7738 shared a tip "The bestt"

Aaron Rhodes's profile image

aaron_rhodes_9622 shared a tip "A bit dated now, but good family fun."

Jason Smith's profile image

jason_smith_2272 shared a tip "Ever thing is amazing"

Rose St. Cyr's profile image

rose_st._cyr shared a tip "A family fun movie to watch during Halloween"

Julia Dillon's profile image

julia_dillon_2988 shared a tip "Classic Halloween film. I watch it every Halloween. Fantastic cast and the story ages well."

sydney_meadows shared a tip "Classic. Must watch for everyone who loves halloween movies."

Senna Doucette's profile image

senna_doucette shared a tip "Its a very funny movie! Love to watch it with my family"

haley_porras shared a tip "I love this movie"

Cassandra Farkas's profile image

cassandra_farkas shared a tip "A classic! I love rewatching this around Halloween every year! And I'll watch it anytime lol Very nostalgic for a lot of folks!"

Heather Taylor's profile image

heatherdtaylor shared a tip "Love it! I used to watch this year round when I was younger."

Kathy Hawks's profile image

kathy_hawks shared a tip "What’s not to love"

Elizabeth Adderley's profile image

elizabeth_adderley shared a tip "Watch it every year"

Margaret Cirone's profile image

margaret_cirone shared a tip "I love it"

hope_smith_8737 shared a tip "We love this movie and watch it every time we can."

Samantha Stone's profile image

samantha_stone_818 shared a tip "It’s a classic that must be watched"

Angelea Walls's profile image

angelea_walls shared a tip "All time favorite"

j_9014 shared a tip "debatably the best holiday movie ever"

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