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Wounded to the brink of death and suffering from amnesia, Jason Bourne is rescued at sea by a fisherman. With nothing to go on but a Swiss bank account number, he starts to reconstruct his life, but finds that many people he encounters want him dead. However, Bourne realizes that he has the combat a

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2002-06-14

Runtime 119 minutes

Budget $60m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.4


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Matt Damon... nuff said!"

Harvey F Smith's profile image

harvey_f_smith shared a tip "A great spy film worth watching!"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Very entertaining and well done!"

Pınar 's profile image

nardeniz shared a tip "Matt Damon..."

KOROEGG 's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "Matt Damon's acting in The Bourne Identity is really good. I expect more in the next one"

NZ 's profile image

NaomiZukor shared a tip "Can't go wrong with Jason Bourne (same goes for Bond - the Daniel Craig years)."

Patrick 's profile image

FilmConnoisseur75 shared a tip "Very European in style, with an incredible plot and and incredible cast"

Avery Nordick's profile image

avery_nordick shared a tip "I haven't seen it in a while so I couldnt pick a favorite part. I do really like all the action in it tho."

Irfan Shaikh's profile image

irfan_shaikh shared a tip "I can watch this movie again and again."

Zoe Gianakouros's profile image

zoe_gianakouros shared a tip "use the app Peacock"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Ok"

Charles Cadwallader's profile image

charles_cadwallader shared a tip "Have a beer and a burger, you're in for a ride!"

Kathleen J's profile image

kathleen_j shared a tip "This is one of those movies I can watch when I’m happy, sad, bored, heartbroken, tired, etc."

Sean Green's profile image

sean_green_7753 shared a tip "4.5/5 Very fun action movie. Started a series that was a bit too long for its own good, but a great movie nonetheless"

Sachin Harsh's profile image

sachin_harsh shared a tip "James Bond in FullSpeed!"

Amaris Fryer's profile image

amaris_fryer shared a tip "It's the perfect date night movie! #action_movie #datenight #grabthepopcorn"

Sherry Helms's profile image

sherry_helms shared a tip "The whole Bourne series was amazing."

Monica Hilderbrand's profile image

monica_hilderbrand shared a tip "Jason Bourne changed the style of action movies with a gripping mystery that pulled me in."

steve_frisbie shared a tip "Pioneer of Intense close up hand to hand fight scenes in the middle of an action suspense intelligent story."

Jonathan 's profile image

jonathan_4800 shared a tip "Excellent premise and execution"

Michael Ellis's profile image

michael_ellis shared a tip "Best spy movie ever!"

Yvan Menard's profile image

yvan_menard shared a tip "Matt Damon kicks ass. Who knew?"

Kienna Van Shaar's profile image

kienna_van_shaar shared a tip "Great combination of action and story. Plus, I have a thing for amnesia stories."

Robert Myatt's profile image

robert_myatt shared a tip "A fast paced, brutal spy thriller. Reinvigorated the spy genre."

jay cee's profile image

jay_cee_2894 shared a tip "yeah, identity for sure."

William Smith's profile image

william_smith_9873 shared a tip "Great move"

brucegpope shared a tip "I liked the book"

Tracy Stuelke-Smith's profile image

tracy_stuelke-smith shared a tip "Clever Action Suspense Likeable Sympathetic Lead"

Monika Bauer-Page's profile image

monika_bauer-page shared a tip "Definitely the original!"

Mr Jackson 's profile image

chocolate_salty_ballz shared a tip "So who would win in a fist fight, Jason Bourne or James Bond?"

Josh Walters's profile image

josh_walters shared a tip "Good action and mystery"

sheryl_geer shared a tip "Liked but seems drawn out."

abby_1416 shared a tip "Tell me what you think after! 😀"

Lord Powen's profile image

lord_powen shared a tip "I loved the action and story of this movie"

ken_dillman shared a tip "Love Matt Damon!"

Jennifer Beckers's profile image

jennifer_beckers shared a tip "Great action movie."

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