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As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2018-04-25

Runtime 149 minutes

Budget $0.3b

Revenue $2b


TMDB 8.3


Debra Wolf's profile image

debra_wolf shared a tip "guardians"

Saitama 's profile image

saitama shared a tip "This is an epic action movie!"

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "If you’re interested there’s a sequence to watching the entire collection. Let me know."

Carlytto Lee's profile image

carlytto_lee shared a tip "#1 of the MCU so far."

Moriah Deatley's profile image

moriah_deatley shared a tip "Great for family night."

Louis Amira's profile image

louis_amira shared a tip "loved it, so many cool characters. didn't realize there was a cliffhanger at the end"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun time and also kept me on the edge of my seat!"

Nina Marie's profile image

nina_marie_6367 shared a tip "Movies or characters? Characters would be hard, I have a few. This has to be my favorite out of them all though."

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "Heart been broke so many times 💔"

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ramon_lopez_3202 shared a tip "Black panther and you"

Sarri Koziol's profile image

sarri_koziol shared a tip "It was fantastic"

Timothy Story's profile image

timothy_story shared a tip "Not yet"

Clete Jessup's profile image

clete_jessup shared a tip "Endgame was AMAZING!!"

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chiya_amin_2149 shared a tip "We’re in the endgame now."

Bill Hinshillwood's profile image

bill_hinshillwood shared a tip "Best Avengers movie."

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Who doesn’t love Avengers?"

Robert Myatt's profile image

robert_myatt shared a tip "Many would argue that "Endgame" is the best marvel movie, but this is a better film."

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ferreginaa shared a tip "This is a should watch👌👌"

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lia_burry shared a tip "This is a amazing movie"

Jaden Gonzales's profile image

jaden_gonzales shared a tip "🙂"

AnyaMarie 's profile image

anyamarie shared a tip "i really hated it"

Katie Collins's profile image

katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "Easily the best team up superhero movie ever made"

Shane Lagana's profile image

BossyyMonkkyy shared a tip "Action packed"

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "Truly the best MCU movie. Satisfying but devastating ending."

Krystal Dragon's profile image

krystal_dragon_3053 shared a tip "Epic."

Jemma Ledá's profile image

jemma_led shared a tip "Great film. Extremely disappointed if you are a Marvel fan so be prepared for that"

Josh Jewell's profile image

josh_jewell shared a tip "I definitely liked them all. But probably civil war was my favorite."

Kaitlyn Palmquist's profile image

kaitlyn_palmquist shared a tip "@harperbrownca I really just love all of the marvel cinematic universe movies 💕"

moops 33's profile image

moops_33 shared a tip "NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE: broke my heart over 3 times"

Pepper Jack's profile image

pepper_jack_412 shared a tip "Which is better Infinity War or Endgame???."

SunnyJoy 's profile image

sunnyjoy shared a tip "I am not sure😅 Probably Infinity War but Endgame is a close second😊"

Nora Ahmed's profile image

nora_ahmed shared a tip "Thor Ragnarok"

Tushar Saxena's profile image

tushar_saxena shared a tip "You will cry at this terrific film."

calaya shared a tip "I love his work! Especially this movie, its one of my favourites"

Kadeee 's profile image

kadeee shared a tip "Beautiful movie"

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robby_vlogs shared a tip "I liked the fight scenes. Also the characters"

Ren Takahashi's profile image

ren_takahashi shared a tip "One of my faV"

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emmaforrey shared a tip "so sad SO GOOD"

Руслан Ледовский's profile image

p777yc77 shared a tip "nice movie"

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mary_scully shared a tip "Spiderman. What about you?"

mitch_burns shared a tip "Honestly, I personally think it’s better than Endgame"

Madi L. Bailey's profile image

madi_l._bailey shared a tip "If you are going to watch this bring tissues. You might cry (everyone else did)."

Jay Ramadhan's profile image

jay_ramadhan shared a tip "This is my favorite movie"

Bunny Roo's profile image

bunny_roo shared a tip "Yes"

omar_9169 shared a tip "Thor but in the marvel universe I would say sliver surfer."

tina_wyche shared a tip "Wow"

itsdajah !'s profile image

itsdajah_ shared a tip "Yes"

Andres Correa's profile image

andres_correa_5006 shared a tip "Great add up sec part is endgame"

James Hansen's profile image

james_hansen shared a tip "I don’t remember wtf happened but it rocked my world"

chels. shared a tip "I cried when Loki died. Seeing this on the big screen, opening night, was so epic & special."

Caiden Davey's profile image

caiden_davey shared a tip "I hate Thanos."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1609743253312 shared a tip "An all-star Marvel universe buffet of epic action, funny moments, and 😢. Guardians of the Galaxy plays a 🔑 role."

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richard_curry shared a tip "Hulk"

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jeffery_patterson shared a tip "This is not working for me"

1savagemonkey videos's profile image

1savagemonkey_videos shared a tip "Love it, tear breaker but still awesome my"

loretta_mccrea shared a tip "I love this movie it is so good definitely recommend"

Sydney Candelaria's profile image

sydney_candelaria shared a tip "Chris evans or paul rudd Captain America and Ant Man are my Favorite!"

Brooklyn Barker's profile image

brooklyn_barker shared a tip "Spider-Man for sure"

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rl_joey shared a tip "Thor"

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keishastjacques shared a tip "21/23"

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parker_ware shared a tip "What about yours???"

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ian_griffin shared a tip "How do I watch it it only shows me the trailer and I'm new to this app"

awesome_user_736034 shared a tip "@Likewise"

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twixie_w shared a tip "Don’t watch this movie unless you want to ugly cry for five hours straight"

john_7291 shared a tip "@jeff_lenz infinity war cause of scarlet witch"

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adeline_karr shared a tip "wow um... Idk how to choose but my favorite characters are Ironman, black widow, and spider man"

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zayn_ali shared a tip "le epic war"

joseph_saragino shared a tip "The hulk for me, you?"

cassidy_fairfax shared a tip "#marvel_movies literally all marvel movies are amazing!!!"

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life_with_qai shared a tip "Action"

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alyssa_watkins_3066 shared a tip "One of my favorites movies of all time!!!"

jayna_4061 shared a tip "Love avengers , and marvel this movie is awsome marvel makes the best movies"

Brandy O's profile image

brandy_o shared a tip "I like Captain America The Winter Soldier and Civil War"

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madeline_4707 shared a tip "This makes me cry"

Mary Berto Grubbs's profile image

mary_berto_grubbs shared a tip "My favorite of the avenger movies"

seema_khusha shared a tip "i love all the marvel movies. they’re my comfort movies!"

cheyanne fleming's profile image

cheyanne_fleming shared a tip "Crying 😭😭"

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aj_jaide shared a tip "I love all things marvel (•̀ᴗ•́)و"

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