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Against his father Odin's will, The Mighty Thor - a powerful but arrogant warrior god - recklessly reignites an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world s

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2011-04-21

Runtime 115 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 6.8


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Extremely entertaining in various ways ;"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "My favorite one of the series!"

bethany_slater_ shared a tip "3.23.22"

Claire Naugler's profile image

claire_naugler shared a tip "not the best of the four"

Amanda 's profile image

amanda_9077 shared a tip "Thor is great! A must watch even if you’re not into superhero movies!"

Wraith Phoenix's profile image

wraith_phoenix shared a tip "Funnier than I expected"

Alaina Herzog's profile image

alaina_herzog shared a tip "Beginning movie to an amazing trilogy of Thor"

Michelle Mcdonald's profile image

michelle_mcdonald_6180 shared a tip "Good standard movie. Good vs Evil. Guy meets Girl. And Chris H. Ooo-La-La"

Craig Koffler's profile image

craig_koffler_114 shared a tip "The god of thunder makes his debut on the big screen"

Craig Koffler's profile image

craig_koffler_114 shared a tip "Marvel’s introduction and origin story to the god of thunder Thor"

Lissie 's profile image

lissiereads shared a tip "One of my favorite marvel movies"

Caiden Jensen's profile image

caiden_jensen shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 when he breaks through the lab and he picks up the hammer:)"

Jess Stone's profile image

jess_stone shared a tip "It has a few good lines, but it's just sort underwhelming."

madison_gallagher_9741 shared a tip "I enjoyed the writing and overall the characters and the story line."

Sage McCormick's profile image

sage_mccormick_251 shared a tip "Woman"

christopher_moe shared a tip "Imma big nerd. Love me some Marvel movies."

abdulmajeed_aldulij shared a tip "Don’t like superhero movies"

Archangel XI's profile image

archangel_xi shared a tip "The 3rd thor is the best, this one is okay but it didn't age to well. Good movie though for what it's worth."

Danielle Maria's profile image

girlmadeofstars shared a tip "My favorite if the marvel universe"

Arheliz Vega's profile image

arheliz_vega shared a tip "Hola Me llamo Arely Vega Me encantó las nubes también es buena"

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "Back when Loki was alive-"

Robert Wasson's profile image

robert_wasson shared a tip "brawn over brains, might over ambition. more Natalie Portman please"

Ellie Bax's profile image

ellie_bax shared a tip "Marvel is one of my favourite movie studios of all time"

aimee_9742 shared a tip "This movie is so good!! I later connects with MANY more Marvel movies and Chris H. does a great job!!"

ivy walker's profile image

ivy_walker_2472 shared a tip "My favorite superhero 😁"

bihskizz shared a tip "Enjoyable"

Cameron McCorkle's profile image

cameron_mccorkle shared a tip "I liked this movie it was a bit predictable but it was pretty good"

Heath Twitty's profile image

BABYORANGE shared a tip "I donno, prob free guy"

DENISE PUCKETT's profile image

denise_puckett shared a tip "Oh yeah..if you like modern sy-fy..I did!"

Hc Lux's profile image

hc_lux shared a tip "Really gooood"

Bridget Walker's profile image

bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Good but hated thor"

awesome_user_101134 shared a tip "It had the right amount of humor for an action movie"

jessica_spence_1097 shared a tip "Its awesome! Im a huge Marvel fan!"

Alice Biggs's profile image

alice_biggs_4863 shared a tip "Love it"

Allison Metcalf's profile image

allison_metcalf_5115 shared a tip "Volstagg, hes funny"

Patrick Kamau's profile image

patrick_kamau shared a tip "I would still prefer this as the best of all time"

Tom Dunican's profile image

tom_dunican shared a tip "I think my favorite part is when thor likes a drink and smashes it down and asks for more lol"

Nirm MacDonald's profile image

nirm_macdonald shared a tip "Thank you for the recommendation"

Whitney Campbell's profile image

whitney_campbell shared a tip "Thor is my favourite of course lol."

Gigi Matasovsky's profile image

gigi_matasovsky shared a tip "This is hilarious"

Emmanuel Kebede's profile image

emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Starts off a little slow but funny and very lovable."

Francisco Mc's profile image

francisco_mc shared a tip "Campy, yet fun"

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "CEO of “trust me the third one is awesome”"

chels. shared a tip "I love this one."

Rosewind 's profile image

rosewind shared a tip "#Fosterson"

Timothy Melim's profile image

timothy_melim shared a tip "That and all the MCU bud :)"

jackie_miller_6120 shared a tip "I have Disney plus so I watched them in order on there. Absolutely love all things Marvel"

Vanessa VanDeventer's profile image

vanessa_vandeventer shared a tip "I love this movie. I like how the whole franchise is one huge story. DC and the monster movies need to do the same thing."

loretta_mccrea shared a tip "I love this movie it is so good definitely recommend"

Keisha St-Jacques's profile image

keishastjacques shared a tip "6/23"

Haley Riley's profile image

haley_riley shared a tip "I do but I have quite a bit so I’m not exactly sure which one I like the most😅"

Rachel Van Tassel's profile image

rachel_van_tassel shared a tip "Ohhhh I don't know! Maybe the 1st."

Henry Breese's profile image

Zolan_Wayne shared a tip "Loki. Thats it. Loki."

david_broderick shared a tip "You got a love thorn his mighty hammer"

David Kamara's profile image

david_kamara shared a tip "cool"

Marquitta Key's profile image

marquitta_key_5171 shared a tip "12/23/2020"

ty_wilbur shared a tip "I like all his movies that he plays Thor in, and he had a small but funny role in the newest Vacation movie."

Allen Sawka's profile image

allen_sawka shared a tip "Loved it"

Julio 's profile image

JulioCarRosales shared a tip "Entertaining and funny"

abigail_himmerich shared a tip "I guess my favorite part would have to be when Thor hangs his hammer on the coat rack"

aubrye_cantrell shared a tip "LOVE IT. 10/10 would recommend! All of the Thor movies are amazing :))"

faith_joyce shared a tip "No not really"

Haley Grinder's profile image

haley_grinder shared a tip "After you fall in love with Chris Hemsworth, watch Ragnarok ! Top 10 for sure."

Jaimy Pettit's profile image

jaimy_pettit shared a tip "That's a tough one! I probably need to rewatch them all, it's been a while. I really liked the latest spiderman though!"

Kayle Esposito's profile image

kayle_esposito shared a tip "5/10 could take it or leave it and it very much felt like it was filmed on a set"

ket_6846 shared a tip "Great marvel movie"

jack_9813 shared a tip "Loki!"

Ashton 's profile image

Doggmite shared a tip "Try watching some more of the Marvel movies; they are all pretty good!"

a.a. shared a tip "Probably my favorite Marvel movie. They've gone downhill :("

Valeska Davis's profile image

valeska_davis shared a tip "It's all so good....but seeing Thor ride a subway was definitely funny!"

Sidney G's profile image

sidney_g_7148 shared a tip "👎🏻"

Nicole Sheppard's profile image

nicole_sheppard_559 shared a tip "Yes, all of the Marval movies, especially the ones with Thor! But I think Thor Ragnarok is my favorite"

Theophilus Asiedu's profile image

theophilus_asiedu shared a tip "Ragnarok"

Oscar Delatorre's profile image

oscar_delatorre shared a tip "Solid marvel movie."

Tiara Turner's profile image

tiara_turner_1406 shared a tip "The middle pretty much where he doesn't have his powers on Earth lol"

Nahom Wondimu's profile image

nahom_wondimu_4069 shared a tip "I love Marvel #marvel_movies"

Julia Cunningham's profile image

julia_cunningham_7085 shared a tip "No problem!"

haydee_aguilera_5866 shared a tip "My favorite movie is all the iron man movies"

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