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Two teens facing personal struggles form a powerful bond as they embark on a cathartic journey chronicling the wonders of Indiana.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2020-02-28

Runtime 108 minutes


TMDB 7.7


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jade_matthies shared a tip "This movie was not what I expected but it was so beyond beautiful."

Jill MacDiarmid's profile image

jill_macdiarmid shared a tip "So beautiful! I'm still crying. ❤️"

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rae_of_fashion shared a tip "Beautiful in the saddest possible way. Worth watching once if you don’t mind crying. I was a mess."

lory zere's profile image

ellaluca shared a tip "it was cute but kinda confusing"

Irene Atencio's profile image

gyrovagi shared a tip "Can't believe I didn't remember him from Jurassic world"

Elizabeth Katherine's profile image

elizabeth_katherine_8538 shared a tip "Keep the Kleenex close! 😭🤧"

Jillian 's profile image

jillian_36107 shared a tip "Excellent teenage romance! I just fell in love with Justice Smith’s character, Finch. 🥰"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1622064376326 shared a tip "This movie was a bit confusing for me but it was good for the most part."

Robert Wasson's profile image

robert_wasson shared a tip "a decent adaptation of the book"

Caitlyn Evans's profile image

caitlyn_evans_9533 shared a tip "Really sweet, and a little sad💕"

salma 's profile image

SaLma-uWu shared a tip "I cried all night."

halle unthank's profile image

halle_unthank shared a tip "i strive to have their relationship"

erica_6668 shared a tip "definitely cried while watching, such a beautiful movie"

tatumwildcat123 's profile image

tatumwildcat123 shared a tip "Super sad but a good watch"

Payton Markle's profile image

payton_markle shared a tip "Yes would you like me to tell you some?"

Jewel 's profile image

jewel_794 shared a tip "I cried omg it was so beautiful yet so sad..."

jj 's profile image

jj_4617 shared a tip "sooo cute and sad and awww"

Krystle Tiller's profile image

stylesk shared a tip "Spoiler- It made me cry"

Samantha Richmond's profile image

samantha_richmond shared a tip "Get your tissues ready for this eye opening film. This movie will make you feel just about every emotion you can think of!"

Ola Shaman's profile image

ola_shaman shared a tip "If ur willing to cry then watch this 😢"

Joselyn Elliott's profile image

joselyn_elliott shared a tip "really good movie sad but good"

Elena Crawford's profile image

elena_crawford shared a tip "Cute movie based off a good book!"

GracefulAnne X's profile image

annaxrebekah shared a tip "Tearjerker"

𓅓 's profile image

trele shared a tip "Amazing."

Hanna D's profile image

hanna_d_3630 shared a tip "This was such a good movie, I loved their chemistry, the ending hurt though💔"

Kira Besherse's profile image

kira_besherse shared a tip "The saddest movie i have watched this year. Do not let it trick you. I have never been so sad."

Reily Lynn's profile image

reily_lynn shared a tip "I enjoyed this movie, such a great romance that isn't too cheesy and seems meaningful. I did cry about 4 times though."

mary rose c's profile image

mary_rose_c shared a tip "not a perfect adaptation by a LONG SHOT but i appreciate they tried."

Grayson Peavy's profile image

grayson_peavy shared a tip "Be prepared to cry 😭"

Kate Mason's profile image

kate_mason_3557 shared a tip "Definitely not as good as the book but a good watch in general"

Cayla Westmoreland's profile image

cayla_westmoreland shared a tip "I enjoyed that they helped each other get through a lot and it has a good message but be ready to cry at the end😅"

Kaitlyn Siqueiros's profile image

kaitlyn_siqueiros shared a tip "It so sad and such a good movie!!!"

Dimi 's profile image

dimi shared a tip "9/10 I cried a lot but the book is better ofc"

Damilola Oyelakin's profile image

damilola_oyelakin shared a tip "It is such a beautiful movie with great meaning. Be prepared to cry"

sam_4582 shared a tip "pretty good, might watch again if im ever in the mood"

Kippi Baek's profile image

kippi_baek shared a tip "Didn't disappoint! It did well for being made after the book!"

Jessica Judd's profile image

jessica_judd shared a tip "It is a very good movie. I did get emotional at the end."

alexa_pedroza shared a tip "Get tissues ready"

NEVA Smith's profile image

neva_smith shared a tip "Watched & loved & yes it made me Cry but it's a GOOD MOVIE!"

Kaylee Banta's profile image

kaylee_banta shared a tip "Sad but amazing movie."

Sophia Hershkowitz's profile image

sophia_hershkowitz shared a tip "I cryed and I don’t cry a lot but this was deep I felt amazed like I needed to do something in I needed a break"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "was good"

Laci Boucher's profile image

laci_boucher shared a tip "I liked a lot of parts. My favorite would have to be the road trips they went on."

Anton Hanson's profile image

anton_hanson shared a tip "This movie legit made me start crying in class and caused one of my false eyelashes to come falling off. WATCH ITTT"

karime_camarena_8388 shared a tip "No I don’t sorry"

Lexi Hamilton's profile image

broken._.moonlight shared a tip "love this movie. made me cry the first time but a great book too."

Ananya Verma's profile image

ananya_verma_6976 shared a tip "i connected with the guy because i feel the same way"

Kiara Royle's profile image

kiara_royle shared a tip "This was such a sad but amazingly cute movie."

jalissah_cotton_6622 shared a tip "So good! Tearjerker"

Erika Meehan's profile image

erika_meehan shared a tip "ABSOLUTLY BREATHTAKING"

Mary Ashley Williams's profile image

mary_ashley_williams shared a tip "I like this movie because I love movies that will make you shed a tear or two and also because I love Romance movies and novels!"

SR 's profile image

lattemuchobueno shared a tip "a good cry"

Mya Robinson's profile image

mya_robinson shared a tip "Be prepared to cry like a baby"

Rachel Peterson's profile image

rachelpeterson03 shared a tip "Not what I expected."

Freedom Burns's profile image

freedom_burns shared a tip "If you like heart breaking tears if joy and any other type of emotion then this is for you"

Sydney Kellerhouse's profile image

sydney_kellerhouse shared a tip "it was a great tearjerker and a loving story 10/10 geat movie"

josie_houk shared a tip "Ok guys so this is a really good movie i cryed for like half an gour after i walched it tho"

carleigh_gottenbusch shared a tip "This movie was so powerful and brought me to tears"

Kari P's profile image

kari_p shared a tip "Sad, sweet love story"

Tess Noe's profile image

tess_noe shared a tip "I cried my eyes out"

Destiny 's profile image

destiny_2659 shared a tip "Truly a great movie. It made me cry"

Brooklyn Hemminger's profile image

brooklyn_hemminger shared a tip "I liked this movie it was entertaining, but I wish it had a happier ending."

chloe_legault shared a tip "made me cry!"

Lory Patterson's profile image

lory_patterson shared a tip "the part where they go to the rollercoaster her smile is like everything"

Maris Lynn 's profile image

maris_lynn shared a tip "The book was amazing so I expected nothing less from the movie and I was right it is amazing."

Cadence Saner's profile image

cadence_saner shared a tip "Its amazing and special u truly get lost in the movie"

mackenzie_brown_110 shared a tip "Very beautiful, but very sad movie. I can’t wait to read the book."

808 's profile image

awesome_user_53368 shared a tip "made me suicidal"

emodeafchick shared a tip "Cute but sad story."

gricelia_perez shared a tip "It’s a perfect movie... For a little laugh on top and if you haven’t cried in a while I recommend it"

samantha_2133 shared a tip "so good I loved every second of the movie"

Myrina Bromwich's profile image

myrina_bromwich shared a tip "Best movie ever"

aida_carrera shared a tip "Really enjoyed it!"

Tiana Lang's profile image

tiana_lang shared a tip "It was so powerful and such a sad ending but a really great movie 😍😍"

Jenna stallsworth's profile image

jenna_stalls1 shared a tip "i cried lol"

Brooke Hipp's profile image

brooke_hipp shared a tip "Great movie and tear jerker"

Därk Cłöud's profile image

drk_cud shared a tip "It’s a very sad and heartbreaking movie"

maddy 's profile image

maddy_scott_8479 shared a tip "TW for mention of suicide, it made me ugly cry and the book is so much better."

Xander 's profile image

xander shared a tip "Was just a beautiful story, well thought out, wonderful acting, and really trys to tug at your heart strings"

Pili 's profile image

pili shared a tip "Remember Me with Robert Pattinson is a really good one that is similar"

laramie_gasper shared a tip "Amazing! As someone with bad mental health I cried"

Triniti Harrison's profile image

triniti_harrison_5820 shared a tip "I watched this and I wish that there was a part 2 or something because it was sooooo good."

maya_blanger shared a tip "It’s so deep and the moral of the story made me cry"

kale_9359 shared a tip "I cried at the end. I love movies that do that"

Lucas Morais's profile image

lucas_morais shared a tip "What a heartwarming movie! Definitely made me tear up a bit"

addison_thom shared a tip "This movie is so incredibly sad, but one of the best movies I have seen in my life!"

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