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Aibileen Clark is a middle-aged African-American maid who has spent her life raising white children and has recently lost her only son; Minny Jackson is an African-American maid who has often offended her employers despite her family's struggles with money and her desperate need for jobs; and Eugeni

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2011-08-09

Runtime 146 minutes

Budget $25m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 8.2


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shemdani shared a tip "A historical perspective through a different lens."

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taylor_vigfusson shared a tip "LOVE! the book is amazing too 🤍"

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wendy_rowlett shared a tip "Love it!!!!!"

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ivan_santiago shared a tip "Must watch"

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sashi_kuklina shared a tip "The white savior thing is not what we need right now."

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just as good as the book is!"

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liv_stucki shared a tip "This movie was so good! It showed the struggles of minority groups and it was HILARIOUS"

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lisa_flores_8364 shared a tip "It has a white savior trope but I'm only liking it because of the poopy pie scene."

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nicole_jackson_3517 shared a tip "One of my favorites! It's fun, and thoughtful."

meryl_pullen shared a tip "One of the very best (in my opinion). A movie rarely holds up to tge book but this one absolutely does!"

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carlie_merriweather shared a tip "Will change the way you live and act! Can’t wait to read the book."

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d_s_4744 shared a tip "One of my favorite books"

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southpark1029384756_. shared a tip "Funny, touching, sad, great movie!"

joanne_garside shared a tip "A funny movie; quirky and nasty characters."

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kami_rose_4793 shared a tip "Good adaptation of the book!"

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luanda_marinho shared a tip "Eat my sh*t! Classic scene! Great movie, great story, cried like a baby"

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RockerChick91 shared a tip "This is a movie that follows the book pretty well which makes it worth watching"

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jessica_siefker_8461 shared a tip "Good story line"

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connie_schroth shared a tip "Hilarious and an eye opening look at the 60s in the South"

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ms.diamond shared a tip "infuential"

natasha_cole_7117 shared a tip "Great Movie!!"

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deb_poole shared a tip "A look at life in the South before and during the civil rights movement"

angela_richter_6539 shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful."

maryann_mcelfresh shared a tip "I did too! It’s so good... normally I don’t watch a movie more than once but I have to say I’ve watched this several times!"

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chanelle_goulet shared a tip "Read the book, very emotionally involved in the story."

ikey_babe shared a tip "Perfect"

kierstyn_davies shared a tip "Amazing movie"

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moo_milk shared a tip "One of the best movies ever made!"

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karlee_vazquez shared a tip "History and Drama"

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kaitlyn_larsen shared a tip "I don’t even know! I loved the whole thing"

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lynnette_aldana shared a tip "I love this movie!"

autumn_cross shared a tip "I have not sadly have you ?"

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heidi_snider shared a tip "It touched on so many emotions."

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jefe shared a tip "Great movie!"

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ashlynn_roten shared a tip "Not sure why it took me this long to watch, but this movie is fantastic."

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ava_hoger shared a tip "Warning: Do not watch if you are not ready to cry your heart out"

sarah_3910 shared a tip "Way better than the movie. A really good read. I found it hard to put down"

sarah_3910 shared a tip "The book was way better than the movie and the movie was good. I recommend both."

meredith_fitz-enz shared a tip "It was great but let's just say I can never eat chocolate pie again."

teri_thomas_7069 shared a tip "It’s rare I remember specific parts. I will say I was grossed out by the pie…"

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jann_mackey shared a tip "It follow the book nicely so made for a delightful movie."

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jann_mackey shared a tip "Definitely followed the book. Delightful movie"

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jann_mackey shared a tip "It was very good it followed the book in detail."

karolina_kulig shared a tip "Nothing quite like this. I would like to see or read something similiar"

beth_freitas shared a tip "Very well done! One of my favorites!"

rachel_boone_5161 shared a tip "All-time faves are Good Will Hunting, Pride & Prejudice (2005), My Best Friend’s Wedding"

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deanna_zopp shared a tip "This was an incredible heart jerker."

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pam_tunn shared a tip "This is a great movie."

jada_cherii shared a tip "Loved the movie I bet the book is even more amazing"

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cathy_caruso shared a tip "You will love it!!"

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francescaelaina shared a tip "This was a great movie!"

lillian_hart shared a tip "Outstanding"

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harperdies shared a tip "I thought it would be cool but it was just another white savior movie"

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nicole_ray_white shared a tip "Great drama!"

diane_s_5877 shared a tip "Enjoyed the movie; loved the book!"

deb_1276 shared a tip "Life Itself"

karen_sikes shared a tip "One of my all time favorite audiobook."

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melissa_shaffer_7083 shared a tip "Probably when Hilly eats the pie 😂"

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diedre_moody shared a tip "Anytime"

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LexLuthor42 shared a tip "Incredible"

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raquel_rojas-castil shared a tip "Have you seen “Just Mercy”?! This movie had me in tears. If you haven’t watched, you will enjoy it. It’s based on a true story."

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claire_lofgren shared a tip "Its a solid story with talented actors that do the telling of it well. Enjoy!"

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lisa_yelichek shared a tip "Such a great movie. Absolutely loved the women who played these amazing characters"

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sissy_kinney shared a tip "I loved the book as well as this movie."

harold_526 shared a tip "Amazing movie about racism. It talks about How hard it was to raise a child and it not to be yours (tear jerker)"

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s.saniiiya._ shared a tip "ending made me cry😭"

mae_1933 shared a tip "I was great, but it fell under the trap of the “white savior”"

Chloe Massey's profile image shared a tip "I-"

anne_lacy shared a tip "This movie made me want to read the book."

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nancy_4261 shared a tip "Very inspirational movie 10/10 recommend :)"

sharon_talandis shared a tip "The chocolate pie of course!"

labebe shared a tip "The pie scene"

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tammie_austad shared a tip "The pie scene was the best."

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keith_cullison shared a tip "Very good movie, certainly better than the pies!!!"

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Unweildyllama shared a tip "Loved this movie, made me cry many times."

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mike_3329 shared a tip "Hidden Figures was another amazing movie."

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eman_ahmed shared a tip "Loved this movie so much ♥️"

shelley_baumgardner shared a tip "Great characters and storyline"

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kelly_shultz shared a tip "If you didn't read the it first..the book is always better..but the movie was great also👍"

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lauren_1983 shared a tip "Amazing"

adria_harper shared a tip "I read the book as well. The movie does it justice! Enjoy"

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cocoramb shared a tip "Heartwarming and beautifully done!"

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belsy_celis shared a tip "I like this movie because it was very much true and an amazing movie 15/10"

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eelia_artwright shared a tip "I read the book. I try to read the book before watching the movie whenever I can."

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khloe_taylor shared a tip "It is truth story"

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tionnie_hill shared a tip "I started reading got about halfway through, then my friends dog demolished it 😭 it was good though"

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lexie_hull shared a tip "Love this movie! It's a little more mature but still really good"

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princess_samuels shared a tip "Very good"

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sue_edgerton shared a tip "Great movie and book. I especially loved Octavia Spenser as Minnie!"

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lorrie_doyle shared a tip "Can I get another slice of pie! 😄"

colleen_latta shared a tip "Loved this movie. Chocolate pie...omg sooo funny."

amelia_davis_2162 shared a tip "I think I liked the moral of the book. To stand up for what you believe in."

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kim_martinez_9329 shared a tip "Great movie"

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alyssa_williams_7367 shared a tip "Idk"

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shania_zarza shared a tip "Very powerful and exciting"

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caitlin_hoopes shared a tip "The **** pie of course!"

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terri_shelley shared a tip "No I haven’t. Is it as good as the movie?"

nathalie_saliba shared a tip "Historically accurate"