Midnight in Paris poster


A romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business. The party includes a young engaged couple forced to confront the illusion that a life different from their own is better.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2011-05-11

Runtime 94 minutes

Budget $17m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 7.5


Raveena Berde's profile image

12raves13birds shared a tip "It's the perfect date night movie! And can be enjoyed with a glass of Merlot 😏"

Briana Bairey's profile image

Something_There shared a tip "Wonderful! Charming and fun. If you are highly nostalgic or a 20s officinado this is a must watch."

Clark Kent's profile image

clark_kent_2154 shared a tip "Hidden gem"

mimi_malone shared a tip "*Woody Allen is despicable but"

Autumn RM Rain Ro's profile image

autumn_rm_rain_ro shared a tip "It was pleasant. Not a favorite, as in something I rewatch often. A cute, little movie to relax to."

jonathan_4800 shared a tip "Deceptively effective"

Cynthia Gonzalez's profile image

cynthia_gonzalez_9599 shared a tip "I really liked this movie, need to see it again :-)"

Xenia Melnik's profile image

xenia_melnik shared a tip "Really good. I wish there were more movies like this one."

Laura Lazar's profile image

laura_lazar shared a tip "Both my husband and I really enjoyed this one! Very entertaining"

p_f_4645 shared a tip "I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :)"

Heather Spratt's profile image

heather_spratt_1450 shared a tip "Delightful movie set in beautiful Paris."

Gabby Kreszchuk's profile image

gabby_kreszchuk shared a tip "Hate Woody Allen, love this movie"

Adam Tetreault's profile image

adam_tetreault shared a tip "Good for a first date, And good for after a breakup (hopefully not in the same day)"

Sara Burke's profile image

sara_burke_9640 shared a tip "Yes! Very dreamy!!"

Randy Varak's profile image

randy_varak shared a tip "Cover photo says it all... if you don't get it, you probably won't enjoy it as much. 😉"

Pam Lindahl's profile image

pam_lindahl shared a tip "Great movie!"

Kayla Phillips's profile image

kayla_phillips_1356 shared a tip "This movie is one of my security blanket movies. Makes me feel serene. Kind of slow but magical."

Matty Powell's profile image

mattypowell shared a tip "Hope you enjoy!"

debra_barbre shared a tip "Love everything about it."

h s's profile image

h_s_8405 shared a tip "I don’t remember much of it since I watched it a long time ago. But I do remember enjoying it. You should watch!"

Madelaine Reader's profile image

madelaine_reader shared a tip "Sweet, romantic, feel-good movie"

Yevheniia Tananko's profile image

yevheniia_tananko shared a tip "Huh, good question! I loved all the moments with Hemingway and the night he meets Gertrude Stein! What about you?"

Misti Haslam's profile image

misti_haslam shared a tip "I haven't read the books. Have you?"

Angie 's profile image

agirlnamedangie shared a tip "Not exactly the same but maybe "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"."

Loraine Lawson's profile image

loraine_lawson shared a tip "Tom has a bit part as F. Scott Fitzgerald but it’s a cute movie starring Owen Wilson."

madison_3362 shared a tip "Seriously beautiful movie. Has a ton of historical figures in it."

Iza Giacomoni's profile image

iza_giacomoni shared a tip "It's been a while since I watched. I think I have to watch it again to answer you."

Victoria Whitlock's profile image

victoria_whitlock shared a tip "Amazing film with an amazing cast and soundtrack. One of my favorites."

Don Spille's profile image

don_spille shared a tip "One of the most unexpected, delightful time of the last 5 years!"

A-aron DoeBull's profile image

a-aron_doebull shared a tip "It is hard to explain: makes you long for what you don't have, but accept what you do have."

Frank Mason's profile image

frank_mason shared a tip "I love this movie."

Alex 's profile image

alex_5971 shared a tip "a romantics movie"

Marek Bazler's profile image

marek_bazler shared a tip "Love this movie. I thing it's the best Woody ever made."

Aisha Pyatt's profile image

aisha_pyatt shared a tip "Love the idea of being able to speak to actors and artist of the past"

yaira_romero shared a tip "Perrect for the daydreamin optimist! #dreams #art #paris"

Andrea Hamilton's profile image

andrea_hamilton_8346 shared a tip "Accidentally stumbled upon this movie a while ago but it is so good!"

Liz Love's profile image

liz_love_4487 shared a tip "Great movie to escape with"

panda_manda shared a tip "I remember really liking it. It was visually really pretty, made me want to be in Paris"

D K's profile image

d_k_3377 shared a tip "I love history so it was really interesting to see all the historical figures. It was a good watch."

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