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I really loved this book!! Can’t wait for the next.

This Poison Heart imageThis Poison Heart image

This Poison Heart

Books | Kalynn Bayron

I kept wanting to read it. I wanted to find out more. More about King Arthur and the Merlin. And what happened to her mom. And what ability she had. And everything. Everything about this books pulled me in. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the writing. And the characters had a lot of depth to them. They felt like real people. Especially Bree. I felt like I was watching her in real time dealing with her mom and then everything with the Legendborns. And then AH!

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Books | Tracy Deonn

Ropa is a strong and feisty individual. A little weird and quite strange being that she can communicate with ghost and travel to the everyThere. It was a little slow at times but otherwise good. She talks to ghosts and send messages back to their loved ones. I like the idea of a ghost talker though. It’s different. But she needs money so she is hesitant to help anyone without payment. But then kids went missing and then coming back different. I wanted to find the kids.

The Library of the Dead imageThe Library of the Dead image

The Library of the Dead

Books | T. L. Huchu

I really enjoyed this series! One of my favorites. I love the dual timelines and how it tells a different side of the story and crime that Stevie is trying to figure out. I had an idea that it was someone at the school but wasn’t sure who. Loved all the characters.

The Hand on the Wall imageThe Hand on the Wall image

The Hand on the Wall

Books | Maureen Johnson

I thought it was a good book. 3.5⭐️ I liked the sibling dynamic but at the same time kinda felt like sibling drama and other people’s drama. Nina with Brandon. Brandon with Carrie. Hud with Ashley. Jay with Lara. All of Mick. I felt like parts of the party were just being drawn out more than it needed to be. Cute ending thought. Nina learning that she no longer needs to take care of anyone but herself.

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Malibu Rising

Books | Taylor Jenkins Reid

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