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Don't miss this New York Times bestselling "impossible to put down" (Buzzfeed) novel with deadly stakes, thrilling twists, and juicy secrets--perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying and Knives Out.Avery Grambs has a plan for a better future: survive high school, win a scholarship, and get out. But he

Author Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Pages 384

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2020-09-01

ISBN 1368053246 9781368053242

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Tracey Lowenstein's profile image

tracey_lowenstein shared a tip "So pumped to watch the Amazon adaptation!"

Brooklyn S's profile image

brooklyn_swarey shared a tip "I looved this book! such a fun read. I finished it in 2 days"

Rebecca McFadden's profile image

rebecca_mcfadden_2008 shared a tip "So good!! Excited for the sequel!"

Lovely lily 's profile image

lovely_lilys shared a tip "I’ve just re-read this book for the second time! It’s amazing, it made me realize my love for YA mystery and romance books! 🌹"

Bobby Hannafey's profile image

bobbyhannafey shared a tip "This book was SO GOOD! Highly recommend! #theinheritancegames #inheritancegames #jenniferlynnbarnes #readit"

Gracie 's profile image

gracie_q shared a tip "I'm dying for the next book to come out!!! They NEED to make a movie of this!!!!!"

Sage Dolohov's profile image

sage_dolohov shared a tip "This book was super good. The plot and characters were intriguing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!"

☁️ Sunev ☁️'s profile image

_sunev_ shared a tip "The best book I ever read! Can’t wait for the second book coming next week"

Shawna Monroe's profile image

shawna_monroe shared a tip "Can’t wait to read book 2"

Lily 's profile image

lily_7456 shared a tip "cannot wait for the next one in september!"

Katerina Toms's profile image

katerina_toms shared a tip "This book has a lot of plot twists in it goes very fast it also has a lot of world-building"

Carly Pree's profile image

carly_pree shared a tip "This book is so good and it will keep you wanting to know more."

ainsley_schenk shared a tip "It’s the best book to read! You will immediately be hooked! #mystery"

fangirl_booooks shared a tip "Does anyone know the age rating for this?"

rachael_wilkerson shared a tip "Perfect amount of twists and turns. It kept me on the edge of my seat."

Cece Sawyer's profile image

cece_sawyer shared a tip "cinderella meets knives out"

Ghida Abdel Ghany's profile image

ghida_abdel_ghany shared a tip "It’s such an interesting book, I really enjoyed it! hope you like it 🙌"

Areeba Altaf's profile image

areeba_altaf shared a tip "I really liked the “fault in our stars”"

Megan Sackett's profile image

megan_sackett_1267 shared a tip "I bought this yesterday afternoon and then stayed up to 2 am to finish reading!"

Amanda Swadley's profile image

amanda_swadley shared a tip "LOVED!"

Kristie Long's profile image

MrsPanda shared a tip "Very well written, really fun story! Excited for the second book!"

Lily Wroten's profile image

lily_wroten shared a tip "Amazing fast moving plot with twits and turns along the way easily a 5/5"

Olivia Cimino's profile image

olivia_cimino shared a tip "Never boring. That’s for sure. I already preordered the next book!"

Anahi 11's profile image

anahi_11 shared a tip "So many unexpected things happened!"

Emily Goldman's profile image

emily_goldman shared a tip "honestly the best book i have ever read"

Emma Wiser's profile image

emma_wiser_8475 shared a tip "The twist and turns of this book just made my brain continue to spin (in a good way.) Can’t wait to read the 2nd book!"

Anna Russell's profile image

anna_russell_7039 shared a tip "Kinda like the movie knives out"

Ayesha Aziz's profile image

ayesha_aziz shared a tip "Do I have to pay to read this?!"

summer_jones_9910 shared a tip "#teamjameson"

emilyyyyyyy shared a tip "so good"

C Larry's profile image

c_larry shared a tip "it was a great book with mystery and romance! what more needs to be said?!"

Hannah 's profile image

okay.whoops shared a tip "Was like nothing I’ve ever read before!! Would totally recommend. About to read the second book in the trilogy. "

Kelly  's profile image

audiobookie shared a tip "Great mystery! Kept me engaged the whole time"

Jen Wilson's profile image

jen_wilson_2047 shared a tip "Super fast read! Just can’t put it down."

caylee_garton shared a tip "SO GOOD!! Could not put it down"

Rebecca Combs's profile image

rebecca_combs_6507 shared a tip "If you love knives out like I do, then you'll definitely love this one. It's a really good book!"

Andie 's profile image

andie_7805 shared a tip "Good book with some good riddles and puzzles"

katherine_webber shared a tip "Soooo good!! Already pre ordered the second book!"

kaitlin_lister shared a tip "Read this on a weekend trip and LOVED it!"

Mackenzie Jennings's profile image

mackenzie_jennings shared a tip "this is one of the best books I've ever read"

dorothy_taffet shared a tip "It was a quick book. A very good plot. It was super enjoyable to read."

Genesis Medina's profile image

genesis_medina_484 shared a tip "This book so great! It’s like your a detective of your own. You try to figure out what happening with the characters"

gabby_geerholt shared a tip "The Hating Game and the The Kiss Quotient were amazing!!!"

paige_6965 shared a tip "A tiny bit different from what I was expecting, but still great! It was a fun read, and I'm so looking forward to the sequel"

Marianne Temali's profile image

marianne_temali shared a tip "Enjoyed everything about this"

ashly_buchanan shared a tip "@chrisflores28 I just started The Song of Achilles and it is really good"

laura_andrews_8714 shared a tip "Never a dull moment in this book and each page keeps you guessing till the end."

Abun 's profile image

abundant_everlasting shared a tip "Fast paced."

Lamar Said's profile image

lamar_said shared a tip "I loved every bit of the book. But I absolutely did not expect the ending, so I think that would probably be my favorite part."

Lamar Said's profile image

lamar_said shared a tip "I loved the ending, it was unexpected!"

Mckenzie Smart's profile image

mckenzie_smart shared a tip "Ugh 10/10 super suspenseful and a love triangle"

cali_lunsford_1835 shared a tip "It is the best book I ever read the romance the mystery the adventure it’s amazing!"

Rachael Ainsworth's profile image

rachael_ainsworth shared a tip "Seriously such a cool book. Ever dreamed of randomly inheriting money from a stranger? Well here's ALL the strings attached."

Megan Drew's profile image

megapuff97 shared a tip "Love this book. Read it in 2 days and it reminds me of a twisted knives out!"

JenaLeigh 's profile image

jenaleigh_faith shared a tip "literally the best book i’ve ever read. hooked me from start to finish. the twist had me LITERALLY screaming out loud!"

Sora 's profile image

whaterverthe shared a tip "Amazing twist, surprised me with every page"

val 🌸's profile image

val_17 shared a tip "AMAZING 😻"

bianca_rubi_hernand shared a tip "I absolutely love this book! It’s so worth the read and will have you so invested it’s a problem."

Jamie_Nailed_ It's profile image

jamie_nailed__it shared a tip "Great for adults too!"

Hannah Carter's profile image

hannah_carter_5716 shared a tip "I thought it was a good read, I’m not obsessed, but I liked it and thought it was a good story with a good ending."

Liliana Kidd's profile image

liliana_kidd shared a tip "This is an incredible book! I REALLY recommend this book."

Ella 's profile image

ella_smith12 shared a tip "Fast read really good plot enjoyable characters"

sj_hampton shared a tip "Started out a little slow, but ended up loving it! Happy it’s a trilogy."

A. E. Buhr's profile image

a._e._buhr shared a tip "An absolutely amazing book with interesting characters, intriguing mysteries, and a twisting plotline."

Lindsay Hinton's profile image

lindsay_hinton shared a tip "Such an interesting book, very mystery genre without being too dark. Read it in one sitting."

Katelyn Smith's profile image

katelyn_smith_3421 shared a tip "I loved this book!!"

kaycee_f shared a tip "Really great book for young adult. I was never bored with it while I was reading it."

jasmine_jones_2853 shared a tip "Can't wait until the TV show!"

Lea Astarjian's profile image

lea_astarjian shared a tip "They need to make this into a movie !! It’s so good"

chetana shared a tip "so. good."

Emma Lubarsky's profile image

emma_lubarsky shared a tip "I read this in one day... Suspense, twists and turns, deception, and most importantly mystery. #jenniferlynnbarnes"

dayanara 's profile image

br4inr0t shared a tip "I LOVED IT!! The plot keeps you on your toes and you can’t put down the book :)"

jerrica_6870 shared a tip "Kind of confusing but still good."

courtney Hammond's profile image

courtney_hammond_9402 shared a tip "Loved it"

Starr . 's profile image

starr. shared a tip "Option"

Kaylee Irwin's profile image

kaylee_irwin shared a tip "It kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat."

Damon Coomer's profile image

damon_coomer shared a tip "I absolutely enjoyed it. . . it had twists and turns all throughout the novel. It definitely is a recommend read."

Brittany Hendrickson's profile image

brittany_hendrickson_8093 shared a tip "Such a great story line! Cant wait to read more!"

Destiny :D's profile image

destiny_d_6081 shared a tip "Very interesting and a good read."

Camila Ginane's profile image

camila_ginane shared a tip "i love it! i can’t wait for the next book, i’m so invested in it"

Mikayla Kostecki's profile image

mikayla_kostecki shared a tip "Fun and easy read. The dialog was pretty cringy at times, but over all I enjoyed this mystery book."

Anais Cruz's profile image

anais_cruz shared a tip "Great book, kept me guessing, the twist at the end definitely didn't see coming!"

valaree_bridgewater shared a tip "Absolutely amazing and will catch you off guard. You won’t want to put it down until the end!"

Scouts World's profile image

NikkiMikki shared a tip "Amazing....Must Read!!"

ARROWSCAPE 's profile image

arrowscape shared a tip "Knives out meets young adult enthralling story plot. Read in under an hour solely due to the fact I couldn't put it down."

ARROWSCAPE 's profile image

arrowscape shared a tip "Absolutely enthralling"

Elizabeth Phelps's profile image

elizabeth_phelps shared a tip "Engaging read that’s well paced, eager for the second."

andrea_ct shared a tip "It’s so enticing you never want to put it down, and the characters are amazing. This book is kinda the love of my life right now."

Kyla McCullough's profile image

kyla_mccullough shared a tip "this book is incredibly good. so good that i pulled an all-nighter reading it"

Rose Quartz's profile image

rose_quartz_4934 shared a tip "Great characters and great elements of mystery"

Erica Stoneburner's profile image

erica_stoneburner shared a tip "I read this book in 2 days and its one of my favorites highly recommend"

lexie_mitchell shared a tip "I enjoyed it. I think it was hyped up a little too much for me but it was still enjoyable!"

allison_baker_2647 shared a tip "it was fast paced and interesting."

Ashley Ruddick's profile image

ashley_ruddick shared a tip "This book has an amazing story and kept me guessing throughout the entire book"

carrie_bates shared a tip "Played this audio book in the car . Loved it and my kids were riveted. We cannot wait to enjoy the next book."

jordan_1145 shared a tip "It’s was so good had me thinking twice. Read it in 2 days and am now eagerly waiting for the sequel. 100% recommend"

mia_arechiga shared a tip "Such an interesting book definitely recommend"

michelle_maclean shared a tip "One of my favorite books this year - read it in one sitting!"

jennifer_macdonald_3884 shared a tip "It was so enthralling and the way certain aspects were put together was brilliant."

Macey Smurthwaite's profile image

macey_smurthwaite shared a tip "fast paced, and SO GOOD. couldn’t put it down."

kayla_4427 shared a tip "One of my favorites. Great book!"

samantha_suazo shared a tip "such a great read and it’s fast paced"

Jocleyn Young's profile image

jocleyn_young shared a tip "OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK!"

Elisia Santiago's profile image

elisia_santiago shared a tip "One of my favorite books. A great teen mystery and fantastic characters."

Annalise Jenkins's profile image

annalise_jenkins shared a tip "Totally Worth it!!!"

Haley Day's profile image

haley_day_6264 shared a tip "U loved how it I included both the mystery and the romance so that you are invested in both of the plot lines"

rody_valladares_can shared a tip "It’s interesting"

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