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Not important but my favorite show is Young Justice😃 also Jesus is King✝️👑


Watched this yesterday for the first time. It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen, ✨10/10✨

Dead Poets Society imageDead Poets Society image

Dead Poets Society

Movies | Drama

7.9/10 a little plot convenient and it kind of glossed over important parts and just said that they happened instead of writing it. SPOILER Jase and Kazi are not with each other for like over half of the book which made it less enjoyable but still a good sequel. This duology NEEDS to be turned into a tv show! Where the episodes are 30minutes long or an hour!!

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Vow of Thieves

Books | Mary E. Pearson

10/10 best book out of the entire trilogy (if your not including The Brothers Hawthorne (book 4)). Let’s just say, I switched sides on who I think Avery should be with…😳

The Final Gambit imageThe Final Gambit image

The Final Gambit

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

First season=beautiful Second season=heartbreak for the rest of your life and somewhat confusing but pretty good Third season and every season after=absolute flaming garbage don’t waste your time #wallywestisthebest #spitfire #artemiscrock

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Young Justice

Shows | Action & Adventure

8.5/10 just as average as the first book. There are a lot of twists and turns because its a mystery but the love triangle is very predictable and Avery’s character ark is underwhelming. She is still very much “I’m not like other girls” but without saying it. And let’s just say my team for the love triangle didn’t win :( might have to make it a 7/10 for that…

The Hawthorne Legacy imageThe Hawthorne Legacy image

The Hawthorne Legacy

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

8.5/10. It had a good mystery and plot. The love triangle felt a little bit awkward, not in the since of that it was bad, just felt a little poorly written-but still good. This book didn’t have me turning the next page and hooked on what’s going to happen next. It progressed slowly and with anticlimactic plots but near the end it got very good!

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The Inheritance Games

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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