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I really thought that this book would suck me in/be the wlw story of my dreams, but I found myself chugging along at some parts. It pains me to say, but I can't see the main characters having a lasting relationship which kind of hurts because I love them so much. I do appreciate how interesting the side characters are and even though it's cheesy, I really enjoyed the found family trope. 3/5 #CaseyMcquistonpleasesendmeanearlycopyofSarahWheelerthxily

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One Last Stop

Books | Casey McQuiston

I listened to this as an audio book which I VERY highly recommend. The main character is constantly girlbossing and being gay which is very appealing to me, as I am frequently being gay and girlbossing as well. The writing style was very unique cutting between a bank robbery, the main characters messy(mafia involved?) past, and utilizing things like lists and elaborate plans to show the inner workings of the mc's insanely cunning brain 4/5 just bc I started to lose interest at the last chapters

The Girls I've Been imageThe Girls I've Been image

The Girls I've Been

Books | Tess Sharpe

Actually made me sick to my stomach, but it brings up a really important conversation. Knowing that it's inspired by some of the author's own experiences in school just adds to the horrors this story depicts. Also had LGBTQ+ rep which I wasn't expecting 4/5

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Ace of Spades

Books | Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

My dad made me read this, and it took me FOREVER. It was worth it tho bc of the discussions we had. Would def recommend reading with a friend otherwise it's pretty slow. The author LOVES foreshadowing, so it's pretty cool when you actually pick out stuff on your own. Also if you don't ship Nynaeve and Lan then what are you even doing? 3/5

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The Eye of the World

Books | Robert Jordan

Definitely got me hooked towards the middle, but I found the main character a little annoying. I had the love triangle ruined for me as well, so I'm iffy on finishing the series. 3/5

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The Inheritance Games

Books | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I am emotionally wrecked. I've been sobbing for an hour. I was listening to a playlist while I read and The Night We Met Came On at *cough* that one part, and I may never heal. I hate you Marissa Meyer. Anyways 5/5 #imjustkiddingmarissailyneverstopwritingplease

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Books | Marissa Meyer

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