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Maddie, a persona shifting con-artist who is as beautiful as she is dangerous, leaves her unwitting victims tormented when they realize they have been used and robbed of everything – including their hearts. But things get complicated when her former targets, Ezra, Richard, and Jules team up to track

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2017-02-07

Last Air Date 2018-06-07

Seasons 2

Episodes 20


TMDB 7.3


Ava Spencer's profile image

thegalwithpluck shared a tip "Great binge!"

Mendi Morris's profile image

mendi_morris shared a tip "I absolutely LOVED this show!"

Trina Clark's profile image

trina_clark shared a tip "It started off confusing but in the long run it was so good. Hopefully more eposodes to come"

Deena Chadwick's profile image

deena_chadwick shared a tip "This has been in my Netflix list for so long. I decided to watch it tonight and 5 epidodes later, I dont want to stop!"

Deena Chadwick's profile image

deena_chadwick shared a tip "The second season was unnecessary. They could have finished it in 1 season."

Renee Morris's profile image

Renee.Morris shared a tip "Very interesting and exciting TV show on Netflix with lots of turns and twists. You are sure to want to binge!"

Luanna Williams's profile image

luanna shared a tip "Far-fetched but enjoyable."

Valorie Fair's profile image

valorie_fair shared a tip "Found this show because it was recommended on Likewise and loved it!"

Lily Naert's profile image

lily_naert shared a tip "love this show!! very entertaining"

Mary Gemmer's profile image

mary_gemmer shared a tip "On episode 2, and I am loving this show. Great weekday binge. Also potential weekend binge, but don't want to overstate too much."

kate_6979 shared a tip "Addictive, great story line and acting"

Sunshine Mulligan's profile image

sunshine_mulligan shared a tip "Just try not to be drawn into this show from the very first moments of the first episode. If only there had been more seasons!"

Barry Rabby's profile image

barry_rabby shared a tip "Interesting black comedy"

Christine Baluk's profile image

christine_baluk shared a tip "There needs to be more seasons of this. I can't get enough."

Jaime Shriner's profile image

jaime_shriner shared a tip "This show suprised me. I really enjoyed it!"

Daphné Labrecque's profile image

daphn_labrecque shared a tip "Yeeees! Season 1 is my favourite!"

Leondria Godfrey's profile image

leondria_godfrey shared a tip "Binge worthy! Plot twists"

jordyn_vaughan shared a tip "We just started, but I’m really enjoying it!"

Valerie Hyatt's profile image

valerie_hyatt shared a tip "Its edge of your seat incredible!!!!! The cast is full of attractive people who can truly act."

Jane Bickel's profile image

jane_bickel shared a tip "Wow! It just keeps getting better and better with twists that stun!"

Serese Swartzendruber's profile image

serese_swartzendruber shared a tip "Good, fun, quirky bingeable series"

J Wilson's profile image

jwilson_2631 shared a tip "Cannot stop watching, want more each day. Love it!"

Tina Chupas's profile image

tina_chupas shared a tip "Wild ride"

Guido Loko's profile image

guido_loko shared a tip "Loved it! Especially the 1st season."

mayra_mussarrat shared a tip "Such a fun watch if you like dark comedy crime series that are fast paced and full of plot twists!"

Brittany Toll's profile image

brittany_toll_865 shared a tip "A good couple of seasons to binge! It was interesting and it get me wanting to watch more!"

Debbie Tripp's profile image

debbie_tripp shared a tip "Binge able"

Teresa Lofton's profile image

teresa_lofton shared a tip "Great show! Mix of mystery, action & comedy."

Sonia Cleroux's profile image

sonia_cleroux shared a tip "2 seasons , story line gets boring, it just keeps going and doing"

Alex Stavenas's profile image

alex_stavenas shared a tip "Even though it ends on a cliff Hanger"

Lisa Garza's profile image

lisa_garza shared a tip "Interesting"

James Vickery's profile image

james_vickery shared a tip "Better than the preview. Almost didn’t watch it but it’s actually pretty good."

kelly_miller_5077 shared a tip "Mystery, heist, comedy, drama. Great story line"

Morgan Hartwell's profile image

morganhartwell shared a tip "There needs to be a Season 2"

Deahn C. Brown's profile image

deahn_c._brown shared a tip "Wow, this was soo Damb good. Twists that make you wonder which way is up... then it goes left. Loved it! 👍🏽"

Liz Keesler's profile image

liz_keesler shared a tip "#drama #bingeworthy"

BKFStrait 's profile image

bkfstrait shared a tip "Great!!! Must watch"

leslie_wolchuck shared a tip "I watched 3 episodes tonight. I really like it. There are only 2 seasons with. Apparently it’s been cancelled. Darn."

SB Breck's profile image

sb_breck shared a tip "Excellent!!"

Melissa Andrews's profile image

melissa_andrews shared a tip "Love this!"

Sidney Tencza's profile image

sidney_tencza shared a tip "Addictive"

Lianne VT's profile image

lianne_vt shared a tip "Fun watch"

Terry Morenus's profile image

terry_morenus shared a tip "Great show!"

Jasmine Abrams's profile image

jasmine_abrams shared a tip "I loved the unlikely friendship bond and the drama and how ezra like becomes a master conartist."

Meena Capella's profile image

Meena97 shared a tip "Very entertaining!"

luke larrazabal's profile image

luke_larrazabal shared a tip "#con"

Stormy Sides's profile image

stormy_sides shared a tip "This show had me on the edge ofnmy seat. It was the eprfect mixture of comedy, suspense and drama!"

susan_sibbert_ shared a tip "Loved it and miss it"

Alyssa Johnson's profile image

alyssa_johnson_7999 shared a tip "So well done."

Mae Maxwell's profile image

mae_maxwell shared a tip "Bingeworthy. Memorable characters, stand out series."

Parker Noble's profile image

parker_noble shared a tip "Great storyline, great actors, I overall loved it."

Cristina Lubo's profile image

cristina_lubo shared a tip "Liked it a lot but only 2 seasons"

Pauline Santos's profile image

pauline_santos shared a tip "#mystery #friendship #comedy @umathurman"

den_272 shared a tip "Loooove it"

stefanie_9278 shared a tip "So worth it! One of the best shows ever."

Brittney Elisha's profile image

brittney_elisha shared a tip "One of the best shows. Hated that it ended so soon"

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