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When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance and a mystery related to the recent loss of their mom.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2017-09-08

Last Air Date 2020-03-20

Seasons 4

Episodes 40


TMDB 8.1


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moviesuggestions shared a tip "good show, upset that it got cancelled."

Abby Keshena's profile image

abby_keshena shared a tip "I’m just gonna say season 4 sucked"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1622064376326 shared a tip "This show is great, I love the drama and mystery."

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katie_beaudry shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch!"

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emma_1284 shared a tip "Really good show makes you wish that you went to a school like this#high_school #drama @"

kelvin_mills shared a tip "One of my favorite tv series"

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jj_winters_3365 shared a tip "It's a great show to me at least it's very fun"

Lexi Breeze's profile image

lexi_breeze shared a tip "Riverdale"

Laylani Lincoln's profile image

laylani_lincoln shared a tip "Silly but interesting !"

isa_2698 shared a tip "Go watch it now!!!! Its super fun and interesting to watch!"

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FoRtNiTe_RaT_gOd shared a tip "It is amazing !! If u like drama this is full of it!"

addison_raney shared a tip "I love this show so much!!!!!!!!!"

Sofia 's profile image

sofia_7708 shared a tip "So good my favourite seasons were 3 and 4 so good watch this straight away I promise you, you won’t regret it."

svxfo 's profile image

sahrag shared a tip "I loved this show"

Elena Morulia's profile image

elena_morulia shared a tip "A series of unfortunate events, greys anatomy, parks and recreation...I’m not watching much at the moment :)"

Ghost Daktozo's profile image

ghost_daktozo shared a tip "A great show for intellectuals like myself!"

Savannah Wika's profile image

savannah_wika shared a tip "I liked this show but I would not give it a 10/10 it was good but not amazing 8-7/10"


hufflepuff.perssasy shared a tip "Great for ages 9and up but can be scary for more sensitive kids each episode end in something dramatic so you always want more"

#stranger things 's profile image

gianna.carter shared a tip "I love the show it has really hot people in it"

#stranger things 's profile image

gianna.carter shared a tip "I love this show it has very hot people in it"

maika_dufour shared a tip "This is an excellent show I recommend it"

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musicalfan shared a tip "Good show overall but sometimes sand and scary so watch out for that but apart from that it’s good"

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102lilkayla shared a tip "This is such a mystery type of show and not auper innapropriate like Riverdale, JUST SO GOOD PLEASE WATCH"

Evelyn Gomez's profile image

evelyn_gomez_7006 shared a tip "Yes"

Landon Dearman's profile image

xx_xlandonx_xx shared a tip "I loved this it was so good"

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demi_willams shared a tip "Hayley woods is my favorite character."

Natalee Ironstand's profile image

natalee_ironstand shared a tip "Cliff hanger that will be one of your favorites guarenteed"

lauryn_ashanti_gyam shared a tip "Alot of teen drama #romance"

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alex_3556 shared a tip "Suspenseful"

Dawn Brown's profile image

dawn_brown shared a tip "Definitely an amazing show to binge!"

kaleigh_frazer shared a tip "great for teens"

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ella_kennedy_4277 shared a tip "It’s one of the best shows ever! Some scary stuff, some romance. Definitely recommend"

Nehal Bajaj's profile image

nehal_bajaj shared a tip "It’s a nice easy show to watch. It definitely bear my expectations since I didn’t expect much from the show."

Allyson Constanza's profile image

allyson_constanza_2187 shared a tip "This so fun to watch that I watch this 1,000 times"

Atkinson Alli's profile image

atkinson_alli shared a tip "Awesome series to ever watch. Me and my lil brother loved it and wish it would have continued"

Joy Gichane's profile image

joy_gichane shared a tip "1 and 3"

Joy Gichane's profile image

joy_gichane shared a tip "1 and 2"

Nahlani 😽's profile image

nahlani shared a tip "Omg so good you will be obsessed over this show. There is soooo much mystery and crime in this show so good😽"

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alexa_morrison shared a tip "Seen"

preetalekha_darbuna shared a tip "Great show and is so interesting with plot twist and much more exciting thing going on in it"

justyce_kalika shared a tip "Yah me and my yonger sister seen it really good show lots of twist and turns"

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haley_douglas_9750 shared a tip "Action packed and well educated"

adriana_herrick shared a tip "Best show I've ever seen if u haven't watched it yet go watch it nowww"

awesome_user_145320 shared a tip "The best this u will watch"

jolle_5210 shared a tip "SO GOOD. Its a great mistery series. Super intreging!"

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crossfield_karringt shared a tip "This show is amazing"

katelyn_elizabeth_w shared a tip "The one where they find out their mother is still alive"

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deleted_user_1613673798526 shared a tip "Its a perfect romantic, detective movie"

elliot_p shared a tip "THIS IS MY FAV SHOW EVVVVVEER"

hannah_2856 shared a tip "I love that series!"

Osielis Arrellano's profile image

osielis_arrellano shared a tip "I like it except for the last season when they changed almost all the characters"

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skylarg shared a tip "I honestly have no clue why they cancelled this show so much more good stuff could’ve happened"

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