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A dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of 1980s life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and the downtown social and literary scene.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-06-03

Last Air Date 2021-06-06

Seasons 3

Episodes 26


TMDB 8.3


Jess 's profile image

jessica_7565 shared a tip "Raw, real and heart breaking. Very good show"

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charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "This show is amazing. A phenomenal cast and full of HOUSE history. I heavily recommend !!!"

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Peachzzz shared a tip "Season 3 starts tonight!! Who else is excited? What's your House? #pose #lgbtq #drama"

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nicole_graham_-_mor shared a tip "Love Electra she’s my favorite character."

Nicole Graham - Morris's profile image

nicole_graham_-_mor shared a tip "Well Praytell is just talented"

elle weeks's profile image

elle_weeks shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ANS ENTERTAINING!!!"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "Bow Down. True Queens"

Tessa 's profile image

tessarose shared a tip "Really enjoying this show. So much heart ❤️"

Deirdre S's profile image

SummerS shared a tip "A+++ So addicting. Don't judge it by the first 30 minutes, though."

Anni Isenor's profile image

anni_isenor shared a tip "Addicting so good"

meryl_pullen shared a tip "Really good perspective of the time period and culture."

urfavgfbichick shared a tip "Incredible!"

leolani lindsey's profile image

j3lly shared a tip "Heartwarming, tear jerking, full of gasps and omg's. im not usually into drama series' but this one hits different😌"

Candace Johnson's profile image

candace_johnson_4999 shared a tip "Amazing Show!!! Excellent writing and acting."

Antonia 's profile image

antonia_0919 shared a tip "Live. Work. Pose!"

danielle_gentry shared a tip "I"

Hayley Kantziper's profile image

hayley_k shared a tip "Watched “Disclosure” first. OMG I was immediately hooked. This show is so amazing and the soundtrack is 🔥"

Kristina Campbell 's profile image

itsonlydanii shared a tip "Worth watching! 🤍"

Jasmine Scott's profile image

jasmine_scott_4181 shared a tip "THISSSSSS"

squiddie 's profile image

squidward shared a tip "I never wanted it to end. It was a rollercoaster of a show and I enjoyed every moment of it."

Jennice Cottle 's profile image

jennice_cottle shared a tip "I enjoyed it. The series just finished and it was a roller-coaster of emotion. But definitely a must see"

Lashema Allen's profile image

lashema_allen shared a tip "When is the next season?? I'm soooo ready!"

Lashema Allen's profile image

lashema_allen shared a tip "No way! It was a good watch though."

Joe Hawk's profile image

joe_hawk shared a tip "Werk!"

Shaderica Bell's profile image

shaderica_bell shared a tip "All really lol"

Jenny Duarte's profile image

jvsd shared a tip "Best show!! Billy Porter is magic!!"

Johnny Peters's profile image

johnny_peters_3490 shared a tip "Pose is great. If you are interested in queer history and rights. Its a must watch."

Kat Allen's profile image

kat_allen_7335 shared a tip "Made me sob laugh and truly think about the privilege I experience. These women are the strongest people I’ve ever seen."

marilou_krech shared a tip "Did not recommend"

Patty Sparks's profile image

patty_sparks shared a tip "Spectacular"

Janelle Steele's profile image

janelle_steele shared a tip "This made me cry and I never cry this is so good please watch just stop whatever you’re doing and watch this"

Stephanie Gaddis's profile image

stephanie_gaddis shared a tip "Loved this show i think they are making a new season"

Alex Duben's profile image

alex_duben shared a tip "Billy porter is an icon"

Ana 2006's profile image

ap___ shared a tip "I absolutely loved this show it has an amazing cast and a great story. Totally worth bingeing!"

jayden__9519 shared a tip "It’s a. Perfect show to love and enjoy and just have fun with it !!! I love it"

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Emotional"

kristen_sweeney_2705 shared a tip "Completed season 2 summer 2020"

Ana Sousa's profile image

ana_sousa_4382 shared a tip "Best show"

Sonia Cossack Pohwatt's profile image

sonia_cossack_pohwa shared a tip "Love it totally fun and heartwarming"

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annie_marie_6334 shared a tip "My Happy Place"

Ashley Elle's profile image

ashley_elle shared a tip "Great show to binge! Lots of funny moments, serious moments, and great nostalgic tunes!!!"

kiana_thomas_496 shared a tip "So much emotion and detail to their lifestyle. Their real life lifestyle."

P'nina Haas's profile image

pnina_haas shared a tip "Huge fan powerful and groundbreaking"

star_lynn shared a tip "I want more!"

theo 's profile image

theo_6871 shared a tip "******* loved it."

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CronchyPeach shared a tip "Be prepared to cry on episode 1"

Evelyn A's profile image

evelyn_a_4074 shared a tip "The fashion and the confidence the show radiates is amazing"

Veronica Allen-ingram's profile image

veronica_allen-ingr shared a tip "Loved this show from the beginning. Billy Porter, MJ Rodriguez & Dominique Jackson were unbelievable in their roles."

Andrea O'Connell's profile image

andrea_oconnell shared a tip "Absolutely brilliant"

Veronique Comma's profile image

veronique_comma shared a tip "AMAZING!!!"

Mars <3's profile image

filmwh0re shared a tip "Love this show to the moon and back !! Probably made me cry 100000 times but every tear was worth it !"

Eddie 's profile image

pinstripedoctor shared a tip "Pose had amazing storytwlling and great acting loved the amount if diversity as well. Need more shows like it"

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