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After joining forces with a veteran bounty hunter, sixteen-year-old fraternal twin sisters Sterling and Blair dive into the world of bail skipping baddies while still navigating the high stakes of teenage love and sex.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2020-08-14

Last Air Date 2020-08-14

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.898


Tracey Lowenstein's profile image

tracey_lowenstein shared a tip "Why did they take this from us? Any chance at all of this getting another season?"

brianna_hasson shared a tip "under rated asf"

Phoenix 's profile image

phoenix_3520 shared a tip "This show was so good"

sophiguana 's profile image

sophiguana shared a tip "Such an original n thoughtful show😔 r.i.p. it had so much going for it"

Karly Beaumont's profile image

karly_beaumont shared a tip "Fun show!"

Jessi Keough's profile image

jessi_keough shared a tip "Yet another great show that Netflix canceled! Still worth a watch, but don’t get your hopes up for a second season. #bringitback"

j. shared a tip "Dark humor. Its a quirky light show."

Anthony Carreras's profile image

ATrivialMan shared a tip "Nice to see Kadeem Harrison, Method Man & Mackenzie Austin with good roles"

Anthony Carreras's profile image

ATrivialMan shared a tip "Hardison damn auto correct"

Nicole Failing's profile image

nicole_failing shared a tip "I just finished the first season in two days. I love it."

h anah's profile image

hannah.j shared a tip "Amazing show #bringitback"

Florence Shealy's profile image

florence_shealy shared a tip "A good show to watch on a daughter mother night very funny"

Ciara Brody's profile image

ciara_brody shared a tip "Really great show I wish they hadn’t cancelled it"

giianni_faught shared a tip "Ahh yay! So happy I could help!! :)"

giianni_faught shared a tip "Ahh yay so happy I could help! :)"

Enrike Grageda's profile image

enrikegrageda shared a tip "Incredible show with a refreshing story line. I highly recommend this show!"

Leona Pitej's profile image

leona_pitej shared a tip "You'll look at it and say, this can't possibly be good. You'd be wrong. I was! Funny, engaging, fresh."

Jennifer Lamb's profile image

jennifer_lamb shared a tip "Loved this show it was hilarious"

Emma 's profile image

JustThisHuman shared a tip "Really good to binge, good lgbt representation, amazing show"

Carlie Abbott's profile image

carlierabbit shared a tip "Please go sign the petition! It is a great show!"

Dynah Hart's profile image

fatherdynah_hart shared a tip "Dude this **** got me cracking up and they at catholic school I was like wowwww. #shook"

Amy Williams's profile image

amy_williams_4777 shared a tip "The only bad thing about this show is that it was cancelled after 1 season"

Julia Roth's profile image

julia_roth shared a tip "loved this so funny and great idea behind the show. Sad they canceled it so many worse things that should have been canceled."

abby_england shared a tip "It was so funny and entertaining"

Jamie Foxwell's profile image

jamie_foxwell shared a tip "Just started this today, only watched the first episode but I am enjoying it. It is funny! Typical teenage comedy."

matthew_2237 shared a tip "I am into this show. It is funny! I really like the actors in this show. The sisters are great together!"

ESSIE B's profile image

essie_b shared a tip "The last Episode, I was on my toes"

Matthew Holland's profile image

matthew_holland_5150 shared a tip "Actually a really interesting show"

Godi 's profile image

godi_4501 shared a tip "Watch this right now"

Mike Seymore's profile image

mike_seymore shared a tip "Supernatural by far"

sarah_9498 shared a tip "such a good show to watch 10/10"

neil_hickey shared a tip "Give this show a chance! Funny wild ride with some twists. Can't wait for season 2!"

Pandasalad 's profile image

pandasalad shared a tip "This is a great show, however it is a little too politically correct for my liking but I cant wait for season 2"

Alana Davis-DeLaria's profile image

alana_davis-delaria shared a tip "Love this show!"

Bella & Maddi's profile image

bella__maddi shared a tip "Love this one"

Jaime Jones's profile image

Hellataz shared a tip "Super fun and quirky. Love the characters!"

Brooke Pepper's profile image

brooke_pepper shared a tip "So funny!"

Bella Nahlik's profile image

bella_nahlik shared a tip "I ABSOUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW...but man was devastated finding out Netflix most likely isn't buying a second season"

Julia L's profile image

julia_lotz shared a tip "I"

Cory Paul's profile image

cory_paul shared a tip "Everything"

Kiarra Reyes's profile image

kiarra_reyes shared a tip "It is a real good show. I loved the plot twist at the end and can wait for more episodes."

New things Everyday's profile image

new_things_everyday shared a tip "Great show"

kathy_campbell_4747 shared a tip "Loved it because it had lgbtq reputation and the ending was mind blowing IT NEEDS Another series🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯"

taylor_mace shared a tip "A true tragedy that this was cancelled"

grayson33 shared a tip "Soooo good"

faiith.joyy shared a tip "Honestly I’m watching so many great shows but right now I’m really into 911 (Hulu) and Outer banks (Netflix)"

daniel_mayo shared a tip "Me and girlfriend really enjoyed this show. It's a shame that Netflix canceled it because it does end on a cliffhanger"

nina 's profile image

nin13s shared a tip "bring it back!"

hailey_coake shared a tip "Iconic"

Cody Boyd's profile image

cody_boyd shared a tip "Absolutely amazing show! Season finale cliffhanger had me thinking so many different things, and I never make fan theories!"

Melanie Owen's profile image

melanie_owen shared a tip "Starts out silly but then hits on heavier issues"

Uke Ash's profile image

uke_ash shared a tip "The main characters are relatable and funny. Epic season finale."

mariss_trotter shared a tip "This show was really funny but also had it’s serious moments which I really liked"

awesome_user_666297 shared a tip "It was funny and kind of Shocking at the end"

Haley 's profile image

ramennoodle shared a tip "Soooo good!!!! Can’t wait till they add more episodes!"

Caelyn Alexis's profile image

caelyn_alexis shared a tip "sooooo sooo good"

Kamilyh Kungu's profile image

kamilyh_kungu shared a tip "I love this show so much why does I have to be canceled 😭😭😥 this makes me very sad"

Kamilyh Kungu's profile image

kamilyh_kungu shared a tip "I love this show BUT IT GOT CANCELED 😭😭😭"

Megan Garrity's profile image

megan_garrity_5914 shared a tip "Eady fun watching"

Maggie Lawrie's profile image

maggie_lawrie shared a tip "Amazing plot twist and just overall great story"

Kaitlyn Heiar's profile image

kaitlyn_heiar shared a tip "this show was hilarious. Its so good!"

rayonna_house_370 shared a tip "Unm it was really good i cant wait for season 2 ig"

Maren Archibald's profile image

maren_archibald shared a tip "Nice to binge and if u need a good laugh but also like some suspense watch it"

sarah_1548 shared a tip "loved this series"

nathan_johnson_4868 shared a tip "Good show"

Leah Romero's profile image

leah_romero shared a tip "Love the lgbt aspect in this movie"

gracem shared a tip "Really it just looks so Interesting and exciting"

Laci Roberson's profile image

laci_roberson shared a tip "It was realky funny and shows a lot of people can do the unexpected"

Edgar 123's profile image

edgar_123 shared a tip "Its good"

Madeline Groen's profile image

madeline_groen shared a tip "Very interesting keeps you hooked"

Volleyball Allstar's profile image

volleyball_allstar shared a tip "I liked it a lot i think it was really fun"

Alex Duben's profile image

alex_duben shared a tip "It was funny and the ending was great cant wait for season two"

nicole_8589 shared a tip "Amazing"

libby_blair shared a tip "Badass."

carleigh_gottenbusch shared a tip "Omg yessssss i love this It’s so funny and an amazing show to binge"

Alejandra C's profile image

alejandra_c shared a tip "So much fun!"

Mya Wynne Gennerman's profile image

mya_wynne_gennerman shared a tip "It was super interesting and there were some unexpected twists"

Amanda Rudnicki's profile image

amanda_rudnicki shared a tip "Just wish there was less religious crap in it but otherwise... Good show."

Tracie farrell's profile image

tracie_farrell shared a tip "Funny"

Michelle Guerra's profile image

michelle_guerra_6002 shared a tip "Hilarious and smart."

austin_vandermolen shared a tip "It was funny and had a good story"

Marie Wilkins's profile image

marie_wilkins shared a tip "Nice lighthearted show with an interesting twist"

Dave Thurlow's profile image

dave_thurlow shared a tip "You should watch this show and ask Netflix politely for another season."

Jodi Barbuto's profile image

jodi_barbuto shared a tip "Funny, sweet, and unexpected. Finished in one day (don’t judge)!"

Samantha Pena's profile image

samantha_pena_6737 shared a tip "Loved it except for the cliffhanger at the end!"

Aaron Stewart's profile image

aaron_stewart_7627 shared a tip "Netflix is dumb for not bringing it back"

Ari A's profile image

ari_a_7116 shared a tip "Has good LGBTQ representation, it’s fun to watch"

Celeste Offiong's profile image

celeste_offiong shared a tip "Action-packed and romance/drama"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "really funny series"

K S's profile image

k_s_9808 shared a tip "I didn't expect to like this but I thought it was funny and well-written. Surprisingly smart!"

Carla Hahn's profile image

carla_hahn shared a tip "I liked it a lot"

Carla Hahn's profile image

carla_hahn shared a tip "I liked it a lot"

angelica_romero_4503 shared a tip "Really funny and i hate that its not coming out with more episodes :("

mary_grace_goddard shared a tip "@sarahlong21 honestly I loved it I've seen it twice"

Nina 's profile image

nina_boblitt shared a tip "Such a great show. What happens will shock you. Loved it"

maya 's profile image

mayazsal shared a tip "i’m so mad they canceled this"

maya 's profile image

mayazsal shared a tip "help save the show here: https://chng.it/m8FcPgynDh"

Milkdumb shared a tip "It was really funny"

abbie_4326 shared a tip "Rising dion is a good show"

Kylee Feist's profile image

kylee_feist shared a tip "I LOVED THIS SHOW! So sad that it didn't get picked up for another season. 😢"

Kylee Feist's profile image

kylee_feist shared a tip "#bringitback"

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