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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us and It Starts with Us! Moving, passionate, and unforgettable, Colleen Hoover's novel follows two young adults from completely different backgrounds embarking on a tentative romance, unaware of what the future holds.After a childhood fi

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 368

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2023-01-31

ISBN 1668021919 9781668021910


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Heather Ayers's profile image

heather_ayers_9346 shared a tip "Another great one from Colleen Hoover. Definitely a feel good book."

Leticia Cormier's profile image

leticia_cormier shared a tip "Loved it. Great plot twist. The ending was a bit rushed but other than that it was a great book."

Paige Eilers's profile image

paige_eilers shared a tip "I really liked this one by Colleen Hoover."

sabrinasreadingjournal shared a tip "One of my favorite Colleen Hoover books ever. It’s a quick ready and would be a perfect beach read!"

Megan Pate's profile image

megan_pate shared a tip "This was super cute! A little gut wrenching at times but absolutely loved the story."

Jackie Farkas's profile image

jackie_farkas shared a tip "I could not put this book down!!! I finished it in just 24 hours 😍"

monica a.♡'s profile image

monicareads shared a tip "One of my favourite books ever 💗💗💗"

kerry_werra shared a tip "It’s teeny bopper style but I liked it !"

elisha_dehaan shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book! It’s got all the feels making it a fast read too! 💜"

cynthia_martinez-wa shared a tip "An easy read. Not a lot of lulls or down parts."

Natalie Harper's profile image

nharper09 shared a tip "Soo good!!!"

Kayla Dobbin's profile image

kayla_sanders_6491 shared a tip "I love Beyah and Samson!"

Claudia Michalak's profile image

claudia_michalak shared a tip "heartbreaking"

Emily Michelle's profile image

emmichelle shared a tip "such a unique story with a twist. amazing book."

Gianna S's profile image

gianna_s_534 shared a tip "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE"

Megan Paradis's profile image

megan_paradis shared a tip "I love all of her books, but this is definitely in the top 5!"

Essence Heckstall's profile image

essence_heckstall shared a tip "Just finished this book in tears! Such a cute book and I loved the ending! 10/10 recommend!"

melissa_allen_730 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Ana Trejo's profile image

anae_trejop shared a tip "SOOOO GOOD! It captures you from the first page"

Arianna Polanco's profile image

arianna_polanco shared a tip "definitely a 4/5 book I recommend if you’re love a good summer book"

Kathryn Jackson's profile image

kathryn_jackson_9523 shared a tip "⭐️"

rachel_lemley shared a tip "My least favorite CH book by far. Quick and easy read though if that’s what you’re looking for."

Emily Scanlan's profile image

emily_scanlan shared a tip "Another Colleen Hoover book I couldn’t put down!"

Brynlee Sharp's profile image

brynlee_sharp shared a tip "Such a good book! One of my favs!!! 🥰🥰🥰"

Kellen G's profile image

kellen_gondo shared a tip "Adorable reading, surprisingly cute and happy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

CLR shared a tip "I read this in a matter of hours. Hooked from the beginning!"

Lauren Lo Presti Daiger's profile image

lauren_lo_presti_da shared a tip "Probably one of my favorite coho books. Again has some really sad moments, severely underrated"

Kayla White's profile image

kaylabo.bayla shared a tip "such a beautiful love story. so much dedication and not the typical e2l type of trope."

Kayla White's profile image

kaylabo.bayla shared a tip "“people sometimes still drown in the shallow end”"

Mia  Olsen's profile image

mia011594 shared a tip "Hands down my favorite CoHo. It wasn't just a love story, it was a finally someone understands me story on the deepest level."

aimee_mussman shared a tip "Great book! Couldn't put it down. The ending. ❤️"

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down."

raegan wessendorf 's profile image

raegan_wessendorf shared a tip "LOVE IT!"

Rochelle Harris's profile image

littlelady shared a tip "I absolutely LOVED this book. It had a great plot twist and it was very intriguing. 10/10 recommend."

QB 's profile image

agentq5ft2 shared a tip "I like Colleen Hoover. This book was good but not one of my favorites."

Corbin Hazel's profile image

corbin_hazel shared a tip "Very predictable but super cute."

emmeline_guerrero shared a tip "Feb 23 - Feb 28 (5 days)"

Heidi Schmidt's profile image

heidi_schmidt shared a tip "It was honestly sad but it has a good message, and a lot of inspiration quotes."

Paislea West's profile image

paislea_west_4675 shared a tip "Relatable and super cute"

lauren_johnson_1669 shared a tip "I loved this book! Such a good read."

Krystle Spates's profile image

krystle_spates shared a tip "Wow! Just wow! I loved this book. It pulls you in and keeps you reading to see how the journey unfolds."

Kelsy Thorndyke's profile image

kelsy_thorndyke shared a tip "Solid 8/10. Gave me outerbank vibes"

Kaleigh 's profile image

kaleigh_swaggy shared a tip "I’d give this book a 8/10. It’s really good and Colleen Hoover didn’t disappoint but, it’s kinda 14+."

rileykinzzzz shared a tip "LOVED this! but i will say the ending was a bit rushed; other than that though, it was amazing!"

Autumn Henderson's profile image

ahender12001 shared a tip "It was so good!! Men written by women!!"

flicka shared a tip "Extremely good book. I loved every second of it."

Molly Ann's profile image

mray613 shared a tip "My first Colleen Hoover book I read and it was absolutely amazing. Definitely a page turner of drama and romance. 10/10"

Mallori Houck's profile image

mallori_houck shared a tip "amazing but made me so mad at the end. i love it though."

brittany_george_3343 shared a tip "One of my favorite Colleen books… literally so real and raw. I was so connected to the characters."

Brylee Horsley's profile image

brylin_horsley shared a tip "Such a cute book!! Loved their commitment together!! 10/10"

Skylena Taylor's profile image

skylena_taylor shared a tip "This one tugged at my heart bones! Such a good twist."

Aleena Petros's profile image

aleena_petros shared a tip "i loved this book, one of my favs because it’s in a beach and i love the love plot"

hannah_d_1883 shared a tip "I liked it"

skye_linkroum shared a tip "3/5 good ending but kinda confusing"

jacqulyne_danielle shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

morgan seale 's profile image

smorganator shared a tip "one of my favs by colleen!"

Kelsey Hubbard's profile image

kelsey_hubbard shared a tip "this was my absolute favorite book from Colleen Hoover so far!"

kendra_winger shared a tip "After reading this all I thought was WOW, What.. wow. This was a fantastic book that went in a completely unexpected direction"

Noelia Romero's profile image

noelia_romero shared a tip "This book is great.. So heartbreaking and beautiful"

Avrey Goodwine's profile image

avrey_goodwine shared a tip "Summer on the beach love story! Very cute 😊"

mari_8941 shared a tip "Heartbreaking yet beautiful story."

coral_fuentes shared a tip "Loved it ! Unexpected ending couldn’t put it down loved the romance story behind it #romance #drama #colleenhoover"

lyndsey_gentil shared a tip "Very summery and makes me feel happy and content reading it"

Kacilyn Belmont's profile image

kacilyn_belmont shared a tip "Recognizes the issues of having to grow up quicker due to not having parents or involved parents. Has a major plot twist."

alexis mcguire's profile image

lexrekx shared a tip "i really liked this story, i think it’s my favorite colleen hoover book so far"

Olivia S's profile image

ostein13 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book but was hoping for some more spice"

dani__845 shared a tip "Such a great read ! The end was so deserving! 10/10"

Jenna Bailey's profile image

jennalfay- shared a tip "Okay, loved this book so much and it’s so underrated!!!"

Chloe Morris's profile image

chloe_morris_7049 shared a tip "I love this book I grew up near the setting in the book so it feels so close to me ."

sofia cendoya's profile image

sofia_cendoya shared a tip "Obsessed amazing book I read it in like 6 hours. Amazing ending"

LIYA YOHANNES's profile image

liya_yohannes shared a tip "Their relationship of Beyah and Samson Grew stronger"

camille_mercier shared a tip "Enjoyed this book way too much"

christine 's profile image

christine_3962 shared a tip "so sweet and heartbreaking- easy read"

Kota Brauer's profile image

kota_brauer shared a tip "#colleenhoover #romance"

Alli Lampasone's profile image

alli_lampasone shared a tip "This book hit home for me, emotionally. I couldn’t put it down. Another great read by Colleen Hoover."

Emily Cramer's profile image

emily_cramer_1343 shared a tip "Such a great book! Wasn't expecting that twist at all!"

Jacy Ayers's profile image

jacy_ayers shared a tip "One of my favorites by #colleenhoover !! Absolutely great book."

tiffany_1372 shared a tip "Great book. Never saw the ending go the way it did."

janya_jackson_1429 shared a tip "Amazing book!!!!!!!"

Savana Moore's profile image

savana_moore_2006 shared a tip "I just finished this book, absolutely in love!! So cute! Had just enough dark turns but the pilot twists were everything!!"

Madison Parker's profile image

madison_parker_2946 shared a tip "loved it. read it rn"

Bree Strout's profile image

bree_strout shared a tip "just finished it today, such a great book🥹"

trista_mccaughan shared a tip "i have a few favourites. shatter me, archers voice, the song of achilles, and reminders of him,"

ema_crystal shared a tip "Verity"

Olivia Verona's profile image

olivia_verona shared a tip "This might be my favorite coho book! I love romance stories that take place at the beach."

stephanie_gamez_mar shared a tip "It ends with us"

Nina McBride's profile image

nina_mcbride shared a tip "OH.MY.GOD everyone needs to read this book. #romance #drama #beaches #prison"

Jordyn 's profile image

jordyn_4150 shared a tip "Definitely a new favorite of mine, collen never fails to write a beautiful story with plot twists along the way."

caroline_munn shared a tip "Was sooooo good! Colleen did it again 🎉 such a good quick burn"

Chanez Aitouali's profile image

chanez_aitouali shared a tip "WoW il loved it"

Gabby 's profile image

gabbym shared a tip "So good, full of ups and downs that keep the reader intrigued."

Danyelle Helderman's profile image

danyelle_helderman shared a tip "What an emotional roller coaster! This moved up my list of favorites and will for sure read it again!"

Heather Nichole's profile image

heather_nichole_3544 shared a tip "Amazing read. Couldn’t put it down. A tear jerker towards the end. Def a book I will read again."

Sarah Shanley's profile image

sarah_shanley shared a tip "Super cute book!"

Sofia Fernandez 's profile image

sofia.fernandez shared a tip "LOVEEE"

Indra Yunen's profile image

indra_yunen shared a tip "Beautiful and heartbreaking. 4/5⭐️"

hafsa 's profile image

hazeyhafsa shared a tip "probably Beyah's first few days in the beach house when she was getting to know everyone! What about you?"

alesia_sommers shared a tip "Loved it!!"

Kristen Bias's profile image

kristen_bias shared a tip "I relate to the girl way more then I’d like to admit"

lily_brewer shared a tip "I read it in less than 24 hours, it moves super fast!"

mary_weed shared a tip "My favorite love story!!"

Kelly Morrow's profile image

kelly_morrow_394 shared a tip "Not too many books bring tears but this one did! Loved this one- my new fave"

kaylin_landry shared a tip "Finished it in two days!! Captivating!"

Claire Dittner's profile image

claire_dittner shared a tip "summer fling romance"

elexa 's profile image

elexa_2074 shared a tip "loved the romance and how everything was put together"

hailie_hutcheson shared a tip "I love it but i definitely wish I would have waited for summer so I could read it at the beach 😍"

Raven 's profile image

raven18 shared a tip "Favorite CoHo Book 💛"

abigail_davies_8371 shared a tip "Good plot. Loved the ending"

jordan_jones_837 shared a tip "i will always love colleen hoover’s writing style. this book was amazing."

Courtney Marie's profile image

courtney_marie_5085 shared a tip "Ugh. I can’t even say how much I love this book. I cried. I want a “heart bone “"

frida_7079 shared a tip "A must read!!!"

Natalie Cothern's profile image

natalie_cothern shared a tip "The poems, the agony, the overall character development, and the suspense was the cherry on top. 100/10 recommend"

Natalie Cothern's profile image

natalie_cothern shared a tip "Could not set this book down amazing"

Megan 's profile image

megan_65 shared a tip "LOVED IT"

Makayla Morkle's profile image

makayla_morkle shared a tip "The book kept me on my feet and wanting to read more!"

marley_towery shared a tip "AMAZING"

Julie D's profile image

julie.dimatteo shared a tip "I wish there was a second book to this one I want more 😫 such a good book if you’re questioning reading just do it! 🫶🏻"

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