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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * From the author of The Martian, a lone astronaut must save the earth from disaster in this "propulsive" (Entertainment Weekly), cinematic thriller full of suspense, humor, and fascinating science--in development as a major motion picture starring Ryan Gosling. "An epic s

Author Andy Weir

Pages 496

Publisher Ballantine Books

Published Date 2021

ISBN 0593135202 9780593135204


Google 4.0


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dinomike shared a tip "Great read for anyone looking for science fiction that leans HEAVY on the science part"

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DragonArmyBooks shared a tip "I've got an ARC of Andy Weir's (author of The Martian) new book and I'm loving it! Releases May 4th."

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip " #scifi #aliens #space #5stars"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "Great use of the audio format with the music notes 🎵 from the book. Made it especially come alive."

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Neil.Black shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic read! I didn't think Artemis was as good as The Martian. Project Hail Mary may be better then The Martian."

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paula_longhurst shared a tip "Andy Weir back on form."

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christilee_johnson shared a tip "This was such a fun, entertaining Sci-fi to fall into...It was out of this world!"

hallie_amen shared a tip "The book is long, but it’s definitely worth the read! The ending was so heart warming!"

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daniel_gaddy shared a tip "Science, bitch!!"

sofos shared a tip "Loved it. Weir was true to form :)"

lprinvale shared a tip "Loved the whole idea!"

zoe_6348 shared a tip "Always love his accurate science mixed with adventure"

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jamie_huguez shared a tip "Witty, scientific, wild ride. Great read."

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teri_milnes shared a tip "Loved this, hard to put down."

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michael_hughes_2424 shared a tip "You can tell the author does his homework on his books."

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zach_wotruba shared a tip "Lots of science, and a wholesome story"

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michele_wright_8671 shared a tip "The audio version of this book is exceptional. The narrator really brings the characters to life. I loved it."

wanderr shared a tip "I devoured this book!"

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evelyn_park shared a tip "I don’t care what kinds of books you like to read - read this book!"

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jane_shevtsov shared a tip "A very clever science fiction novel with lots of twists, cool science and an unexpected friendship"

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stephanie_roulett shared a tip "Great story with a lot of science I don't understand but can still follow. If you liked The Martian you'll live this too."

sheela shared a tip "Good plot pilot long winded on science at times but still compelling"

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michael_page_37 shared a tip "Great journey..... Not super predictable at ever twist"

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rachel_palumbo_sgro shared a tip "My new favorite Sci-fi book of all time!"

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jessica_blackman shared a tip "Please listen to the audio book on audible. The performance was fantastic!"

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ambreen_sayed shared a tip "Hooked from the first chapter itself! Andy's style of first person, sarcastic narration is a winner!"

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daniel_clark_375 shared a tip "Excellent"

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jude_kuipers shared a tip "So many new and different ideas! Audio was AMAZING"

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kyle_chadwick shared a tip "Great Hard SciFi. Andy Weir had a great sense of humor. Interesting plot and well told."

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amanda_taillon shared a tip "So fun, so smart. I cried."

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michelle_johnson_2176 shared a tip "It was different than his previous books, but kept the same space opera themes. I loved it!"

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deleted_user_1622731167104 shared a tip "Genius!"

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carol_lecrone shared a tip "Intriguing with science front and center, engaging right up to the final sentence. Audio format is exquisitely performed"

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giuliana_gordon shared a tip "Absolutely gripping, amazingly plausible, great read"

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micah_flores shared a tip "Witty, smart writing oozing with personality đź‘Ś"

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anna_gilmer_5610 shared a tip "Amaze!"

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shawna_kennedy shared a tip "It's fast paced with a few twists and a dual time line."

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millicent_schmidt shared a tip "On par with the Martian for me. Funny, moving, smart! The science is pretty believable and we'll explained. I really loved this!"

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jenny_fitzmaurice shared a tip "Adventure, funny, space travel"

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forrest_nelson shared a tip "This book was incredible. Just read it."

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erin_miller_8707 shared a tip "This book is smart, funny, gut wrenching and keeps you engrossed from beginning to end. The characters are soooo good."

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teia_mitchell shared a tip "Definitely one of my top books! Andy Weir never ceases to amaze me with his writing. Definitely a must read if you love SciFi!"

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dale_sackrider_ii shared a tip "Better then the martian... And that's a very high bar"

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robert_watt_7444 shared a tip "An engaging story"

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katie_mizell shared a tip "The greatest injustice of my entire reading life is that Rocky is not real"

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nicole_egeler shared a tip "Amazing! Couldn't put it down. Goes deep into technical aspects of astrophysics which was great if you like science like me!"

michelle_lisee shared a tip "It was engaging and humorous!"

pamela_8123 shared a tip "Really interesting premise well-executed."

amanda_smith_9022 shared a tip "I ripped through these pages to see what would happen next!"

amanda_smith_9022 shared a tip "Surprise after surprise and suspense that will make you finish this book in a weekend."

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cressa_moran shared a tip "Similar in design to his first book. I loved how human the main character was."

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arielle_verdeflor shared a tip "This book was so much fun! If you liked the Martian, you’ll enjoy this one too!!"

patti_moran shared a tip "If you loved The Martian, you will love this."

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joseph_butcher shared a tip "Great book. Funny and pretty clean."

teresa_mace shared a tip "So much science but it didn’t matter because the story was so so good. Highly recommend."

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jeremy_benavidez shared a tip "I really enjoyed Artemis."

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desiree_luca shared a tip "Loved this book! Definitely made it in my top 5 list!"

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stav000 shared a tip ""

jennifer_redmond shared a tip "This book was phenomenal! I highly recommend the audiobook."

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annie_siler-goodrich shared a tip "Amazing. Read it and immediately started re-reading."

geny_bertrand shared a tip "Completely binged this one"

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john_dudley_735 shared a tip "Probably the best hard science fiction I have read in the past several years."

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rachel_stevenson shared a tip "This was a wild ride of a book, has a lot of great surprises. Wonderful."

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kayla_roberts_5942 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it. The science, the suspense, the friendship. It is my top book of the year by far"

ben_hart_9105 shared a tip "It's what I want in sci-fi. Imaginative exploration of scientific principles. A well paced story. It's a good book."

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juan_c._chavez shared a tip "Soooo goood!!!"

hannah_mixon_6726 shared a tip "Very fun. It's always cool to see how Weir can run a complex story with a minimal cast of characters."

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rachel_iverson shared a tip "The main character is extremely smart, and makes rational choices."

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