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With only three weeks left in his three year contract, Sam Bell is getting anxious to finally return to Earth. He is the only occupant of a Moon-based manufacturing facility along with his computer and assistant, GERTY. When he has an accident however, he wakens to find that he is not alone.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2009-06-12

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $5m

Revenue $9.8m


TMDB 7.6


Juliet Castillo's profile image

Juliet_Castillo shared a tip "Sam Rockwell is a favorite of mine. Well written Sci-Fi"

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "Are you hungry?"

Laura Bracken's profile image

laura_bracken shared a tip "A good movie."

Ginger K's profile image

ginger_k shared a tip "This is Duncan Jones' first movie? 🤯"

bill_s. shared a tip "The twist in this one was priceless, imho."

d_805 shared a tip "Added to watchlist"

Gene 's profile image

gene_gonzales shared a tip "Stunning"

Kenton 's profile image

kentongewecke shared a tip "More of a character exploration for an actor than anything."

Knowledgeable Bro's profile image

knowledgeable_bro shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time🏆"

Bouwer Marc's profile image

bouwer_marc shared a tip "Love this"

Rick Dos Santos's profile image

rick_dos_santos shared a tip "The turning point in the narrative comes somewhat out of left face, but stick with it and you'll enjoy it."

Brandi Sumner's profile image

brandi_sumner shared a tip "Very sad twist"

Amanda Rose's profile image

amanda_rose_2158 shared a tip "One of the most original and best sci fi movies out there. Sam Rockwell gives a stellar performance. Pun intended."

Carly Joyce's profile image

carly_joyce shared a tip "Amazing movie- I don’t want to give anything away!! Sam Rockwell is always on top of his game!!"

Linda Teddlie Minton's profile image

linda_teddlie_minton shared a tip "“In Bruges” … I’ve seen it once, several years ago, and loved it. Time for a re-watch. How about you?"

brandon__7693 shared a tip "Comfy depressing sci fi"

Jason Aardsma's profile image

jason_aardsma shared a tip "I enjoyed it. It was definitely slower moving, but good."

Taurus Knight's profile image

taurus_knight shared a tip "Isolation..."

Robert Geary's profile image

robert_geary shared a tip "Weird but interesting plot premise. Slow moving."

Ian Edgar's profile image

ianedgar shared a tip "Surprising and strangely beautiful"

Meg B's profile image

meg_b_8251 shared a tip "10/10"

Slava Sklansky's profile image

slava_sklansky shared a tip "Hidden gem"

Trinity Conner's profile image

trinity_conner shared a tip "I love this movie - and Sam Rockwell is amazing in it"

Javier Ojeda's profile image

javier_ojeda_4105 shared a tip "Thought provoking and great acting by sam rockwell"

Laura Christine's profile image

laura_christine_678 shared a tip "This is my favorite film and always will be. Sam Rockwell is perfect. The suspense is terrific. The ending broke me."

Michael Hammett's profile image

michael_hammett_6557 shared a tip "One of my favs!"

kimberly_jeanne shared a tip "Sam Rockwell is amazing"

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