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Jennifer, a gorgeous, seductive cheerleader takes evil to a whole new level after she's possessed by a sinister demon. Now it's up to her best friend to stop Jennifer's reign of terror before it's too late.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2009-09-18

Runtime 107 minutes

Budget $16m

Revenue $32m


TMDB 5.9


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Truly a cult classic that never got appreciated in its day"

Kweku Ananse Haki's profile image

kweku_ananse_haki shared a tip "This was a ***** movie. 😂"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Megan Fox Is Still A Hottie"

Angela M's profile image

angela_mckirahan shared a tip "I love this movie and I still don’t know why! Have watched more then once, twice lol - a great one!"

☔𝙲𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕☕'s profile image

LoverOf_Crows shared a tip "Comedy and horror with some lesbian scenes, what more could I ask for??"

Maxine 's profile image

maxishot shared a tip "*cries in bisexual*"

Mel 's profile image

Ibingeandeat shared a tip "She’s my idol!!"

remy 's profile image

brink shared a tip "i have way too much to say about why i love this movie so i’ll just say watch it because it’s fantastic and has aged so well imo"

Addyson Hodge's profile image

addyson_hodge_5172 shared a tip "Even though this movie isn’t scary I like the subtle psychological aspect to it and not to mention it’s just awesome in general"

Valerie 's profile image

valerie_6532 shared a tip "01/27/2023"

Leah Rose's profile image

leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "One of my favorites"

Gail Weathers's profile image

gail_weathers shared a tip "Yummy movie- discovered this through Chloe moriondos I eat boys music video( based on the movie) v:"

Sky Eichler's profile image

sky_eichler shared a tip "My favourite!!"

ASMR Barbie's profile image

asmr_barbie shared a tip "Such a classic horror movie, reminds me of mean girls if they were demons who feasted on human flesh. Glad I watched it again <3"

Hey there It’s kirstyn's profile image

hey_there_its_kirst shared a tip "Everything"

Weird Pancakes's profile image

weird_pancakes shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies"

Joshua Chit Tun's profile image

joshua_chit_tun shared a tip "It caters to a younger audience, my younger self absolutely enthralled."

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "So underrated."

Rachel Gartz's profile image

rachel_gz shared a tip "Underrated as hell!"

Emily C G's profile image

emily_c_g shared a tip "One of the best queer movies of all time!!! Gay awakening moment fr. SO GOOD!"

strgrl ✩'s profile image

jersey_bautista shared a tip "been preaching this movie is ahead of its time"

Casey 's profile image

casey_8468 shared a tip "It was really stupid and I liked it a lot #horror #comedy"

STAR star 's profile image

starstar shared a tip "so good! n fun to watch! fun music, i don’t know why it gets hate :/"

Kayce 's profile image

bratprince shared a tip "The world was not ready for this movie when it was released. It’s incredible."

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "megan fox is so hot"

Kelsey Cotton's profile image

kelsey_cotton shared a tip "Blends horror and comedy so well, my friends and I quote this movie all the time!"

Sinclair On The Scene's profile image

SinclairOnTheScene shared a tip "Amanda Seyfried did a great job as Anita "Needy" Lesnick"

Brian Geier's profile image

brian_geier shared a tip "A campy horror movie that never really takes itself too seriously so it doesn't come of as trying too hard."

chloe 's profile image

chloeeeechlo shared a tip "BEST SOUNDTRACK"

reece_satter shared a tip "Fun take on the slasher genre"

Quinn Prinz's profile image

quinn_prinz shared a tip "They really botched the marketing for this movie. It was a super fun movie night when I did get to see it though"

matt_rizzo_7734 shared a tip "Very funny and stupid. It’s a movie that knows exactly what it is"

Chall3ng3r-FF ••'s profile image

chall3ng3r-ff_ shared a tip "I loved this movie."

Kim’s World's profile image

kims_world shared a tip "This is such a good movie! Its sad its so underrated :(#horror #jennifersbody"

laylaparkerson 's profile image

laylaparkerson shared a tip "It's just such a great movie"

jordan_6783 shared a tip "High school"

Star Core 's profile image

star_core_8555 shared a tip "Funny horror"

Cat Baker's profile image

catherine_baker_2446 shared a tip "Have always loved this movie!!!"

Seth Gillaspy's profile image

seth_gillaspy shared a tip "Only good part is panic at the disco"

katie_wilbur_2716 shared a tip "Never even saw this I don’t know why it’s on there but sorry I don’t like this at all don’t know why it’s on there"

katie_wilbur_2716 shared a tip "Never even saw this movie I don’t know why it’s on there I don’t like it at all sorry"

katie_wilbur_2716 shared a tip "Never even saw this don’t know why it’s on there sorry"

leyna :)'s profile image

flannels-and-frogs shared a tip "literally amazing. I have no words that can properly describe how much I love this movie <33"

Brilee 's profile image

brilee_ford shared a tip "I watched This again April 4th"

abbie 's profile image

abigail_6908 shared a tip "megan fox. need i say more."

Alicia Hansen's profile image

alicia_hansen shared a tip "I like that it wasn't like every other slasher movie."

Victoria Poechman's profile image

victoria_poechman shared a tip "Iconic"

Say tonic's profile image

saytonic shared a tip "A movie for bi panic"

N. Mortensen's profile image

n._mortensen shared a tip "I now understand why people love this film"

Ains Yeager's profile image

ainsproclaims shared a tip "Fantastic comedy horror movie that I regret having slept on for so long."

addie 's profile image

addiemorgs shared a tip "i did not like this movie personally. i found it cringey and a little boring."

Bailey Grey's profile image

beezygrey shared a tip "You won't regret it!"

Abby 's profile image

abby_nathan shared a tip "It’s campy. It’s horror. She eats men, what’s not to love?"

gianfranco_di_marsi shared a tip "girlboss kills guys <3"

Toge 's profile image

toge shared a tip "Fantastic movie WAY before it's time. Legitimately funny, and while it's not for everyone you'll know if it's for you #horror"

Roxanne Rivera's profile image

roxanne_rivera_9662 shared a tip "Y’all gotta watch this movie"

Kathi Murray's profile image

kathi_murray shared a tip "Megan Fox's best movie...she's damn hot!!"

gaby garcia's profile image

gaby_garcia_6570 shared a tip "absolutely iconic girl power movie"

Amelia Hartman-Warr's profile image

amelia_hartman-warr shared a tip "Soooo good!!"

Poppy 's profile image

localpoppy shared a tip "Silent hill definitely"

Meg R's profile image

meg_r shared a tip "It's a classic high school slasher with a twist! One of my favorites."

Daniel Turner's profile image

daniel_turner_2696 shared a tip "This movie gets a lot of flack. I think it’s great for what it is, and Megan Fox did a good job."

Kevin Lattery's profile image

kevin_lattery shared a tip "Good story"

J u n e's profile image shared a tip "Would have made me realize how gay I was if I saw this when I was younger 😀"

Lzzyಥ_ಥ 's profile image

lizzy_leture shared a tip "The emo guy carried"

Christopher Minutolo's profile image

christopher_minutolo shared a tip "This is more funny than scary. A few mild jumpscares, but mostly cheesy."

Sienna Turner's profile image

sienna_turner_1226 shared a tip "Cringy af. Still funny though."

Shaylee Christensen's profile image

shaylee_christensen shared a tip "I love this movie so much omg"

lizzie_schwieterman shared a tip "MAGAN FOX also just great in general"

Stellar Kayaos's profile image

stellar_kayaos shared a tip "One of the best movies I've seen"

Santana Lopez's profile image

santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "peak camp. its so ******* funny I live for Jennifer's last words being "My tit...""

Just Shalia's profile image

just_shalia shared a tip "A great cult classic, and it all comes together at the end."

Bee Jojo's profile image

beejojo shared a tip "Challenges typical horro movies"

Tania Villman's profile image

tania_villman shared a tip "For the girls, gays and theys"

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