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Decades after Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, a lethal new Terminator is sent to eliminate the future leader of the resistance. In a fight to save mankind, battle-hardened Sarah Connor teams up with an unexpected ally and an enhanced super soldier to stop the deadliest Terminator yet.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2019-10-23

Runtime 128 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 6.5


Heaven 's profile image

tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "Finally watched this movie! Loved it!"

Nicole Graham - Morris's profile image

nicole_graham_-_mor shared a tip "I had high expectations since every other attempt after T2 was a bust. The best part was bringing Sarah Conner back"

brandon_bell_1554 shared a tip "good story line. action but not too much"

Richard Vest's profile image

richard_vest shared a tip "Was an upgrade from Genesis. The first 2 are still better in my opinion."

Red Smith's profile image

red_smith_9777 shared a tip "I am a time travel fan. So i loved what they did with this movie. Best terminator film since the -T2"

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red_smith_9777 shared a tip "I mean it’s a **** movie but it’s great fun"

Joshua Chit Tun's profile image

joshua_chit_tun shared a tip "Compelling. Would consider this and the first two films as "One Collection". Sara Connor reprises her role. "A New Timeline""

Kate Gamble-Watson's profile image

kate_gamble-watson shared a tip "Just not for me"

Pat Dusek's profile image

pat_dusek shared a tip "It’s a good movie. I watched this weekend."

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josh_goldberg_7151 shared a tip "I loved this movie. I watch terminator, T2, and terminator dark fate as my trilogy"

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MysteryLover shared a tip "Great movie!"

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destiny_sierra shared a tip "I watch this one yesterday it was really good I give it a 10/10"

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tony_price_9371 shared a tip "2 and this one were a 1a and 1b for me"

Food Food's profile image

food_food shared a tip "I thought this was actually okay!"

Adolfo Martinez's profile image

adolfo_martinez shared a tip "H"

Cody Blocker's profile image

AxialCody555 shared a tip "It was decent"

Cody Blocker's profile image

AxialCody555 shared a tip "Just seen it"

Don Faks's profile image

don_faks shared a tip "Love that movie 🎦..finally…"

jarrod_snook shared a tip "Loved this movie , full of action!!"

Ryan Avalos's profile image

ryan_avalos_9884 shared a tip "Hmmmmm! Bad!"

John Pickford's profile image

john_pickford shared a tip "If you like the terminator movies, it's worth watching"

tennessee_zentner shared a tip "This is my favorite terminator movie"

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ilostmyBacon shared a tip "#epic"

Royo Drawinz's profile image

royo_drawinz shared a tip "Of course not as good as the first 2 but still pretty good"

christian_h_7393 shared a tip "Fun action movie"

kirtina_harvey shared a tip "They brought back the original Sarah Connor and Terminator; and I like seeing how the franchise have evolved since the beginning."

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