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Siblings Kate and Teddy try to prove Santa Claus is real, but when they accidentally cause his sleigh to crash, they have to save Christmas.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2018-11-22

Runtime 104 minutes


TMDB 7.1


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "Just saw this movie with my kids. Such a great holiday movie! Highly recommend for a family movie night."

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sue shared a tip "Nice family movie for the holidays! A fun and heart warming adventure."

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lauracgeorge shared a tip "All over the place. Definitely messy and silly. Not great. But the sequel is actually pretty good. 😆"

melly_loveee shared a tip "Cute movie! Watch it for christmas time its perfect!"

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leah_rose_7496 shared a tip "Love this Christmas movie"

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khrysital_raleigh shared a tip "Loved this last year so defintely will re watch it :)"

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amanda_9077 shared a tip "A really great Christmas film!"

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bubby1 shared a tip "This was actually better then I remembered."

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ivette_baez shared a tip "Really good Christmas movie and Kurt Russell made a very sexy Santa."

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abigail_mcentire shared a tip "It’s a cute, family appropriate movie #family #adventure #fantasy #christmas"

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CrissiePooh shared a tip "I loved every minute of it!! 😍"

jebodire_hanks shared a tip "This movie is great for good feeling and a quick laugh. Would definitely recommend!"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "Really liked - Funny too"

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zaud shared a tip "a great cast together in a more modern take on the Christmas story."

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kgosal shared a tip "Great family movie about believing!"

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kathy_lovingshimer shared a tip "Loved this movie."

merissa_hastings shared a tip "I liked the first one way better then the second one"

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AB987 shared a tip "Kurt Russell has a great twist on Santa."

n_b_1803 shared a tip "Our new family favorite for Christmas time"

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Nocturne shared a tip "Starts & ends in Lowell, MA"

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trinady_forbes shared a tip "Love this"

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josie_sarrazin shared a tip "One of my favorite Christmas movies in a long time!!"

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sierra_lewis_2444 shared a tip "It was so delightful i liked cause its so family friendly and its funny to also i like the adventureness in it"

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amanda_kirchner_1203 shared a tip "Great family Christmas movie that i can watch every year."

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lily_benz shared a tip "A classic"

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jordan_dudgeon shared a tip "Just watched this for the first time!! I see why he's being considered the best Santa!!"

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andie_thompson shared a tip "Truly love this movie cant wait for the 2nd!"

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katelynn_price shared a tip "Great movie to watch with family"

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crystal_moreau shared a tip "Heartfelt family Christmas film with the cutest elves ever! Also Kurt Russell as Santa 🎅 5 stars!"

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nakita_johnson shared a tip "Super* Not sure if that makes sense ha ha"

chris_8188 shared a tip "Great movie"

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christopher_spencer_3418 shared a tip "Great movie can't wait for part 2 on the 25th of November"

emy_dallaire shared a tip "Best christmas movue ever"

harper_schwenzen shared a tip "Perfect Christmas movie for family movie night!"

hadia_828 shared a tip "Amazing movie for famiky on a snowny night"

ellie_ohanna shared a tip "loved it way more than the sequale"

awesome_user_793888 shared a tip "Good"

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felicity_frankland shared a tip "Very good christmas movie for the whole family."

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ahriaana_burnham shared a tip "It is my favorite Christmas movie ever!!!"

andrea_rahal shared a tip "Super cute to watch as a family"

lakota shared a tip "funny"

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carla_w_3203 shared a tip "It was funny"

lorena_5943 shared a tip "So cute, loved the movie i would watch this again"

jewelee_kranning shared a tip "One of my favorites. You feel the magic of Christmas!"

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j_ggg shared a tip "Loved the acting and action of the movie"

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x.x.x_valerie19 shared a tip "Amazing holiday movie"

macayla_fox shared a tip "was a nice feel good movie. had my boyfriend and I laughing a lot!"

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luyza_dominguez shared a tip "It was a fun and interesting movie"

rylie_mcdonough shared a tip "Loveeee"

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hunter_hawanczak shared a tip "1st was 100× better"

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zachary_schroeder shared a tip "A fun new take on Christmas movies and Santa Claus."

masebah_donzo_6306 shared a tip "It very good If you love adventure movies"

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ruth_heintz shared a tip "I had to watch Kurt Russell!"

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sophia_fantauzzo shared a tip "This is boud to be a classic"

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bethany_briscoe shared a tip "This was such a wonderful movie it was so cute 🥰"

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