The Sea Beast poster


The life of a legendary sea monster hunter is turned upside down when a young girl stows away on his ship.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2022-06-24

Runtime 119 minutes


TMDB 7.6


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "What an adventure! Whole family enjoyed this one ❤️"

Ta’Corei Brown's profile image

theefinalboy shared a tip "This was so cute and the animation was so good especially on the hair. 8/10"

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "A great movie for the whole family. It's cute and predictable, but it is a kid/family movie so it should be."

Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a half"

Norma Blanco's profile image

norma_blanco shared a tip "Great movie about sea monsters and friendship. Kind of reminds me of “How to train your Dragon”."

jonathan_david_whit shared a tip "Very cool movie! The visuals are amazing right from the beginning. Great for kids and adults!"

Red Reads's profile image

Yolken shared a tip "Holy crap this movie was adorable. It's semi-predictable but definitely has How to Train Your Dragon energy."

Danielle Henry's profile image

danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "Six year old and I loved it. Great animation and sweet storyline."

AJ Lastname's profile image

aj_the_swiftie shared a tip "Wowza"

Rita Whaley's profile image

rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "Hahaha loved when he tried to break the spear! Killed myself laughing"

Jacquelynne AB 's profile image

jacci_mathews-brown shared a tip "Love love love❤️ Loved Red the Beast and little Maisy."

Micheal Froom's profile image

micheal_froom shared a tip "Don’t even need children to enjoy this movie. Very highly recommended."

Sameer Rajakumar's profile image

sameer_rajakumar shared a tip "Great animated movie"

Fawn Mokulis's profile image

fawn_mokulis shared a tip "So cute. Seriously."

Necalli 's profile image

KittehLoaf shared a tip "My favorite animation movie so far! It’s so good and I highly recommend it!"

Lacey Maybee's profile image

lacey_maybee shared a tip "It’s a cute adventure flick 🥰"

Hoid :)'s profile image

abigail_grubbs shared a tip "Finally got around to watching this one, and I absolutely loved it! Such a fun movie, great for kids and adults."

Arlen Xander's profile image

arlen_xander shared a tip "I was honestly shocked at how good it was :0"

Ebony Wallace's profile image

Renewed5 shared a tip "Very cute movie! Maybe a little more for slightly younger students but it was beautifully made."

Jenn Paine's profile image

jenn_paine shared a tip "Really cute story, my kids enjoyed it and I found it quite adorable as well."

Lekita Thomas's profile image

lekita_t shared a tip "The Sea Beast is a great movie. The storyline is good. The voice actors were great and the animation was awesome."

Bella 🐝's profile image

wolfie_honey shared a tip "So cute! I can’t imagine the number of fanfics that will stem from this 😭"

cassidy_5052 shared a tip "Its a cute movie, lots of fun"

mckayla_133 shared a tip "Kid movie but enjoyed it good meaning"

Mariana Hillyard's profile image

mariana_hillyard shared a tip "This was a beautiful story. I liked it."

Holly Ross's profile image

holly_ross_5260 shared a tip "Basically how to train your dragon but sea monsters. Kid loved it."

Izabel Tracy's profile image

izabel_tracy shared a tip "This movie is an animated masterpiece!!! I love it so much, it’s right up there with httyd it’s that good. So cute"

Tinoka Premanath's profile image

tinoka_premanath shared a tip "THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD OMF LIKE ACTUALLY LOVED IT"

Maelei Rose 's profile image

maenerd shared a tip "This was a surprisingly good movie!"

Kim Pike Melcher's profile image

kim_pike_melcher shared a tip "Loved this little movie. ❤️ great family watch"

courtney_wolfe_1899 shared a tip "Really cute to watch with kiddos"

Denzel Madela's profile image

denzel_madela shared a tip "Though am against the message. It's too adult like."

Ashley Daniel's profile image

ashley_daniel_6812 shared a tip "Very cute and had a powerful ending. The whole movie was beautifully done with perfect animation and humor."

Joshua Chit Tun's profile image

joshua_chit_tun shared a tip "An unexpected journey, a story well told, to explore the unknown."

Brea Williams's profile image

brea_williams_8222 shared a tip "Love this movie and it has a good underlying message for the kids. A lot like how to train your dragon"

Lizi 's profile image

LiziKiziMi shared a tip "The best movie I’ve seen all year"

OliviaIce25 's profile image

oliviaice25 shared a tip "Good movie for all the family with a good message"

Madeline K's profile image

madeline_k_5773 shared a tip "Absolutely adorable and very entertaining"

Cluny Bertrand's profile image

cluny_bertrand shared a tip "It was a beautiful experience with stunning detail amazing music and come on its literally sea monster what else do you need"

awesome_user_199365 shared a tip "It’s cute but I think it would be a bit scary for young kids"

Debbie Searle's profile image

debbie_searle shared a tip "Best movie"

Jessica Grove's profile image

jessica_grove_5566 shared a tip "Tween & Mama both enjoyed this one! Very "How To Train Your Dragon"-ish."

Marilyn Moreno's profile image

marilyn_moreno shared a tip "It's so cute. I loved it."

Katerina Arroyos's profile image

katerina_arroyos shared a tip "It was very very cute. Somewhat reminiscent of How to Train Your Dragon"

Heather Johnson's profile image

heather_johnson_4115 shared a tip "Not into animation."

Dorothy Landis's profile image

dorothy_landis shared a tip "Oi"

Frankie Rodriguez's profile image

frankie_rodriguez_3043 shared a tip "Great remake or spin ofMoby Dick. Loved the animation and attention to detail."

Shelby Little's profile image

shelby_little shared a tip "Visually stunning! I personally feel like the story fell apart at the end. But still worth a watch!"

Liv 's profile image

aivilomills shared a tip "A lot of love went into this film. Great character design, animation, story, voice acting. Will def watch again!"

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