To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You poster


Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their romance from pretend to officially real when another recipient of one of her love letters enters the picture.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2020-02-12

Runtime 102 minutes


TMDB 6.9


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Cassie shared a tip "It’s like all those cheeses rom com books you devoured in your early teens came to life."

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nick_karlsons shared a tip "Cute"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just as fun as the first one!"

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_2005 shared a tip "🌟3/5🌟 not as good as the first one"

Anna Wieland's profile image

anna_wieland shared a tip "I absolutely loved the story line. Highly recommend"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "First One Was Better This Still Had Charm Really Love The Main Actress Refreshing To See An Asian Lead"

Shrek 's profile image

fionat.26 shared a tip "So cute. Some amazing actors. Jenny Han always does amazing turning her books into movies!"

Kelsey 's profile image

kelseyannb shared a tip "Best new series in this genre in a decade, easily."

Emme 's profile image

emme_T shared a tip "Adorable!"

Whisper 🤎's profile image

whisperbabyxoxo shared a tip "Ugh I love this movie and the sequels so much!!"

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rebelbooks101 shared a tip "Was excited for this but was disappointed at the end but still like this series overall"

letícia n's profile image

letcia_n shared a tip "cheesy asf"

Josh Elman's profile image

josh_elman shared a tip "Enjoyed the original a little more than the sequel, but it is always fun to spend more time with these characters"

Birdet Vods's profile image

birdet_vods shared a tip "So cute 😭😭"

Camryn Kelley's profile image

camryn_kelley_3488 shared a tip "I watch the to all the boys series all the time. I watch them when I want a romance like my bf and mine"

kathryn_borman shared a tip "It was all wonderful"

mariah 's profile image

mariah_taylor_ shared a tip "great show"

Chopy 's profile image

Chopy_1020 shared a tip "Me too"

jacky mcdonald's profile image

jacky_mcdonald shared a tip "It’s so cute"

zarianlys_ramirez shared a tip "It’s just amazing I don’t even know how to describe it"

plant lover's profile image

plantlover shared a tip "I love love love this series of movies, but out of all 3, this is definitely my least favorite one"

angie_white_8653 shared a tip "Great cast and storyline"

kayleigh_dk25 shared a tip "I’m still trying to figure that out!! any recommendations??"

francesca_gonzalez_6315 shared a tip "It was so cute and adorable and one of the best teen romance books ever"

Savannah Stringer's profile image

savannah_stringer_267 shared a tip "Omg I watched it with my sister and it was such great bonding and one day I will relate to it"

charmele brinson's profile image

charmele_brinson shared a tip "I seen this movie I feel like it was rushed the first one was better"

Chloe 's profile image

chloe_6662 shared a tip "The movies wa da good there rom cons an di love Romance and Tom cons and I wanna read the books"

nicole_c_3756 shared a tip "Honestly I just love all the parts like the whole entire movie is so interesting!"

bianca_newton shared a tip "Not as good as the first and the second book is waaaaay better but it is cute and I love the actors."

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lilyan_gibson shared a tip "I loved this movie, I had so many different emotions."

Abigail Campbell's profile image

abigail_campbell_4509 shared a tip "really good movie"

Megan Paul's profile image

megan_paul shared a tip "Yep Lara Jean"

Hailey Riley's profile image

hailey_riley shared a tip "Yes"

Bella Ratnest's profile image

bella_ratnest shared a tip "Just like the first one but a different plot"

Alejandra Gomez's profile image

alejandra_gomez shared a tip "This movie was great :3 #recommendations"

kaytlynn_fowler shared a tip "So freaking cute and upbeat. It’s so feel good and sweet. I love Jordan Fisher in this role."

Aneshia Turner's profile image

aneshia_turner shared a tip "Loved this sequel, I’m team John Ambrose this time."

nequanda_bass shared a tip "Enjoyed this movie. I had popcorn watching it."

Thomas Tompkins's profile image

tom_dogtompkins shared a tip "I loved this movie series, but this personally has me thinking about how my love life is going in high school."

paige_miller_3080 shared a tip "Very lovey dovey"

Allie Z's profile image

allie_z shared a tip "Who doesnt love a good love story ♡"

Taliyah Jefferson's profile image

taliyah_jefferson shared a tip "I Love it"

Amika Brown's profile image

amika_brown shared a tip "Cute!"

Kelly Rae's profile image

kelly_rae_7825 shared a tip "One of the cutest movies ever!"

Roxy Jones's profile image

roxy_jones shared a tip "No"

Connie Mac's profile image

connie_mac shared a tip "I loved it! I bawled like a teenage girl."

Willafred Patel's profile image

willafred_patel shared a tip "Second movie"

Destiny Sierra's profile image

destiny_sierra shared a tip "9/10"

Steph Castaneda's profile image

steph_castaneda shared a tip "Heads up, they changed the actors. It's okay, I wish there was either more drama or cheesy things. It seemed bland."

giuliaa shared a tip "cute but enjoyed the first one better."

Chante Eagleshield's profile image

chante_eagleshield shared a tip "This Movie Is My Favorite And I'm Sure It Will Be Yours As Well"

Mymy Dixon's profile image

mymy_dixon shared a tip "Omg you need to which this"

Mia🌻🍯 's profile image

Miajanebrakel shared a tip "It’s part 2 so u could do a marathon or save it for another night"

Deborah Julia's profile image

deborah_julia shared a tip "yup"

Sophie Kreuz's profile image

sophie_kreuz shared a tip "Amazing rom com"

Makenna George's profile image

makenna_george shared a tip "It was a love story that started off as fake and move to real am not going to spoil any more just go watch it"

susan_kansier shared a tip "I absolutely loved this movie. The two leads had great chemistry. Looking forward to the third installment."

Tasneem Khan's profile image

tasneem_khan shared a tip "One of my fav movies yet"

Kippy 's profile image

kipyip shared a tip "Didn't disappoint being a continuation of To All The Boys I've Loved Before!"

nyssa_m shared a tip "Best romance , comedy movie ever ."

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rosi_smith_4459 shared a tip "It was really interesting and I really liked her sister she was really funny"

Nohemí Bueno's profile image

nohem_bueno shared a tip "Best movie ever"

Ashleigh Bradley's profile image

ashleigh_bradley shared a tip "The first movie was better, this is a good background sound movie if you’ve watched the first one"

caitlyn mattoon's profile image

caitlyn_mattoon_5847 shared a tip "Love this series !"

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meg.m shared a tip "a great series to get sucked into!"

fatima amaya's profile image

fatima_amaya shared a tip "Very good movie"

marely_jimenez shared a tip "Yeah it the same one but the first one and the one you watched was the second one"

lara_welty shared a tip "It’s an amazing movie if you want to whatch a classic"

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kreative_kira shared a tip "SO cute and i loved Jordan fisher"

Sana Dharani's profile image

sana_dharani shared a tip "And definite watch"

marlana robertson's profile image

marlana_robertson shared a tip "#romance"

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jazlyn_bell shared a tip "It’s a very good romance and a little bit of drama"

Nice Ferjuste's profile image

nice_ferjuste shared a tip "I liked it because it was a teen movie and that kind of thing would've happened to me"

yoaris_cruz shared a tip "Its a really good movie. The acting is amazing & everything about this movie is just so interesting & beautiful."

charlotte_7293 shared a tip "It was good"

jori_cohen shared a tip "❤️❤️"

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rylee_nicole_5267 shared a tip "Idk but i love it"

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dalia_georgianna shared a tip "Peefect for your iner teen"

Briana Rachelle's profile image

briana_rachelle shared a tip "Loved them both"

Ävëłÿñ J's profile image

v_j_5925 shared a tip "I love the romance and highcshool setting in it"

reese_johnson_2346 shared a tip "Its a perfect Chick Flick"

Grayson LaPere's profile image

grayson_lapere shared a tip "i just loved the plot and the overall stuff tgat happened"

Joy Hill's profile image

joy_hill shared a tip "Love this movie!"

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meredith_hein shared a tip "Can’t wait for the next one!"

Sunflower._. Nation's profile image

sunflower._._nation shared a tip "Love this series"

Arielle Trott's profile image

arielle_trott shared a tip "It was just releving there was a second and I love love loooooved it"

lea_eaton shared a tip "I actually didn’t read the book"

natalie_2329 shared a tip "I do love the first one and the third one...although the second one was not my fav but was still pretty good. 😁😁"

Triniti Harrison's profile image

triniti_harrison_5820 shared a tip "LOVE THIS OMG!!!!!"

Madeline 's profile image

madeline_4707 shared a tip "I wanted her to be with the new boy instead of peter"

swati_gulati shared a tip "Love this series"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "Good"

Rida Jawed's profile image

rida_jawed shared a tip "Amazing plot and acting"

Karmyn Smith 's profile image

karmyn_smith shared a tip "It's good."

Trena Barnett's profile image

trena_barnett shared a tip "Jordan Fisher steals the show in my opinion"

Michele Leonard's profile image

michele_leonard shared a tip "LUV!!"

Joana Lagunas's profile image

joana_lagunas shared a tip "If you've seen the movie than you are absolutely amazing."

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nolm shared a tip "@serenabaker I don't think I have a favorite part, I love the whole movie."

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