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When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated when they find themselves unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-07-10

Runtime 90 minutes

Revenue $0.2m


TMDB 7.3


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Princess shared a tip "Such a fun film. Short, sweet, moves quickly. I loved seeing a different side of Andy Sambetg and Cristin Miliotti shines!"

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mco shared a tip "Hidden gem. Darkly humorous and witty, infinite temporal loop plot (yes, another one)."

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kaydon_cameron shared a tip "Loved it. Great feel good movie. #romance #comedy #science_fiction #feelgood"

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josh_elman shared a tip "Don’t read a lot before you watch it. Just enjoy it. It took a few minutes to get into, but once it did, I loved it. Loved it."

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chad_cooper shared a tip "First half was great... it dragged a bit thereafter, but a comedy worth the watch."

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alan_sherin shared a tip "A cute and entertaining romp. Just go with it! The performances are fun and engaging."

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Rob.Wolf shared a tip "A perfectly acceptable thing to watch if you are stuck at home in the midst of a global pandemic."

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justina_fu shared a tip "Likewise recommended this to me and my husband and I just watched it. So funny!"

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thehebrewhammer shared a tip "This was a great comedic take on the time loop trope"

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rebecca_brines shared a tip "Super funny! If you enjoy Andy in Brooklyn 9 9, and that type of humor in general, you'll like this movie!"

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luanna shared a tip "It’s basically a sci-fi rom-com, which feels more natural watching than it sounds. Enjoyable watch."

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carla_craddock shared a tip "Hilarious"

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andrew_abbey shared a tip "As far as rom coms go, 10/10"

sidney_williams shared a tip "A fun and clever delight."

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ananth_christy shared a tip "#afternoon watch. Comedic"

cary-anne shared a tip "Smart comedy"

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jim_morgan shared a tip "Best comedy for 2020 hands down"

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kelseyb shared a tip "An lighthearted and easy watch which was funnier than I’d expected!"

lorrie_mcfadden shared a tip "Excellent. Funny, weird and well done."

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nicky_snyder shared a tip "#nickytsuggestsuc"

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victoria_medrano shared a tip "Very funny. Entertaining whole way through."

katlyn_ shared a tip "i love this movie!! my favorite would have to be the last scene!! how about you?"

uli_s shared a tip "So fun!!!"

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cate_gore shared a tip "This movie had random dinosaurs! This is a movie we all need during the pandemic."

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richard_bissonnette shared a tip "Modern day Groundhog Day. Great characters and funny dialogue."

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amber_yandle shared a tip "So funny! It's Groundhog Day meets SNL."

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macinzie_owen shared a tip "Lots of giggles"

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christopher_shaner shared a tip "Basically a remake of Groundhog Day, but a cool spin on it! Also one of the better rom-coms I've ever seen."

brian_london shared a tip "Very funny and original"

jesse_volk shared a tip "Incredible. Deserves so much attention. Comedy, sci fi romance done right!!"

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lise_deary shared a tip "Loved it!"

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megan_currie shared a tip "Such a cute movie!"

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peter_alvarez_8431 shared a tip "Is it proper to LIKE Your own recommendation? Lol"

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nascent_ancient shared a tip "Fun crazy watch. Groundhogs day but not."

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hazel_bridgeman shared a tip "There was nothing I didn't like about this movie. Fantastic romcom. My hubby and I both loved it."

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memuna_epemolu shared a tip "It was a cute movie"

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georgia_s_8596 shared a tip "The Groundhog Day trope never gets old."

boo_boo_2959 shared a tip "So good! I only watched it because I love Andy Samberg and it totally surpassed my expectations."

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bryanbestill shared a tip "Comical. Cheesy. Cute. What else could you want?"

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tamera66 shared a tip "Updated version of Groundhog Day"

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mynameistaken shared a tip "If Groundhog Day and 50 Dates had a baby, and that baby looked like Andy Samberg."

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le_1689 shared a tip "Loved It"

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sarah_mulligan_9345 shared a tip "So good!"

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jennifer_stack-risko shared a tip "Fantastic movie!"

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ashley_bedenbaugh shared a tip "I really really enjoyed this movie!"

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rerl shared a tip "Guys it's brooklyn nine nine man"

jocelyn_wray shared a tip "It's a fun one! Give it a go 😉"

charles_carreon shared a tip "Wow. This movie was genuinely such a fun watch would recommend!!!"

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hamdi_yusif shared a tip "It’s really good!"

vicki_ford shared a tip "No I didn’t I never saw it"

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julie_bede shared a tip "The perfect movie! So funny and clever!"

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tracy_dauterman shared a tip "Legit funny, watch it - you’ll love it!"

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ester_2025 shared a tip "I love this movie so much. It was a great escape from reality."

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chelsea_lucero shared a tip "Sooo great!"

bob_barker_2486 shared a tip "Did not expect much, but ended up really enjoying. Actually was one of the better movies I have seen lately."

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cole_hetz shared a tip "I love the lonely island and this movie was SO GOOD"

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sara_francis shared a tip "Groundhogs Day on acid. Enjoy 😁"

shelly_wenzel shared a tip "I thought the whole movie was good. It's an interesting twist on the whole groundhog day concept."

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hunter_gomez shared a tip "Jake peralta in a time loop"

julian_lemke shared a tip "Sort of a cute, goofy take on Groundhog's Day"

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christa_coulter-sco shared a tip "We laughed our asses off!"

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jilina_mercier shared a tip "it’s pretty good. comedy with a scifi element."

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meara_stephens shared a tip "It was sooo funny and inloved the characters"

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kimberly_harpe shared a tip "Don't bother with a trailer. Just trust me and watch it! 🤣🤣🤣"

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carly_robertson_6732 shared a tip "Groundhog day"

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moviebuff420 shared a tip "Awesome flick. New age take on Groundhog Day. Hilarious and heartfelt."

brittany_rednower shared a tip "Funny and a little sci-fi like."

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jade_taylor_3188 shared a tip "It’s really good !!!"

cortney_stokes shared a tip "Not your average movie 👍🏾"

anaisa_kalita shared a tip "It was so good! I’m usually a TV series person but I’m trying to watch more movies :)"

maria_alvia shared a tip "Did not expect to like this but this was really funny! And also so sweet!"

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benjamin_catus shared a tip "A good twist on the time loop trope"

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manvir_matharu shared a tip "Pure fun!!!"

kimmyfae shared a tip "Loved this! I’ll be honest, was unsure at the beginning, but it was so well written"

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jacob_weiers shared a tip "Probably his "you have one sentence" speech! What's yours?"

bobbie_hinton shared a tip "Wasn’t sure what to expect but loved this movie! Laughed out loud!"

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nicole_oechsle shared a tip "Yes! An absolute must watch!"

ashley_eckert shared a tip "I went into it not knowing what it was about....I suggest you do the same! Very entertaining! I enjoyed it! Light And funny"

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sam_austin shared a tip "Best movie I've watched all year. Andy Samberg is good in everything!"

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makinna_belvoir shared a tip "Give it a few minutes! I was a little weirded out in the beginning but it gets good!"

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sunny_1829 shared a tip "Refreshing rom com"

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robyn_eagles shared a tip "Mindless comedy with a groundhog day plotline. Silly rom-com, but not horrible."

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stacy_charnay shared a tip "I love the JK Simmons character,"

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angela_forsyth shared a tip "This was so delightful"

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stephanie_white_9204 shared a tip "Light hearted, funny film"

elly_aub shared a tip "Really funny. Definitely going to watch it again."

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rolf_donders shared a tip "Surprisingly good - a joy to watch!"

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kathryn_sawyer shared a tip "Super hilarious! Recommend watching if you're looking for a good movie for a lazy weekend."

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kelsey_amundson shared a tip "I dont know about you but I could watch this movie over and over again. #comedy #andysamberg"

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beka_lynn shared a tip "So different then what I expected in a great unique way!"

theresa_m shared a tip "Just turned it on to calibrate my tv video settings and was quickly hooked. The cast is outstanding!"

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jeyleith shared a tip "Fun film, hilarious moments, a feel good movie perfect on a sunday morning. Thanks @jrmy_henrard for the reco."

angie_price-hales shared a tip "It wa