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A romantic comedy anthology series which follows a different protagonist each season on the journey from first love to last love, with each half-hour episode chronicling one of their relationships.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-05-27

Last Air Date 2021-11-11

Seasons 2

Episodes 20


TMDB 7.4


Luanna Williams's profile image

luanna shared a tip "Did not expect to like this as much as I did! Season 2 was even better than the first! Can't wait to see who they cast next!"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "Beautiful writing. Anna Kendrick is fantastic!"

Mama Chef's profile image

mama_chef shared a tip "This was a surprise like for me. I love the complexity of all the chatacters and the real life comedic moments."

Sunshine Mulligan's profile image

sunshine_mulligan shared a tip "Good actors in series that mirrors real life"

steven_lacy shared a tip "I binged season 2. Good quick watch with episodes only 30 minutes each. Great story."

steven_lacy shared a tip "Good show!"

Brick 's profile image

brooke_hamblin_9536 shared a tip "As frustrating as dating in real life"

Sarrah Anderson's profile image

sarrah_anderson shared a tip "I absolutely loved this show it made you think and feel. It was just great!"

Kim St-Amour's profile image

kim_st-amour_9996 shared a tip "I cry, a new way to discovery Anna Kendrick"

Stephanie Silkman's profile image

stephanie_silkman shared a tip "I liked the first season but the second season was far less interesting to me"

Stacey Wilkins's profile image

stacey_wilkins shared a tip "Soo good!"

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Love Anna Hendrick, love this show and the cast speaks on each episode which is cool #relatable #lovelife #bingeworthy"

Natalia Muñoz's profile image

natalia_muoz_9413 shared a tip "This is just the ultimate love story. Very refreshing!"

Autumn Marie's profile image

autumn_marie_8125 shared a tip "I loved season 1 so much I binge watched it all night! I was bummed that season two had different characters."

Irina Beck's profile image

irina_beck shared a tip "Binge watched this one. Good show about reminiscing the 20s & 30s"

anttonia shared a tip "How do you watch it"

Hilary Hartje's profile image

hilary_hartje shared a tip "This show is so great! So relatable"

Makenly's life's profile image

makenlys_life shared a tip "I love them all. I can’t really pick one either"

Jasan 's profile image

jasan shared a tip "I think so."

laura_shute shared a tip "This was fun. Worth watching."

dee_hagen shared a tip "Loved this series. Funny and relatable."

Jennifer Michelle's profile image

jennifer_michelle_7995 shared a tip "I was completely hooked in 10 minutes. It was like watching your best friend find love."

margot_menzel shared a tip "It’s so good and relatable!!!!"

Carrie Pfeifer's profile image

carrie_pfeifer shared a tip "Love love LOVE this show about all types of love. Perfection."

Sarah 's profile image

sarah_6791 shared a tip "Great twist on the traditional rom-com"

Maggie Waldmann's profile image

maggie_waldmann shared a tip "Finished it and immediately watched it again. Realistic, hilarious, heartbreaking, and addicting!!"

Paul Gayle's profile image

paul_gayle shared a tip "So good! Anna Kendrick is great in the 1st season. Love the story, characters... can't wait to get into the 2nd season."

Paul Gayle's profile image

paul_gayle shared a tip "I feel like this is one of the best roles I've seen Anna Kendrick in.. MUST WATCH"

Joseph Kap's profile image

joseph_kap shared a tip "Bfhj"

Carol-Ann Dickinson's profile image

carol.ann shared a tip "Well constructed considering there's a complete story in a 30 minute episode. Very realistic, loved the actors."

magen_beyer shared a tip "Easy watch"

Alyssa Obert's profile image

alyssa_obert shared a tip "Love anna kendrick"

AWolfblood 's profile image

beeswaxnotyoursllc shared a tip "I haven't seen this, it just won't let me undo the seen button."

Anee Vigueras Duarte's profile image

anee_vigueras_duarte shared a tip "Great story line"

Harmony Baham's profile image

harmony_baham shared a tip "Such a great show! Laughed, cried and binged."

lindsey_pappalardo shared a tip "Such a touching way to look back on how your relationships shape your life for the good and the bad. Great cast!"

kathryn camberos's profile image

kathryn_camberos shared a tip "Absolutely love this show!!!! I haven’t stopped watching it!"

Renita 's profile image

neetsreads shared a tip "Excellent character development and fun to see how each main character’s lives unfold over the course of the series."

Allyson Ford's profile image

allyson_ford shared a tip "So funny and relateable!"

victoria vendemia's profile image

victoria62 shared a tip "Great show! Easy to binge watch"

Melyssa Prince's profile image

melyssa57 shared a tip "Love, love Anna Kendrick!"

lori_miles shared a tip "This was such a great show!"

alina_faith_russell shared a tip "I love this movie its the best"

Samantha Lipscomb's profile image

samantha_lipscomb shared a tip "The characters were so likeable and the story was relatable. Also i just love Anna Kendrick so win, win!"

monica_greene shared a tip "Excellent character development and story lines. Very relatable and well done. I can’t wait for the next season!"

Josiane Stratis's profile image

josiane_stratis shared a tip "Perfect Light show"

Klaudia Sokolowski's profile image

klaudia_sokolowski shared a tip "This felt so real and relatable. Loved every moment of it!"

Style Crisis's profile image

style_crisis shared a tip "Inspirational and motivational, it taught me a lot about loving myself and putting my needs first"

Jessica Browning's profile image

jessica_browning shared a tip "Anna kendrick"

joanne_peng_6284 shared a tip "#romance #comedy #relationships #dating"

Jordan Seay's profile image

jordan_seay shared a tip "Because Anna Kendrick can do no wrong."

Mandy Martin's profile image

mandy_martin_841 shared a tip "Great show."

monica_reksiedler shared a tip "Loved it! ❤️"

Valerie Pighin's profile image

valerie_pighin shared a tip "Love Anna Kendrick!"

Danielle Benally's profile image

dni24 shared a tip "Yeah, if you like romcoms."

Dawn Roughan-Bausley's profile image

dawn_roughan-bausley shared a tip "Loved loved loved this. Couldn’t stop watching!!"

kimberly_albring shared a tip "This is great show, I don't know why it doesn't get more love."

Charlie 's profile image

charlie_2140 shared a tip "One if the most wise and realistic shows. I've watched it twice and gets better each time"

Sharon Mackenzie's profile image

sharon_mackenzie shared a tip "Light, romantic"

Jessica Neukirchner's profile image

jessica_neukirchner shared a tip "Anna Kendrick is the best!"

Kendall V's profile image

kendall_v shared a tip "Hilarious, real and gritty."

angela_nicholson shared a tip "This show is under the radar but so good! And an unexpected ending"

Cat Nova's profile image

cat_nova shared a tip "It was cute had great stories and I liked the narrative."

Jennifer Phelps's profile image

jennifer_phelps shared a tip "I watched the whole season in 1 night!"

Brooke Adams's profile image

brooke_adams_4999 shared a tip "Best show I have seen in a long time"

kimmyfae shared a tip "Watched it in a single sitting. Incredible. #romance #comedy"

Alana Dickerhoof's profile image

alana_dickerhoof shared a tip "Loved this. #bingeworthy"

Soralei 's profile image

soralei shared a tip "Just binged all episodes"

Victoria Clark's profile image

victoria_clark_5589 shared a tip "Incredible"

ptrchrlght shared a tip "this was such an authentic, gut-wrenching way to show love. i loved both seasons."

Olivia Esteireiro's profile image

oliviaest shared a tip "SO GOOD"

katy_shaffer shared a tip "Relatable, romantic, funny"

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