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A father recounts to his children - through a series of flashbacks - the journey he and his four best friends took leading up to him meeting their mother.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2005-09-19

Last Air Date 2014-03-31

Seasons 9

Episodes 208


TMDB 8.1


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "Patrick Nielsen’s is great in this comedy!"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "Love NPH"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "NPH love him"

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franciska_bakker_sephton shared a tip "Still relevant? Not sure. NPH is amazeballz"

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lydia_britton_9120 shared a tip "I watched this in syndication while I was up at night"

pookerbug13 shared a tip "One of my favs"

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hazel_lourenzo shared a tip "favorite show"

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gaki-kun shared a tip "Kind of misogynistic and well long but i liked it somehow, good to have a few awkward laughs"

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elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "Neil patrick harris is my spirt animal"

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amy_garlitz shared a tip "I Loved this show! Just skip the last season."

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katie_monroe_2269 shared a tip "Love this one"

nick_149 shared a tip "Best, show (wait for it..) ever!!"

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courtney_cannon shared a tip "Funny show, horrible ending"

samia shared a tip "AMAZING SHOW! Can’t stop thinking about it watched it 3x (no joke)"

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teri_milnes shared a tip "Hilarious"

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frank_sims shared a tip "Exactly, very good show"

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ella.jacobs shared a tip "This is pretty good but not my favorite show"

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carlos_lahitte shared a tip "A lot of that ending was rushed, but ultimately I get why it was planned and I'm not as torn about it."

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anadely_galindrez shared a tip "When robin gets married"

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bit_t shared a tip "This one has its problematic bits, but it was pretty good."

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noel_schafer shared a tip "I loved it!!! So funny and relatable!"

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edgar_gonzalez-luna shared a tip "Absolutely!"

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deleted_user_1623047153940 shared a tip "100% takes a long time to finish but I've watched it so many times that I've lost count"

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robert_myatt shared a tip "One of the few sitcoms I actually enjoyed. Has some truly fantastic writing at times."

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chase_walker shared a tip "I'm on my fourth time watching it"

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kellen_eckert shared a tip "Who's yours?"

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lydia_clapp shared a tip "It's hard to pick one season as my favorite. I will say I like any of the Robin sparkled episodes."

roy_pfaender shared a tip "Season 2"

shd shared a tip "Well, I don’t like it as much as Friends but still fun to watch."

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tracie_mathis shared a tip "Finally watched every episode . wow. I am one of those people that LOVED the finale."

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brittney_burrell shared a tip "The slap of 1000 suns"

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deema_ahmad shared a tip "nice sitcom but not the best ending"

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heather_larose shared a tip "I'll watch it daily if I could. It's all good"

tracy_s_6679 shared a tip "I thought it was an ok ending but not the best. You?"

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aidan_steinbauer shared a tip "One of the funniest shows I've ever watched"

emma_w_4167 shared a tip "Barney for sure wbu?"

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danni_clouser shared a tip "I loved this show as well but I thought the ending could of been better. Wasn't what I was expecting."

cait_hill shared a tip "Parts of it didnt age well, and theblast season was pointless. But easy going humor for the most part."

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landry.22 shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious, perfect to binge-watch, amazing storyline❤️"

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mohn_julaney shared a tip "this is the best show in the world if you don't watch the last two episodes <3"

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jessica_clausen shared a tip "Honestly I have so many and it really depends on my mood but probably Doctor Who!"

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brooke_mounce shared a tip "So worth it! I've watched it multiple times, my husband and I reference this show several times a week even 😂"

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "It’s great but the ending ruined it"

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kimberly_walker_9521 shared a tip "So good!!! It gets better as the seasons progress."

max_trottier shared a tip "Very funny"

nathan_pham shared a tip "Funny and light-hearted"

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charlie_2140 shared a tip "Scrubs!"

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brittany_toll_4774 shared a tip "Great show to binge watch! Loved each character and was my go to show for a while! In my top 10 fav"

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melanie_rivera_9739 shared a tip "This is one of my favorites. Also that 70’s show"

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deleted_user_1623441188467 shared a tip "Liked it right up until the last season."

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randomnes shared a tip "I started Shameless recently and have been enjoying that. I think there are 10 seasons so, there is plenty to watch."

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philip_thomas_4730 shared a tip "The introduction of the BroCode"

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jessica_arora shared a tip "It is. I really liked it"

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sarah_parish_4418 shared a tip "Yeah it's funny I have only watched a few shows though in the past"

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____1116 shared a tip "Yes but it's better in the earlier seasons. I was disappointed at the least season or 2 but still a fun show"

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jes_mason shared a tip "I didn't love it, but am glad we got to know her a little bit at least."

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soni_mar shared a tip "Mi fix after friends ended, I loved how it was less inocent, i mean Barney..."

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madiha_khan shared a tip "No the ending was a disappointment"

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karen_me shared a tip "Or trasi"

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gracie_hicklin shared a tip "there are too many to pick from!!"

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blake_rose_475 shared a tip "It really is the absolute best show to binge watch"

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shawn_northey shared a tip "Gotta be Barney Stinson"

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shannon_t shared a tip "I literally watch this show every night."

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paul_gayle shared a tip "Have you met Ted?"

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sister_diamond shared a tip "AMAZING"

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max_jenkins shared a tip "Besides the finale, I loved the show"

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courtney_bates_7161 shared a tip "So. Many. Twists. Haha. The drama, tears, and laughter are worth every single second!"

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logan_cake shared a tip "Top 5 sitcom"

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