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In the near future, Sophie tells her son the story of how she met his father: a story that catapults us back to the year 2021 where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-01-18

Last Air Date 2023-03-21

Seasons 2

Episodes 30


TMDB 7.0


nick karlsons's profile image

nick_karlsons shared a tip "Excellent"

Sienna Araya 's profile image

SiennaAraya shared a tip "Unfortunately wasn't funny at all."

Mara 's profile image

tomatotainment shared a tip "This personally is on par with Girl Meets World when it comes to reboots"

Jamilah 's profile image

juhmeeluh shared a tip "Considering I’ve never seen How I Met Your Mother, I think it’s pretty good. Binged it in a day."

ivebeencalledfunny shared a tip "hilary my queen"

Ashley Tyndall's profile image

ashley_tyndall shared a tip "I really like what they have done with this one."

JoeyMarie 's profile image

joeymarie shared a tip "This is what happens when trying ride the coattails of greatness. Very bad."

Olivia Washington's profile image

olivia_washington_7206 shared a tip "Such a cute new show! Looking forward to Season 2 already! The wardrobe is spot on too!"

Katelyn Andersen's profile image

katelyn_andersen_3208 shared a tip "Horrible, just don’t. trust me "

jenna_cote shared a tip "*This- apparently no way to edit after posting"

nelia_masciotra shared a tip "Loved loved loved it"

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "what the actual f*ck is this"

Jade Dunaway's profile image

jade_dunaway_2869 shared a tip "It is an ok show but you need to understand how I met your mother"

TheMisFitP 's profile image

themisfitp shared a tip "Loving the new season, i wish there were more episodes per season😪"

Ryan Schlip's profile image

ryan_schlip shared a tip "It's cute, but definitely not living up to the hype."

Jennifer Gorton's profile image

jennifer_gorton shared a tip "100% loved it!"

josh_phillips_4035 shared a tip "Seemed fake and trying to hard."

Tiffany Dettloff's profile image

tiffany_dettloff shared a tip "Loved it!"

Tina Kaczynski's profile image

tina_kaczynski shared a tip "Wanna see this?"

Arkita Courtney's profile image

arkita_courtney shared a tip "If u haven't watched how I met ur mother u won't get it plz go back and watch that first it's the 2nd show"

Kita Courtney's profile image

qveer_qveen17 shared a tip "Loved this so happy they made a spin off"

Melissa Fisher Swan's profile image

melissa_fisher_swan shared a tip "Love this!!"

lindsay_dunlea shared a tip "Trash"

Camilla Aubrey's profile image

camilla_aubrey shared a tip "Soooo cheesy and a little cringy but I still kinda like it. Let’s be honest, I’m here for Hilary!"

Maryana Koval's profile image

maryana_koval shared a tip "A modern take on the classic of How I Met your mother, not as good as the original but engaging enough to come back for season 2"

Emily David's profile image

emily_david_3455 shared a tip "Not as good as HIMYM, but I look forward to getting into it more when more episodes come out."

Dragon1222 Fruit's profile image

dragon1222_fruit shared a tip "This one"

Stephanie Thompson's profile image

stephanie_thompson_6038 shared a tip "Reminded me of "Young and Hungry", and "Baby Daddy" type shows. I liked it though."

Courtney King's profile image

courtney_king_1112 shared a tip "Very funny"

Keiko 's profile image

hightidesapphic shared a tip "bad reboot attempt"

Zet29RN 's profile image

Zet29RN shared a tip "Cheesy but liking it so far...has Lizzie Mcquire aka Hilary Duff...bonus!"

jennifer_fraser shared a tip "Loved it! Happy escapism"

meagan_allen_8554 shared a tip "Yes but not as good as the original!"

Willy G's profile image

willy_g_6133 shared a tip "Watched the Pilot and ❤️ seeing Kim Cattral, Hillary Duff on my 📺 screen"

Cera Uno Philia's profile image

cerawr shared a tip "Not sure if I like it just because of Hillary duff🤔"

gaozouapa_vue shared a tip "The Morning Show!"

Adel 's profile image

adelaltz shared a tip "Im skeptical but lets see how this goes"

Celt Ward's profile image

celt_ward shared a tip "Great successor to the original!"

Traé Hicks's profile image

tra_hicks shared a tip "Pretty well balanced cast and it was funny overall! Definitely a comfort show of mine. Can’t wait for season 2."

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