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Yuki Cross, along with her best friend Zero, attempts to keep the peace between humans and vampires at Cross Academy, but personal issues soon threaten the situation.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2008-04-08

Last Air Date 2008-12-30

Seasons 2

Episodes 26


TMDB 8.4


Layla T's profile image

layla_bugg shared a tip "I don't like like this series..."

Foxx Black's profile image

foxx_black shared a tip "Cause its a vampire show on Netflix."

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "The anime TVD highly recommend."

Abby Hansen's profile image

deer.abby.hansen shared a tip "This show kinda sucks but it's also kinda perfect. Definitely worth a watch just as a guilty pleasure sort of thing"

Kelly Liza's profile image

kelly_liza shared a tip "LOL"

J 's profile image

XxGraeyxX shared a tip "It’s so bad *stifles laughter* which makes it *chef’s kiss*"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "I don’t recoomend it sucks"

Jaxxson_yolll 's profile image

jaxzson_2453 shared a tip "Love it i feel a love triangle coming along 😃😃😌😌😊!!!!!!!"

Jean Leishman's profile image

jean_leishman shared a tip "On Netflix 26 episodes"

Jessie Henley's profile image

Jessajessajess shared a tip "Adorable and the animation is amazing! It keeps you engaged. The characters are well developed and the action is great."

Jay 's profile image

jay_6127 shared a tip "Cool"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Intriguing"

Kylah Sutton's profile image

kylah_sutton shared a tip "Trash, but my kind of trash"

Isosceles Triangle's profile image

isosceles_triangle shared a tip "Get drunk and hit play for instant twilight meets psyc ward"

Pipe Fox's profile image

fox_dragon shared a tip "Actually a good reverse harem (harem aimed for female audience) with a vampire theme. #BetterThanTwilight"

kennedy_boyd_2241 shared a tip "this was one of my first animes. i would say that it is worth watching!"

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Cute and good"

Lola Rue's profile image

lola_7424 shared a tip "My 14-year old daughter really liked it"

audra_gummerson shared a tip "I really liked it"

Paige Anderson's profile image

Slytherin_SweetPea shared a tip "Hate this show. So much, couldn't watch more than I few episodes."

Jamiya Mayfield's profile image

jamiya_mayfield shared a tip "I started to cry because there no more seasons 😭😭"

asharia_shari shared a tip "Loved it wished it didn't end"

Bobby Sue's profile image

bobby_sue shared a tip "This is random but I liked the first episode because it hooked me into the show"

yoboi37 shared a tip "I’m sooo sad that there isn’t another season... this show is soooo underrated. My favorite anime of all time!!!!"

Alexis V.'s profile image

alexis_v. shared a tip "OMG IT IS SO GOOD‼️"

Bowls of soup's profile image

kayloo shared a tip "Ummm vampire incest... I love zero and the story was definitely super interesting, but it has some... Weak points..."

Ashley Sanchez's profile image

ashley_sanchez_6193 shared a tip "The perfect romance anime show to watch. Really got me hooked and wanting a second season to come out!! 😝"

Emily Hamilton's profile image

emily_hamilton_5244 shared a tip "Why must I pick haha ?"

Laryssa Chenoweth's profile image

laryssa_chenoweth shared a tip "Great show. Have watched it multiple times"

mattias._. sushi's profile image

ayakoisbored shared a tip "It’s a really good anime if you like plotwists"

alexandria_lewis_9652 shared a tip "My 2nd favorite anime all time."

Christina Eversole's profile image

christina_eversole shared a tip "Love it so much"

Jennifer Cree's profile image

jennifer_cree shared a tip "Its my favorite anime as kid and i still like it as adult"

efrain lescano's profile image

lara_lescano shared a tip "# love so much"

Jonathan Davis Kruger's profile image

jonathandavis_kruger shared a tip "One of my favorites!😍😍"

Deanna Love's profile image

deanna_love shared a tip "Yes it is the best part is the end"

natalie_rekow shared a tip "Love this so much"

haley brink's profile image

haley_brink shared a tip "Fun show, gets a little weird. But still great!!"

shanice_kirschstein shared a tip "Oh God I love this show"

Samantha Rylee Stones's profile image

samantha_rylee_ston shared a tip "Best Annie to watch for bigger. The details of the plot is beautiful and the character are soo vividly detail."

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