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Set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, “Watchmen” embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel while attempting to break new ground of its own.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-10-20

Last Air Date 2019-12-15

Seasons 1

Episodes 9


TMDB 7.8


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annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️"

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mco shared a tip "It took getting being the first episode to really appreciate the dimensionality of the writing and the storytelling. I'm hooked."

Thomas Duncan's profile image

thomas_duncan shared a tip "Yes if you like deep themed comic book shows. Only 8 episodes too so far I think."

Brian Addison's profile image

brian_addison shared a tip "Any news on whether this is getting a second season? I normally don’t like comic book stuff but really loved this 👍"

Lax 's profile image

Laxvibes shared a tip "If you treat it as a direct sequel to the movie that came before it with a few details changed it is very enjoyable."

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m_s_2645 shared a tip "Superb. Wonderfully written, great actors, amazing action scenes. I was honestly sad when it ended."

Jordan Patron 's profile image

ripleydude shared a tip "Very cool adaption to the graphic novel! Solid casting, and switching things up with the lore of Watchmen."

Justina Fu's profile image

justina_fu shared a tip "If you appreciate unconventional themes and a fast-paced plot, you will love this series!"

Ryan Bennett's profile image

rust_cool shared a tip "One of the greatest limited series I’ve ever seen. Masterful story telling."

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "LOVE this show!"

Zach Gallegos's profile image

zach_gallegos shared a tip "A unique sequel to the classic graphic novel, so far it’s been a good show"

Jackie Perkins's profile image

jackie_perkins_7921 shared a tip "Absolute masterpiece! Regina King is phenomenal!"

Mike Cantrell's profile image

mike_cantrell_3986 shared a tip "Rorschach"

Mike Cantrell's profile image

mike_cantrell_3986 shared a tip "Rorschach"

Rick Birchett's profile image

rick_birchett shared a tip "Awesome show"

Sir_dontae_ _'s profile image

sir_dontae___ shared a tip "Best show that I’ve seen in a while."

maureen_382 shared a tip "Very entertaining"

andrew_5280 shared a tip "Wasn’t sure what to expect not having read the graphic novel. Really good!"

Lawrence Carrington's profile image

lawrence_carrington shared a tip "I appreciated that it is a sequel to the book, not the movie. The universe seemed larger and more fleshed out"

Bettis Morelock's profile image

bettis_morelock shared a tip "One of the best shows on TV!"

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "This is good."

sally_cornswirth shared a tip "Just finished this! So upset it’s only 1 season!"

Clark Kent's profile image

clark_kent_2154 shared a tip "This Spin of is way to removed from the movie and Does not make enough of an effort at fan service."

Aaron lyles's profile image

aaron_lyles shared a tip "Very good show"

Michael Edwards's profile image

Mike_TheGorilla shared a tip "There isnt a 2nd season coming out I guess but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Its enticing every episode leaving you wanting more"

Michael Lagdameo's profile image

michael_lagdameo shared a tip "Read the book and watch the movie before you start viewing this series."

Irfan Gowani's profile image

irfan_gowani shared a tip "If you’re confused, read this:"

Suzanne Youngblood's profile image

suzanne_youngblood shared a tip "A little too weird"

Jeffrey  McKay's profile image

jeffrey__mckay shared a tip "Awesome new show, picks up were the comic left off."

Kim Fields's profile image

kim_fields shared a tip "Phenomenal so far"

susan_opper_1484 shared a tip "It is so original"

toddie_ shared a tip "One of the best of the year."

judith_cayton shared a tip "Like it and the subject got to me, will come back to it"

Nickole Cheron's profile image

nickole_cheron shared a tip "Such great social commentary around race and police embedded in sci-fi world of superheroes. #hbomax"

Jacquelyn Brown's profile image

jacquelyn_brown shared a tip "First few eps are a bit slower and confusing, but it is so very worth it."

Abhishek Prasad's profile image

abhishek_prasad shared a tip "Nope, just the movie and I loved it."

Evie Dumont's profile image

evie_dumont shared a tip "It's so different! Great writing and you'll never know what's going to happen next"

Jesse Guiles's profile image

jesse_guiles shared a tip "Its not bad, 4 out of 5"

Johnny Portillo's profile image

J_Honey31 shared a tip "Pretty wild show!!"

Gerald Scott's profile image

gerald_scott shared a tip "Yes"

Laura Carson's profile image

laura_carson shared a tip "Allow a day between episodes to allow the characters to marinate"

Ryan Winn's profile image

ryan_winn shared a tip "Don’t be fooled by the first couple of episodes. Maybe best first season of a show ever."

Michael Newman's profile image

michael_newman_2645 shared a tip "Episode 6 "This Extraordinary Being"...... Which one was yours??"

Denver Lancaster's profile image

denver_lancaster shared a tip "IS there anyone cooler than Jeremy Irons?"

Octavious Jackson's profile image

octavious_jackson shared a tip "Pretty good"

TJ Gillis's profile image

tj_gillis shared a tip "Yup! To bad no more to come 😭"

Sarah Nestheide's profile image

sarah_nestheide shared a tip "One of the best short series I’ve ever seen. It was powerful, full of actual history, and the effects and story were genius."

Josephine O.'s profile image

josephine_o. shared a tip "Came in knowing nothing about Watchmen but it is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched!"

ebony_frames shared a tip "Regina king... enough said!"

jean_louis_santos shared a tip "Preciso assistir. Mas tenho q ler o quadrinho primeiro,pra entender a série"

Duanallen Niemeyer's profile image

duanallen_niemeyer shared a tip "Love this series, it reflects well with current events."

Alex Gallows's profile image

alex_gallows shared a tip "Yes!! I was skeptical at first, but it's done pretty well."

Santosh Balajapalli's profile image

santosh_balajapalli shared a tip "Definitely YouTube the meanings cause it's deep but great show"

mario_martinez shared a tip "Thought provoking, a trip through an alternate history, and full of action!"

Jean-Paul Nicophène's profile image

jean-paul_nicophne shared a tip "amazing!!!! watch it right now"

hannah_davis_ shared a tip "Be prepared to be confused the whole time, but it’s in a good way that you will enjoy!"

maya_moore shared a tip "If you haven’t read the comics, watch the movie beforehand if you want to get all references. Best show of 2019!"

Wesley Stevens's profile image

wesley_stevens shared a tip "Amazing!"

Ana Cuprill's profile image

ana_cuprill shared a tip "Super weird. Have to pay attention but riveting."

sandra_brandin shared a tip "It was good."

Jamilla VanDyke-Bailey's profile image

jamilla_vandyke-bailey shared a tip "watch the movie, and read the book"

Santosh OOmmen's profile image

santosh_oommen shared a tip "Wonderful mini-series thst really packs a punch as a mirror of today’s world of economic, political, and societal problems."

Bob Helfst's profile image

bob_helfst shared a tip "Woke superheroics for today’s racist reality"

Priyal Shah's profile image

priyal_shah shared a tip "Hello I want to watch some netflix"

Priyal Shah's profile image

priyal_shah shared a tip "Yes plz"

Trevor VanTine's profile image

trevor_vantine shared a tip "It was not bad but it is not a big recommend"

Evans McGowan's profile image

evans_mcgowan shared a tip "So much going on here... so good."

jeremiah morales's profile image

jeremiah_morales shared a tip "To true comicfans you will love this however I stumbled apon this and I am not even a comic fanatic"

Trish_doc shared a tip "AMAZING!"

Francois Dionne's profile image

francois_dionne_3225 shared a tip "Sorry, wrong story"

Rozana Marcelin's profile image

rozana_marcelin shared a tip "No I actually liked every episodes, do u have one?"

John John Valdez's profile image

john_john_valdez shared a tip "Havent watched it yet but I seen the movie."

cbass shared a tip "Hands down one of the best!"

Dr Putney's profile image

dr_putney shared a tip "Weird but good! Have to watch the entire series for it to make sense."

john_sweatland shared a tip "Best HBO show since the sopranos"

Original Sonja's profile image

original_sonja shared a tip "Amazing! Left me wanting more"

Élodie Bourgeois-Cayer's profile image

lodie_bourgeois-cayer shared a tip "Sooo good you need to watch it like yesterday"

nina_2957 shared a tip "Loved the journey through history"

Avi Rose's profile image

av_rose shared a tip "Must see the movie first, for context."

Amy McMillan's profile image

amy_mcmillan_619 shared a tip "Yes"

Celi Castelijn's profile image

celi_castelijn shared a tip "I only saw the movie I'll be watching this one"

Aaron Jackson's profile image

aaron_jackson shared a tip "Great adaptation of the comics"

mary_ann_felix shared a tip "It was good. Regina king was great!"

Acara Johnson's profile image

acara_johnson shared a tip "Regina King! Enough said."

patrick_gochicoa shared a tip "Big fan"

Lydia Chiang's profile image

lydia_chiang shared a tip "It started weird but got better as it went along and then it went all out of the world crazy. Awesome acting. Just stick with it."

Denise Barnes's profile image

denise_barnes shared a tip "Have to get back to you!"

julieta_bishowkarma shared a tip "hello ! is this nice?"

hero1151 's profile image

hero1151 shared a tip "Do not binge, watch and let each episode sit in your mind before watching the next"

Andrea Brown's profile image

andrea_brown_7283 shared a tip "Definitely. And there's only 1 season to invest in."

Malia Ruchti's profile image

malia_ruchti shared a tip "Oof. This show is important. So so good"

manipulatemansplainmalewife 's profile image

manipulatemansplain shared a tip "awsome"

stephanie_7758 shared a tip "Very well made, interesting story telling but a lot of gratuitous violence"

erin_ogorman_5222 shared a tip "Great series, fabulous. Regina Hall is excellent."

Arianna Bailey Howard's profile image

aridoneyet shared a tip "I binged this in 3 mights. You have to get through the first 3 episodes so stay along for the ride."

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