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In this gritty and sometimes bloody tale, sixteen year-old Wayne sets out on a dirt bike with his new crush Del to take back the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am that was stolen from his father before he died. It is Wayne and Del against the world.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2019-01-16

Last Air Date 2019-01-16

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 8.405


Cinny 's profile image

Cinnamon_ shared a tip "This tv show made me sad and angry. I also felt Wayne’s emotions, every bit of it ."

chris_2874 shared a tip "Very inappropriately funny. Not PC, which makes it funnier"

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kim_blanchard shared a tip "So easy to watch. Loved"

Darin Logan's profile image

darin_logan shared a tip "Loved this show."

Lisamarie Chorowiec's profile image

lisamarie_chorowiec shared a tip "This show is great I hope they make another season."

Darrin Domoney's profile image

darrin_domoney shared a tip "One of the absolute best shows I have watched lately - bingworthy in the extreme. I want season 2 NOW !!!!"

Aggie Butler's profile image

aggie_butler shared a tip "Such a good show!! Highly recommend."

Aggie Butler's profile image

aggie_butler shared a tip "This is such a good show. I’ve watched it back to back twice. Sometimes you just can’t get enough lol🤷🏻‍♀️."

WrestletopiaTV 's profile image

wrestletopiatv shared a tip "One of the best new shows on tv. Completely dry and straightforward. Funny and interesting. Just a good show."

makk_angel08 shared a tip "This show is so freaking good!!!! I also made me cry sometimes"

Isabella 's profile image

isabella12 shared a tip "I can not stress this enough it’s a great freaking show!!!! Watch it now!"

vivian lmao's profile image

harleClown shared a tip "Absolutely phenomenal, this is the kind of thing I could watch over and over"


Frank Richards's profile image

frank_richards shared a tip "A unique and quirky take of the unlikely hero. Fresh and funny.#comedy #action #romantic_comedy"

Sean Stebbins's profile image

sean_stebbins shared a tip "The best show ive seen all year."

Toni Ashley's profile image

toni_ashley shared a tip "So underrated. Really loved it."

Daniel Coronado's profile image

daniel_coronado_667 shared a tip "Bloody and suspenseful"

Colleen Bell's profile image

colleen_belll shared a tip "Fabulous show, can’t wait for next season!!"

Korina Rodeo's profile image

korina_rodeo shared a tip "such an unsettling yet addicting series! binged it so fast & am still hoping for a second series 😭😭"

lorrie_1223 shared a tip "Status says canceled??"

melissa_mutter_4216 shared a tip "This show is fantastic!"

Kaleb Blackwell's profile image

kaleb_blackwell shared a tip "I cannot stress telling people how good this show is please watch so they renew for a season 2"

Lux Long's profile image

lux_long shared a tip "Idk there's just something about the romance and the gore that's so perfect"

skye 's profile image

skye_670 shared a tip "would so recommend"

Emily Kreger's profile image

xenpeach shared a tip "Honestly believe this is a truly underrated show. But beware violence if you're squeamish."

josh_phillippi shared a tip "This show is amazing"

Mollie Declark's profile image

mollie_declark shared a tip "Perfect binge show"

Chad Frost's profile image

chad_frost shared a tip "Very addicting show..."

lane_5292 shared a tip "This is literally the best show i have ever seen. A great mix of action comedy and romance! Highley recommend it l."

Maddison Hatdblm's profile image

maddison_hatdblm shared a tip "Who liked shameless is I as good as this??"

kate_9704 shared a tip "If you enjoyed The Wnd of the F*%& World you'll like this better. Strange yet addicting to watch!"

kate_9704 shared a tip "Binged the whole thing in 2 days so the episodes are blended in my memory."

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be_witched shared a tip "This is my favorite show :D"

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jose_saenz_6356 shared a tip "Amazon has picked it up it will come on November 6 but season 2 still hasn’t been announced"

Bridget Crowley's profile image

bridget_crowley_4377 shared a tip "I’m on episode seven. I’ve cried twice and laughed more than I can count. Binge-worthy!"

Harper Muir's profile image

harper_muir shared a tip "Loved it ,no seson to so you get what you get."

Calvin Espich's profile image

calvin_espich shared a tip "Fantastic show, well written, funny, dramatic at times. Loved it, hope theres a season 2"

Elsa Ratz's profile image

elsa_ratz shared a tip "Its dark and gritty yet funny and warm and will surprise you in the best ways."

alexandra noble's profile image

alexandra_noble shared a tip "Obsessed."

benjamin_bridges shared a tip "Funny, strange, and oddly heroic. Also best character reveal I’ve ever seen."

Neil Tochor's profile image

neil_tochor shared a tip "Amazeballs this show had me glued to my seat, never know what this unhinged psycho is gonna do next.."

cole_stufflebeam shared a tip "This is one of the best shows I've watched in a long time! It captured a feeling that I can't even describe!"

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shane_priem shared a tip "Idk it was perfect though"

linnea_taylor shared a tip "So incredibly good"

Kristen Robinson's profile image

kristen_robinson_8562 shared a tip "Cute and offbeat!"

ellaaaaa_vegaaaaa shared a tip "I honestly can’t get enough. I loved it soo much and really hope another season comes soon"

Nolan R.'s profile image

nolan_r. shared a tip "Perfect balance of comedy and action. Wayne is an amazing character. His hot-headedness really makes the show pop."

Kara S's profile image

kara_s_2697 shared a tip "Dry, Honest, Shocking, Real"

Andrew Fonville's profile image

andrew_fonville shared a tip "I binged it. There us only one second but hopefully we are getting a second one"

Anna Mouganis's profile image

anna_mouganis shared a tip "Another one of my favorite shows is Peaky Blinders, you can watch it on Netflix!"

Hilary Deras's profile image

hilary_deras shared a tip "If you like violence, then I would recommend it."

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aliegha_ggg shared a tip "A ******* MAZINGG"

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abbasy_ali shared a tip "It's so good"

Michele DeFilippo's profile image

michele_defilippo shared a tip "Oh no. It was canceled?!?! It was so good!"

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