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Now a Netflix original movie, this deeply scary and intensely unnerving novel follows a couple in the midst of a twisted unraveling of the darkest unease. You will be scared. But you won’t know why…I’m thinking of ending things. Once this thought arrives, it stays. It sticks. It lingers. It’s always

Author Iain Reid

Pages 224

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2016-06-14

ISBN 1501126962 9781501126963

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Jamie Mayfield's profile image

jamie_mayfield shared a tip "Been debating reading this. Watched the movie. Did I ruin the book for myself or is it still worth picking up?"

Abel Frank's profile image

abel_frank_307 shared a tip "Unnerving and very lonely"

Ashley Adams's profile image

ashley_adams_7122 shared a tip "It will blow your mind. DO. NOT. Watch the Netflix show. It will ruin it. It’s not good at all."

RobinTrollop shared a tip "What it does it does really well. I’m keeping it to read again because I enjoyed the ride."

JoAnna Koller's profile image

joanna_koller shared a tip "So creepy!!"

Sierra Spohn's profile image

sierra_spohn shared a tip "I would definitely read it. The movie and book are different and I personally believe that the book is better."

J S's profile image

jenas shared a tip "this is one of those books that will **** me up for the rest of my life #thriller"

Christian and Jesse's profile image

christian_and_jesse shared a tip "It keeps you guessing, the ending and connection is so weird. But my heart was so involved"

abbey_miller_9213 shared a tip "#psychological #thriller so so so good"

Rebecca Matlock's profile image

rebecca_matlock shared a tip "I did not expect the ending"

Raine Lipscher's profile image

raine_lipscher shared a tip "What did I just read"

Jenn 's profile image

jenn_aldieri shared a tip "It was definitely haunting and creepy but I just didn't care for it."

oh_kya shared a tip "It messed me up"

wendy_greengrass shared a tip "Kept me rapt throughout... it was interreting trying to decypher who was narrating.... plot was also thrilling!"

cynstarlight shared a tip "Just love how strange it is. No spoilers here."

Savannah Armitage's profile image

savannah_armitage shared a tip "Easily one of my new favorite books and it was completely unexpected. Go into it blind."

Sara Nagle's profile image

sara_nagle_2848 shared a tip "Unnerving the whole time"

Rachel Mackenzie's profile image

rachel_mackenzie shared a tip "a new favorite"

kelly_f_3984 shared a tip "Yes! I listened to the audiobook and now I’m looking for something just as creepy and surreal!"

Will Itskovich's profile image

will_itskovich shared a tip "Foe!"

Kat Trent's profile image

kat_trent shared a tip "This was the only book I read by them, but I honestly LOVED the writing style"

julia friedmaj's profile image

julia_friedmaj shared a tip "Best book"

Stacey Henry's profile image

stacey_henry shared a tip "Reminds me of the evenings I spent watching Twilight Zone reruns."

Shannon Rhodes's profile image

shannon_rhodes_2698 shared a tip "The audiobook recording of this is amazing! My all time favorite audiobook!"

Sellist Fay's profile image

sellist_fay shared a tip "Terrifying and visceral. I haven’t felt that invested in a book in years"

TheAngelCymone 's profile image

theangelcymone shared a tip "1st of March. Twist ending but is really interesting. Made me want to reread it to see the perspective. Not what it seems."

Jaylen Houlihan's profile image

jaylen_houlihan shared a tip "Favorite book of all time. The writing is ******* genius. I’ve never read anything like it. It’s so thought provoking:"

Jaylen Houlihan's profile image

jaylen_houlihan shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️"

Julie Goss's profile image

julie_goss shared a tip "deeply unsettling"

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