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Master storyteller Stephen King, whose “restless imagination is a power that cannot be contained” (The New York Times Book Review), presents an unforgettable and relentless #1 New York Times bestseller about a good guy in a bad job.Chances are, if you’re a target of Billy Summers, two immutable trut

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Author Stephen King

Pages 528

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2021-08-03

ISBN 1982173637 9781982173630


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heavymetalunicorn shared a tip "This book. There's a lot to unpack, but worth the ride. Plus there's that nod in the direction of an earlier book ..."

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canda_dixon shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐"

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diane_morello shared a tip "Middling"

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k_tavane_griffith shared a tip "Classic Stephen King thriller. Not horror, as one typically expects. I hated putting it down! Strongly recommend!"

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elizabeth_rollin shared a tip "Love this book i can’t put it down, must read"

Sasha Nehoda's profile image

sasha_nehoda shared a tip "A new favorite! Amazing depth and so well thought out. As my first Stephen King book, I can attest he lives up to the hype!"

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kelly_radzaj shared a tip "Audio version was quite enjoyable!"

Ana Trejo's profile image

anae_trejop shared a tip "So good I could not put it down!"

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erika_lynne shared a tip "November read. Liked the ending…almost a take on I’ve lived a thousand lives through books"

Kimberly Belben's profile image

kimberly_belben shared a tip "SK has done it again ♡ add this to your reading list ASAP! You won't regret it."

annie_d_5258 shared a tip "Went for the audible version, excellent"

april_thorson shared a tip "You won’t be disappointed"

Jason Mckenney's profile image

jason_mckenney_3874 shared a tip "I like to read Stephen kings book"

tim_hughes_374 shared a tip "It was a super interesting read! King tries some new things with this story but he’s still as captivating as ever"

Fiona DeCoste's profile image

fiona_decoste shared a tip "i really loved the ending i thought it was so meaningful"

Charlotte Priddy's profile image

charlotte_priddy shared a tip "He edited the stand a few years ago and amazon prime video has series"

「 jasmine 」 's profile image

_jasmine_ shared a tip "All the book was my favourite part, It was really good!"

Lori Hudnall's profile image

lori_hudnall shared a tip "Strong characters. What a great read!!!"

bob_bellisario shared a tip "Brilliant insightful especially when the main character is an anti hero"

Kelsey Pascall's profile image

kelsey_pascall shared a tip "Your very welcome 🦋"

Brenda Hubka's profile image

brenda_hubka shared a tip "If you read the Stand, you'll visit familiar places again but this is not horror. Enjoyed it!"

Bobby Hoyt's profile image

bobby_hoyt shared a tip "A great story within a great story! Enjoyed every page."

Xander Seyler's profile image

xander_seyler shared a tip "Green Valley by Louis Greenberg"

Krista Lane's profile image

krista_lane_6372 shared a tip "One of Stephen's very best. He made me fall in love with Billy. And that is everything."

Pam Marler's profile image

pam_marler shared a tip "Incredible"

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jamie_hiltz shared a tip "Wonderful read from Stephen King !!!!"

Amy Petersdorf's profile image

amy_petersdorf shared a tip "Amazing read"

Heather Stewart's profile image

heather_stewart_2495 shared a tip "Great character study"

Shelly Hinson's profile image

shelly_hinson shared a tip "Warning: this is not horror or sci-fi. It starts out slowly but is a good read if you stick with it."

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marie_drama_llama shared a tip "If King continued writing in this genre I would not be at all mad."

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olyvia_borange shared a tip "It's was a little slow but really sweet worth the read"

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karie_hickman shared a tip "Great read!"

Tayia Bush's profile image

tayia_bush shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read."

Megan McCooey's profile image

megan_mccooey shared a tip "One of his best!"

ronelle_burmeister shared a tip "Love the character development. Best Stephen King in a long time."

lori_sprinkle shared a tip "Very unlike his usual books. Was a great read!!"

stephen_lang_9362 shared a tip "A slow start but the end was excellent."

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raelynn_migliozzi shared a tip "SO GOOD! not your typical king novel!"

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denise_young_6 shared a tip "Wow, this was amazing!!"

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sarah_alves_1388 shared a tip "It was an amazing read, I still think about the characters and their lives months later"

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ashling_bolt shared a tip "rapey, def written by a man, pedophiles"

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steve_gonzalez shared a tip "It was just okay. I've read plenty of his books, and this one was just fine. Nothing really special."

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