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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings, Book One of the Stormlight Archive begins an incredible new saga of epic proportion.Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have s

Author Brandon Sanderson

Pages 1008

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2014-03-04

ISBN 0765376679 9780765376671


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Jeremy Elliott's profile image

jeremy_elliott shared a tip "The Stormlight Archives have the greatest book hero ever: Kalladin Stormblessed."

Jess Effect's profile image

jess_effect shared a tip "A literary masterpiece, one of the best books one could ever read. Better than the Mistborn trilogy, truly astonishing."

Robert Murray's profile image

Robert.Murray shared a tip "GraphicAudio was awesome!"

Derek Reed's profile image

caviarmy shared a tip "S-tier worldbuilding."

Carl Walker's profile image

carl_walker_4083 shared a tip "The series isn't finished yet. Right now, it's an outstanding 3 books."

Megan Monroe's profile image

megan_monroe_3895 shared a tip "I enjoyed it a lot. I think it would be a good entry for people not use to epic fantasy."

Kaladin Kingkiller's profile image

ryan_nichols_6338 shared a tip "Greatest fantasy book ever, if your up for a longer read"

sly_9608 shared a tip "Anytime there is scene with the King's Wit."

Connor Maloney's profile image

connor_maloney_7367 shared a tip "I showed up for Sanderson but I stayed for BRIDGE FOURR #stormlight #cosmere #bigassbooks"

Summer Steffen Land's profile image

summer_steffen_land shared a tip "Oh I love this book."

Aunt Layney and Uncle Sid D's profile image

aunt_layney_and_uncle_sid_d shared a tip "Yes the author is very talented."

Danika Puliz's profile image

danika_puliz shared a tip "It’s one of the best books i’ve ever read! I love long fictional series!"

Heather Anne's profile image

heather_anne_6054 shared a tip "Great fantasy author and great series if you liked wheel of time."

Daniel Cunningham's profile image

daniel_cunningham_211 shared a tip "Masterful across the board."

Jane Doe's profile image

jane_doe_3767 shared a tip "How much did I like this book? Enough to name my dog Kaladin. So yeah, I think it's great."

Ryan Ellis's profile image

ryan_ellis_5457 shared a tip "Six of Crows series"

Madalyn Walters's profile image

madalyn_walters shared a tip "Beautiful and imaginative in every way"

Matthew Eaton's profile image

matthew_eaton_4287 shared a tip "Never been so bored in my entire life, but then I am not a fan of Sanderson."

Jonathan Hall's profile image

jonathan_hall_6953 shared a tip "Major book hangover from this series! Kaladin and Sylphrena are the dynamic duo everyone needs in their lives. #epic #fantasy"

Joshua Tuttle's profile image

joshua_tuttle shared a tip "This book is so well written, I often remember chapters as though I watched them!"

Jack Rhine's profile image

jack_rhine shared a tip "Best book I’ve read this year!"

Josiah 's profile image

josiah_892 shared a tip "The world building and character arcs are fantastic! It might seem a little slow at first, but it gets so much better."

Josiah 's profile image

josiah_892 shared a tip "Probably Oathbringer or The Way of Kings. I liked the way Kaladin basically creates B-4"

Alyssa Bavar's profile image

alyssa_bavar shared a tip "The world building and character development is incredible. It is one of my favorite series."

Effie Nummer's profile image

effie_nummer shared a tip "Its a commitment to read the series but a great adventure!"

Ghost Toast's profile image

ghost_toast shared a tip "A great first book to an epic high fantasy"

Leah Knobloch's profile image

leah_knobloch shared a tip "I love L. E. Modesitt Jr.’s imager series!"

Carson Riehn's profile image

carson_riehn shared a tip "Best fantasy book ever and probably my all around favorite book! Anyone else read this one yet?"

RedInTheSky 's profile image

redinthesky shared a tip "Spectacular Fantasy"

Charles Wang's profile image

thisCharles shared a tip "Super epic fantasy book!"

James Walls's profile image

james_walls shared a tip "A GREAT book. Fantastic series. Brandon Sanderson is a master storyteller and an incredible world builder."

angel_darling_9635 shared a tip "I couldn't pick just one but, if pressed, I'd say Steven Erikson :) You?"

Kyle-Crissy Reini's profile image

kyle-crissy_reini shared a tip "Brandon Sanderson is the Tolkien of out time. His books are great amd so in depth and entertaining."

Thom DeSimone's profile image

thom_desimone shared a tip "Brandon always has the coolest most unique magic systems. I think its the between Storm Light Archive and Mistborn"

Joël Morin's profile image

jol_morin shared a tip "Wonderful book"

Alex La Fontaine's profile image

alex_la_fontaine shared a tip "I honestly don't think I can pick my favorite. They're all so good."

Thomas Mull's profile image

thomas_mull shared a tip "Excellent read. Captivating through the entire series. Waiting on the next book after Rythm of War"

jason_a_8796 shared a tip "My favorite series ever. GoT is a close second. The amount of plot twists and character storylines are awesome."

Vanessa Waldron's profile image

vanessa_waldron shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SERIES"

David Kanter's profile image

david_kanter shared a tip "Deep characters, a plot that doesn't feel forced, and amazing writing throughout."

Billy Kubik's profile image

billy_kubik shared a tip "Fantastic fantasy world building!"

N B's profile image

n_b_6145 shared a tip "I thought it was meh, that's why I'm moving on to the next book. Looking forward to it"

Tyler Critchfield's profile image

tyler_critchfield shared a tip "Big book, but worth it. Really enjoyed this one."

Glorious Griffin's profile image

glorious_griffin shared a tip "Amazing world building"

Sarah Stanley's profile image

sarah_stanley_3510 shared a tip "Omg yes he's my favorite"

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