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A chaotic Bridget Jones meets a snobbish lawyer, and he soon enters her world of imperfections.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2001-04-13

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $25m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 6.8


Anna Wieland's profile image

anna_wieland shared a tip "Not for me. Story moves too slow."

Norma Blanco's profile image

norma_blanco shared a tip "Love this movie, so cute and adorable."

avaleigh21 shared a tip "this is a classic, i love how uncomfortable it makes me. i love how real she is and i LOVE COLIN FIRTH"

Chandni Patel's profile image

chandni_patel_1569 shared a tip "Relatable. Love the ending with the Mont Blanc Journal"

Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "I liked it back then, but as an empowered woman it is cringey now."

LaRene Huber's profile image

larene_huber shared a tip "I love the whole series, there are three I think? But this is my favorite!"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "A favorite!!!"

dee_burgett shared a tip "I liked it. It's a little funny, a little drama, and some romance."

Natalie M's profile image

natalie_mck shared a tip "2001"

Tammy Case's profile image

tammy_case shared a tip "My favorite movie is an oldie, “Pillow Talk with Doris Day"

LizzyRod 's profile image

liz_rod_4438 shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE! :D I haven’t watched a movie with such a relatable and funny lead, she’s brilliant!"

susanrosenthal shared a tip "Laugh out loud funny. Loved it."

Amlys López 's profile image

amlys shared a tip "Why I related so hard to a 30 something Londoner when I was 12 and in Puerto Rico I’ll never know, but I wore out this VHS"

LuLu F's profile image

lulu_f shared a tip "Another one of my all time favorites! I never get sick of watching! I laugh...I cry each and every time!"

Andi-Roo 's profile image

Andi-Roo shared a tip "2022 Prime."

karen_chan_8730 shared a tip "Pride & Prejudice"

adele_m shared a tip "It’s been awhile….but I liked it! Definitely a chick flick! Haha"

Ashley Bollinger's profile image

ashley_bollinger shared a tip "One of my faves- always watch around Christmas New Years."

Betty Myles's profile image

betty_myles shared a tip "@jes_reese the romantic scenes"

Britany 's profile image

remember_2be_kind shared a tip "I don't even know what I added this to my list. It's super weird. Only watched it for Colin Firth."

Latoya Kelly's profile image

latoya_kelly shared a tip "To be honest, I loved the whole movie😁 🍿🎥"

Latoya Kelly's profile image

latoya_kelly shared a tip "To be honest, I enjoyed this whole movie 😁🍿🎥"

Samantha Fiatal's profile image

samantha_fiatal shared a tip "I love this movie!"

Mag Pie's profile image

mag_pie_2558 shared a tip "Love it and both of the sequels! Iconic. But also definitely British humor, if that makes a difference for you."

Julia Gonzales's profile image

jubierubie shared a tip "Feel good, cringy and everything you want in a romcom"

M. Nguyen's profile image

m._nguyen shared a tip "Resonates with the habitually single. One of my favorite Christmas movies."

Hazel Santamaria's profile image

hazel_santamaria shared a tip "This movie and hilarious and Bridget is definitely a relateable character."

Shirley Johnson's profile image

shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "Very funny"

Tawnya Jones's profile image

tawnya_jones shared a tip "Love love love Bridget!"

Jenny Cattle's profile image

jenny_cattle shared a tip "It’s so wholesome and honest, highly recommend!"

Cait Hutchinson's profile image

cait_hutchinson shared a tip "CLASSIC."

Brooke Tape's profile image

brooke_tape shared a tip "So funny"

Janice Seiberling's profile image

janice_seiberling shared a tip "Love all of them"

Mojo Jojo's profile image

mojo_jojo_6510 shared a tip "Never ceases to make me snort"

jane_friedland shared a tip "The series is entertaining"

Hanan Al Attas's profile image

hanan_al_attas shared a tip "My favorite is the final one ! Bridget Jones’s Diary .. lovvvve that one"

chrisms_trees shared a tip "I've listened to a few books like it. Have you ever seen "Under the Tuscan Sun" that's a fav."

Sarah Anderson's profile image

sarah_anderson_8695 shared a tip "I loved the series! I read the books first but the movies are really good too."

Dolores Davis's profile image

dolores_davis shared a tip "My favorite part is when Bridget is with Daniel and he sees her giant panties and exclaims "Hello, mummy!" Lol"

michelle_5481 shared a tip "I LOVE renee Zellweger in this... so funny and cheesy"

Zoe Coates's profile image

zoe_coates shared a tip "It's definitely a classic. As long as you don't mind how stereotypical it is but that was the norm for when it was filmed."

aly_stew shared a tip "The Mark and Daniel fight scene :) You?"

aly_stew shared a tip "The fight guy scene with Mark and Daniel 😆"

loretta_gerstenberg shared a tip "Good! Then, watch her and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago."

Kerin Mcpadden-Taylor's profile image

kerin_mcpadden-taylor shared a tip "It was good"

j.harvey shared a tip "The first one is the best one. Definitely recommend."

megan_mckinley_4594 shared a tip "All time favorite is how to lose a guy in 10 days followed closely by head over heels"

Chelssey MacLeod's profile image

chelssey_macleod shared a tip "The second fight"

kathryn_bernhard shared a tip "Notting Hill with Julia Roberts!"

Elise Ferraro's profile image

elise_ferraro shared a tip "One of my favourite comedies, British humour."

chelsea_arseneault shared a tip "It’s good! I really liked it, very early early 2000s classic rom com."

Autumn Dehaven's profile image

autumn_dehaven shared a tip "Really funny for adult women 👍💖"

davina_avilez_7841 shared a tip "How could you not like Bridget Jones? How could you not like Colin Firth in this movie?"

Shannan Suttle's profile image

shannan_suttle shared a tip "My favorite!"

Jamie Heaton's profile image

jamie_heaton shared a tip "Honestly Green Mile. I bawl like a baby every time"

Jennifer Bolen's profile image

jennifer_bolen shared a tip "So good!! Classic romcom!! Never gets old!"

Christa Eckert's profile image

nightfairy19 shared a tip "Funny and charming, with a cute love story at the end."

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