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The remarkable true story of how retiree Jerry Selbee discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery and, with the help of his wife, Marge, wins $27 million dollars and uses the money to revive their small Michigan town.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2022-10-20

Runtime 96 minutes


TMDB 7.2


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "What a great feel good movie! It left me with a smile 😊"

Damien Scott's profile image

damien_scott shared a tip "Didn’t even know this film existed. Took a look at the cast and gave it a shot. It’s a really good feel-good story."

chris_brown_6254 shared a tip "Funny, sweet, lovable characters! Well written! Great cast."

jeni_owens shared a tip "Very cute movie"

nancy_1397 shared a tip "Loved this! Wish we all had friends like Jerry and Marge! Great movie!"

M S's profile image

m_s_2645 shared a tip "Really cute movie! Great way to renew your faith in humanity"

NïCOLE 's profile image

nicole_norm shared a tip "Based off a true story. Love Bryan Cranston in everything he does. Good watch."

Morgan Mitchell's profile image

morgan_mitchell_9006 shared a tip "An underrated feel good movie based on a true story. It really makes you love people and root for the underdogs."

Brunese Goodyear's profile image

brunese_goodyear shared a tip "This is funny and entertaining"

Hannah Hernandez's profile image

hannah_hernandez_6068 shared a tip "Worth a watch for sure. Feel good movie!"

Suzy Bee of Sisters of the Spoon 's profile image

suzy_bee shared a tip "A fun to watch movie!"

Madison Taylor's profile image

madison_taylor_4566 shared a tip "Very sweet, wholesome story."

Emanuel Catalan's profile image

E-man shared a tip "Good movie to watch with the family"

Shawne Fried's profile image

shawne_fried shared a tip "Didn’t have much energy to it."

Deena 's profile image

deena_c shared a tip "I loved this feel good, heart warming movie. Definitely worth the watch!"

Heather Roden's profile image

heather_roden_8757 shared a tip "Loved it"

Kristine Wheelock's profile image

kristine_wheelock shared a tip "Bey enjoyable"

Angela Ryan Gordon's profile image

angela_ryan_gordon shared a tip "Love love love this!!! A good, wholesome movie for the whole family!"

Angela Ryan Gordon's profile image

angela_ryan_gordon shared a tip "A good, wholesome movie for the whole family. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!"

Phillip Ayscue's profile image

PAyscue shared a tip "They had me at Bryan Cranston (and math......) but this was just fun. Definitely a watch"

Rebecca Murphy-Fish's profile image

Chewbecca shared a tip "Jerry left a note for his son to feed the cat but we never see this cat 😿"

Shannon Westman's profile image

shannon_westman shared a tip "This was a cute, feel good movie. It's the modern It Could Happen to You, and I'm here for it!!"

Diane Koska's profile image

diane_koska shared a tip "Just a funny feel good movie! Perfect for a Saturday night"

Janis McDowell's profile image

janis_mcdowell shared a tip "Kind of boring"

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