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A high school becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. Trapped students must fight their way out — or turn into one of the rabid infected.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-01-28

Last Air Date 2022-01-28

Seasons 2

Episodes 12


TMDB 8.4


Ta’Corei Brown's profile image

theefinalboy shared a tip "This was a great show, I was so worried for the teens, I need to know what happens next in S2!!"

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Recommend for anyone who likes #Alive or Train to Busan. A great zombie movie."

Harvey F Smith's profile image

harvey_f_smith shared a tip "A great survival series centered around a school and the family of the characters, worth watching!"

Gypsy Rose's profile image

gypsy_rose_4528 shared a tip "This show was so intense! Wow this was good #mustwatch"

Tyler 's profile image

tyler_2005 shared a tip "This was really good and ominous. Found the acting to be questionable, but it was a fun zombie apocalypse show. 🌟4/5🌟"

Roxy Wilburd's profile image

roxy_wilburd shared a tip "This is actually good..reminds me of resident evil"

madi 's profile image

madison_mcdonald_8956 shared a tip "so good! suspenseful and kept me glued to the screen. good amount of romance and drama. gwi-nam sucks 😐"

miaallz 's profile image

miaallz shared a tip "good show, but it definitely took me awhile to get into it."

Marisa W.'s profile image

marisa_w. shared a tip "10/10 ❤ no words except watch it."

Lesly Mendoza's profile image

lesly_mendoza shared a tip "It will have you on the edge of your seat. 9/10."

Gabby Gibson's profile image

gabbyreads shared a tip "Probably my favorite zombie tv show ever! I’m obsessed 😍🙌 (and that’s coming from a pretty big Walking Dead fan)"

Willow S's profile image

willow_s_474 shared a tip "Korean zombie media >>>"

Colette Villa's profile image

colette_villa shared a tip "Great hidden gem on Netflix! Keeps you on your toes the whole time! Season 2 should be just as crazy!!"

Leafu 's profile image

Leafu1352 shared a tip "A really great show and most I most definitely think it was "tear worthy"!"

Zaniya 's profile image

pookins shared a tip "It’s a really good show. I highly recommend. There is a LOT of gore though."

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Fun watch!!!! Plot holes? Sure .. but still good enough to keep me intrigued through out"

Vanessa Mariana Gonzalez's profile image

vanessagonzalez shared a tip "Love this show !! Was crying half way into the show :,((( but would definitely recommend to other people #zombies"

randi ✨'s profile image

randist shared a tip "😭 wished it never had to end! 100000000/10"

Bill Dungey's profile image

twitch366 shared a tip "Too slow. Has potential but they draw it out way too much"

trys 's profile image

trys shared a tip "love !!! but god Not at all satisfied w ending i need More . ggrhwhf but i love so many of the characters so so much, amazing tbh"

Lathea Burrows's profile image

lathea_burrows shared a tip "this is good if you like horror and k-dramas bad it's also a shows that'll keep you up at night"

Chrisleidy Suero Regalado's profile image

chrisleidy_booklover shared a tip "Worth watching if you ask me 🙃❤"

mars_413 shared a tip "it was incredibly good!!"

julianna_fackelman shared a tip "Sooo freaking good loved the characters and the action"

king ricee's profile image

king_ricee shared a tip "it’s super good! definitely in my top 10, maybe top 5"

Cliff Hale's profile image

cliff_hale shared a tip "Could very easily fit in the same universe with Train to Busan. More stellar storytelling out of South Korea."

Zoey Brown's profile image

zoey_brown shared a tip "Loved this show, it definitely tuggs at the heartstrings! 💙😭"

jenesis_maynard shared a tip "Best show I’ve seen in a long time on Netflix!"

jo 's profile image

moonbuzzed shared a tip "This show was so good. 10/10"

Michelle Waddick's profile image

michelle_waddick shared a tip "Really well done, interesting take on viral induced zombidom"

Matthew Coe's profile image

matthew_coe_9242 shared a tip "Its pretty grusome so just be aware of that!"

Tova Slomnicki's profile image

tova_slomnicki shared a tip "#drama"

Emerald 's profile image

princess_perona shared a tip "Started as good as it had ended,worth watching.I recommend binge watching bc you will be confused if you take forever to watch"

Raegan Curles's profile image

raegan_curles shared a tip "Love it!"

milie_678 shared a tip "I like it so much the action are really good👍❤"

James McCorkle Jr.'s profile image

james_mccorkle_jr. shared a tip "One of the best series I've seen in a long time!"

Julia G.'s profile image

julia_g._6613 shared a tip "so good literally a 9/10"

linguiztomaniac 's profile image

linguiztomaniac shared a tip "Still reeling from the end of this"

marie hart's profile image

marie_hart shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

John Smith's profile image

john_smith_4730 shared a tip "A thrilling watch that kept me invested from beginning to end"

Ash 's profile image

ashesgaze shared a tip "If you like fast paced dramas then this is a good watch for you."

Sadie Nelsen's profile image

sadie_nelsen shared a tip "i loved it! cheong san better be in the next season!"

alex 's profile image

forgetfullyalex shared a tip "i NEED a season 2 they are so many things left unexplained PLEASE."

Marilyn Poole's profile image

marilyn_poole shared a tip "Just great but if you don't like gore don't watch and I gotta point out the beautiful bromance in it, it is so funny 😆"

Shannon Day's profile image

shannon_day shared a tip "I can't say enough about this show. SO good. The character development is spectacular."

Kara J. Kackles-Official's profile image

karajkackles shared a tip "I digged it."

Morgan Fergerson's profile image

morgan_fergerson shared a tip "you know it’s a good show when you cry at the end"

Ashley Merk's profile image

ashley_merk_6044 shared a tip "Fantastic! Good storyline and characters, it’s not just about the zombies."

Hannah Williams's profile image

hannah_williams_5010 shared a tip "This is so amazing! It’s scary, funny, and the acting is great!"

amy_pham_471 shared a tip "Sooo good!!"

Bansri Patel's profile image

bansri_patel shared a tip "I loved it so much because of the great actors and story. It’s heartwarming and full of action."

Ava Andrews's profile image

ava_andrews shared a tip "Great show"

Charlotte Canipe's profile image

charlotte_canipe shared a tip "It was good"

Nichole Larsen's profile image

nichole_larsen shared a tip "I really liked this Drama mostly because it has great acting and it had me on the edge of my seat while I watched it."

wabbey smith's profile image

wabbey_smith shared a tip "It was so good. I could not stop watching. I love it"

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